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How To Deal With Breakup Gracefully?

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Goodbyes are never easy and dealing with breakup pain afterward is the toughest thing. Those who face heartbreak know how the suffocating pain in your chest can be unbearable. Today our article is about how to deal with breakup gracefully without burdening your soul in the process.

What Breakup Do To You?


Relationships have a way greater impact on our emotional and physical health than we imagine. A sudden breakup after a long-term relationship can take a toll on your mind and body.

  • Emotional traumas can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.
  • When a person faces a breakup, the first thought that comes to mind is “maybe I was not good enough”. Self-blaming can shatter one’s confidence.
  • Secretly we take breakups as Rejections and not everyone is mature enough to handle rejection. Sometimes it backfires and fills the person with rage and anger.
  • Emotionally weak people can easily fall prey to their urge for revenge and might end up hurting themselves or others.
  • Breakups can hurt you badly. People who are not good at expressing themselves or sharing their pain, isolate themselves. Their social life gets affected.
  • Lack of sleep and constant stress can deteriorate the physical health of a person.

How to Deal With a Breakup Gracefully?

deal with heartbreak gracefully

Dealing with breakup pain may not be easy but life has to go on. Folks say that time is a great healer but we can’t leave everything on time. A person has to stay strong and fight back. This is how you should deal with breakup pain and anxiety.


Breakup hurts because deep down we don’t accept the fact that someone so dear can leave us. Our subconscious constantly remains in a feeling of denial. The first thing that helps to deal with breakup pain is accepting that your ways are apart from each other now. The sooner you accept, the better you will start healing.

Reaction to Break up Matters

When you love someone, you don’t take a breakup as a casual thing. You are filled with anger, grief, rage, hurt, and maybe resentment too. Right when you have passed the acceptance phase, every atom in your body craves that person. You may even secretly wish to go back in time but understand that this feeling will pass away too. Never show a sudden reaction based on your anger or grief. When dealing with negative emotions, a person can never make the right decisions.

Stay Calm

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Breakups can bring out the worst in you. We all have a dark side and any trauma can trigger that part to overlap the goodness in us. However, dealing with breakup grief with strength is all you will require.

Try to stay calm after a breakup. Don’t let anger or resentment take over you. Once people realize the power of silence after breaking up, we bet no heartbroken will chose the wrong path ever. Silence is the best revenge itself. Don’t worry it’s not weakness or you surrender yourself to the situation. Just wait and watch the karma doing everything you wanted to do with them.

Deal With Breakup Depression Professionally

Some wounds are beyond our control. We need an expert to guide us through darkness and despair. If you are dealing with breakup anxiety, seek professional help. This will give you an extra dose of strength and boost your courage to face the heartbreak with dignity and grace.

Indulge Yourself in Constructive Activities

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Instead of going rough and Romeo, gather up yourself and move on with dignity. In weak moments people take bad decisions as one night stands for revenge sex or planning revenge in the worst way possible. These people end up hurting themselves more than before.

Instead of giving space to negative thoughts in your head, indulge yourself in positive activities. You can

  • Go out, dine-in, and enjoy yourself with friends.
  • Spend some quality time outside your shell and let the world give you courage and reason to live again.
  • Have some fun with your gang. Simple activities like going clubbing, shopping, or gaming bring a very positive change. A time well spent with friends is always good for emotional health.
  • Confide in with your close ones. Don’t deal with breakups alone. We all need that one shoulder where can cry without fear of judgment. Let it be and cry your heart out. Right people will lift you.
  • Start taking a class or course. You can even take online classes. This will keep your attention hooked toward a positive goal.
  • Somewhere in life, we give up our dreams. Now is the right time to chase them. Do what you have always wanted to do. This is the time when you are emotionally highly energetic with negative thoughts. Going after dreams and ambitions channels those thoughts into positive energy.

These were some simple steps to help you with how to recover from a break up of a long-term relationship. Now is the toughest part.

How to Deal With a Breakup When You Still Love Them?


When you still love them knowing they won’t be yours,  goodbyes become the last thing you wanna do. Letting go of something you don’t want to, is the hardest decision in one’s life.

Here are a few thoughts that will help you in letting them go and moving on

  • Repeat the thought in your head, “what is the point? if only you have to be the ‘giver’ in a relationship”? If they are not there, they won’t contribute their part. So you will bear the burden for both. This is emotionally tiring and consuming. So they left for the best!
  • Loving someone unconditionally requires giving them freedom. If they don’t want to be with you. Respect their choices. Love is not about keeping yourself tagged with a person.
  • If you love them and they still chose to part ways, what could be better than this? They were not the right person for you.
  • You deserve someone who is equally invested in you. Their void will be filled with someone worthy of you.
  • Wait for the Right time and the right people will come to you.

Break-ups are not easy but once done, it is done. There is no point in looking back and crying over something that is not a part of your life anymore. Focus on your future and move-on with positive vibes. Sooner or later, you will find someone who will make you whole with their existence. Good luck!

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