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How to reconnect after a relationship break?

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Relationships can be tricky to handle. If you are having a problem,  the best thing is to take a break. But how to reconnect after a relationship break? Can things get to normal as they were before? Today our article addresses all.

Why Relationship Break is Important?

Sometimes, when the relationship is not working, it’s best to take a break. Many relationships can be saved if you deal with the problems wisely. Emotions and anger can take the better of you leaving you full of regrets.

A little separate time can help you fully analyze the problem. You get a chance to see what was wrong and if you can repair back your relationship. Also, it helps you weigh the consequences of a breakup.

We advise, if things are not working, don’t rush over things. instead of wiping the slate clean, give some time to each other and see what time has in store for you.

Reconnecting After Break-up


There is no good solution than giving each other a second chance. However, fully prepare yourself for this. If you are going to make it work, make sure you want it. Leave the bitter past behind and move forward with a clear head. Reconnecting requires a big heart.

Also, fully analyze if the situation is worth a second shot. If your heart doesn’t go with it,  chances are you will end up more hurt and broken than ever.

How to reconnect after a relationship break?

It is not easy to come on normal terms as before, especially after a separation period. Things were surely tough in the past and when you come out of it, it leaves behind scars that only time will heal.

Here are a few tips on how to reconnect after a relationship break

  • Start on a positive note

Well, before giving each other a second chance you must meet each other without grudge or any negative feelings again. The whole point of the separation period was to think it through. Any negative feeling will soon develop into a huge mess again.

Of course, we know you can’t wipe the slate clean but at least train yourself to forgive. Make sure that whatever were the flaws, you understand them. You can only work on the future if you make peace with your past.

  • Communicate First

It’s important to have a meeting with your partner before giving each other another chance. In this meeting, clearly communicate your terms and conditions. Especially focusing on do and don’ts of relationships.

Communicate everything gently and with the intent of making it work. This phase is crucial because any bitterness left now or any issue left unattended can again break you two.

  • Start From Square One

couple on date

Understand that the relationship was so messed up that you needed a break. Now to make it work again you just can’t pick up from where you left off and pretend everything is fine. You have to put effort as one does at the beginning of a relationship.

Take yourself to when you two were strangers and you used to win each other’s hearts with little things. Start doing them again. Like after that first meeting, go on a date as you are still trying to know each other.

Bring flowers, go on dates, treat each other to dinners, and go on walks just as if you two are new in a relationship and trying to connect.

  • Never Try to Take Leverage From a Past Relationship

Most people do this silly mistake. They think they will make it work again by simply getting back to their partner. Don’t do that!

Treat this reconnecting thing as a “New chance”.  This is not at all revival of an old relationship. Take this as you are going to make a new relationship with the same person. Any mistake will not be forgiven because you know each other already. You are not supposed to make that mistake again because that is why it didn’t work earlier.

  • Stop, Learn, and Move Forward

As it is clear,  this is like making a new relationship with the same old person, you need to learn from past mistakes. This time, you will stop, ask your partner how to make it better, sort it out and then move forward.  Don’t create a pile of grudges again because it will ignite like boom! Here your past mistakes will act as a catalyst. Don’t hesitate to accept your mistake and learn from it.

  • Go on Romantic Dates


Well, even if not romantic go on dates together. Spend some quality time only in each other’s presence. This way you guys can communicate more and sort out better options in life.

  • Play a Best Friend game

Now take this only as a game. Sit together facing each other and tell each other bitter truths. In this game, each partner will take a turn and tell the other partner about what he or she disliked about a simple thing in a previous relationship. Then the other partner will tell their version of the same situation.

You will be amazed to see the results. This way you will actually communicate 10x better than before. Also, you will know things were not as bad as you imagined. Maybe the other person had a better explanation and you can forgive them easily.

Moreover, many times its just stupid stuff that ignites big situations. So when you will sort out those little things, you will understand that most of the misunderstanding was based on those simple yet ignorable issues. Many times you will actually sympathize with your partner too.

  • Never Bring Past in a New Relationship

Well, associations do come with ups and downs. There will be lows in a new relationship too. Never bring references from past affinity when you are having trouble in this new relationship. Or all your improvement will go in vain.

  • Fall in Youthful Love Again!

youthful love

Being in a relationship means falling in love again and again with the same person. So do it! The best way to reconnect is to be the same crazy and naïve person that you were once! Trust us, love is blind and there is beauty to it.

If you have decided to reconnect, it means you still somehow bond with your partner. Your hearts are connected and that is why you are going to give this relationship a new chance to survive.

Give it your all, and all we can say is

Best of Luck!

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