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Break The Addiction And Get Rid Of Alcohol!

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It’s good to have some fun and booze but there comes a time when you should say bye to alcoholism. If not monitored properly, it can damage your health and body in irreversible ways. Today our article will guide you on how to effectively break the addiction and get rid of alcohol forever!

Why Are We Using The Word Addiction For Alcoholism?

Because it is! Once you become a regular drinker, it turns into addiction indeed. It becomes harder and harder to say no to a glass of drink. First, you drink at celebrations and festivities only, then maybe at regular parties and after that, you no longer need any reason to drink regularly.

Also, when you try to get rid of alcohol, your body fights back and the cravings can become unbearable. You can have both physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include shivering, sweating, nauseous feeling, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, and even seizures.

Though few people monitor their intake. However, sooner or later, you have to get rid of alcohol for good. It damages your liver and as you grow old, your body becomes less responsive to flushing the toxins out. Even at a young age, if you drink above the recommended levels, it will severely damage your body’s organs.

Once you are a habitual drinker, It’s very hard to resist the temptation of alcohol. You will always want more. So being wise, you need to break the chains and free yourself to live a healthy happy life.

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol And Break The Addiction?

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If you are a habitual drinker, don’t stop drinking immediately. Your body will resist and retaliate and you may end up drinking again. Also, the cravings can break your motivation.

To break your addiction you have to start from little and with these few steps, you can get rid of alcohol on your own.

Talk To Your Doctor About It

Before trying to stop drinking on your own, we advise talking to your doctor. Based on your drinking patterns, he can recommend you some useful tips and even treatments. Your doctor can also guide you to handle alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

For quitters, handling physical withdrawal symptoms can be challenging. Your doctor can also prescribe medicine to get rid of alcohol cravings.

Get Rid Of Alcohol In Your Home

Most people find it difficult to stop drinking alcohol because as soon as the cravings start, they end up drinking again. To handle this, get rid of any alcohol at your home. It’s important that once you decide to quit, you must not find it easy to go back to drinking again.

Find Your Support

Make it well known to your close people that you are trying to get rid of alcohol. So that they can help you in the process. Most people drink due to peer pressure too. So by making it known, no one will drink in front of you or force you to have friendly drinks with them.

Also, your loved ones can support you during alcohol anxiety. Things seem easy when you have proper support. Dealing with it on your own can be a hectic and tiresome job.

Handle The Temptation Of Alcohol

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Withdrawal symptoms can be severe. You can feel unwell and drinking alcohol again will feel more easy option at times. So along with emptying your house, you mustn’t go anyway near alcohol. For example, avoid going to stores that sell alcohol or you may buy it again during grocery shopping. Avoid gatherings with alcohol on the menu list.

Don’t Be Too Tough On Yourself While Trying To Get Rid Of Alcohol

We all have our demons. It’s completely normal to deviate from your path. Getting rid of alcohol can be physically and emotionally challenging. You may end up having a drink again. Don’t feel utterly bad about it. This doesn’t mean that all your past effort goes in vain.

Instead of cursing yourself or feeling bad for having a drink, start your journey again. Spot your triggers. See what compels you to drink alcohol again and try to remove that reason from your life. Trust us, the journey is not easy so you have to give yourself a little space and time. Going hard on yourself will just make you lose the right motivation.

Stay Hydrated As Much As Possible

To get rid of alcohol, you have to keep your body hydrated. It will keep your cravings within limits. When it’s time, replace your drinks with something healthy like fresh fruit juices. Don’t go for caffeinated drinks or beverages. They are just a myth and no good for fighting alcohol addiction. Hydration also helps you to get rid of the alcohol in your system. Also, eat healthy food and snacks.

Make Notes About Getting Rid Of Alcohol Journey

Write down your alcohol-quitting journey. Of course, you didn’t flush alcohol immediately out of your system. The journey took motivation, effort, and trying. Mention all the hardships along the way and how you were able to cope with them. This will keep you going and whenever you feel low, looking at how far you have come can motivate you again.

Indulge Yourself In Positive Activities

Quitting alcohol takes an emotional toll on you. You can have anxiety, confusion, nightmares, and even depression. To fight all these, indulge yourself in positive activities like walking, trekking, going out, joining some classes, learning some art, or adopting a hobby. Keep yourself busy with positive and healthy activities.

The Effects Of Quitting Alcohol-Get Rid Of Alcohol For Good

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Quitting alcohol can have very positive effects on your body. Surprisingly heavy drinkers feel those effects sooner than non-regular drinkers. Within weeks of quitting alcohol, you will start feeling positive effects which could be

  • Improved sleep quality and feeling well-rested after waking up
  • Feeling energetic and super motivated in life. Trust us, you will be a happy person again.
  • Quitting alcohol will have a positive effect on your weight too.
  • It will improve your skin health and you will look more radiant than before.
  • Quitting alcohol can boost your immune system and improves your heart health. If you have high blood pressure, getting rid of alcohol is very good for you.
  • As the toxins will leave your body, your overall health will improve and you will feel rejuvenated.

In short, breaking the alcohol addiction may seem a tiresome journey at first. However, when you start reaping its benefits within a few weeks of getting rid of alcohol, you will feel its positive effects. Alcohol is anyway no good for your body and mind so break the addiction and free yourself!

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