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How To Stay Safe In Nepal Nightclubs From Possible Scams

Nepal nightclubs

Nepal nightclubs are a wonderful place to party. The nightlife of Nepal is so mesmerizing and full of life that you will want to stay awake for the whole night. However, nothing good comes without risk. It’s a place where people come from all around the world. Some locals and even foreigners can land you in trouble. Today, our article is about how you can stay safe from scams in Nepal nightclubs.

What are Possible Scams in Nepal Nightclubs?

Nepal have some high-profile nightclubs and they offer security too. However, it doesn’t mean there is no window for getting scammed. You won’t imagine what kind of fraud you can get even in high-profile places like that. Scammers are always looking for loopholes and their best weapon is your ignorance. So prepare yourself and let’s see what scams are lurking in darkness while you dance yourself out on non-stop beats.

Clubs Over Charging For Drinks

nepal nightclubs overcharging for drinks
Nepal nightclubs overcharging for drinks

If you are new to the place and seem rich enough, bartenders can ask for more money than the actual price. Usually, it’s a clever bartender or the one making the bill. This may not be a Club’s fault but somehow, they should take measures to ensure safe services to all their customers.
While paying the bill, see if it has all the items that you ordered and if the price matches the menu. Extra service charges, extra billed items and adding more items than ordered are common scams. If you are careless enough, they can go unnoticed and put a dent in your budget.

Fake Currency

Well, whether you are a tourist or a business, keep your eyes open. Fake currency is a very clever and common scam everywhere. Since the place is crowded with individuals, scammers can try to pass counterfeit currency for drinks or maybe as an entry fee.

Fake Promotions

Nightclubs can lure you into fake promotions. Again this act of deception may come from individuals and businesses may not know anything about it. So it’s up to you to pay attention because if a business name is used, doesn’t mean they are going to take responsibility for it. Usually, businesses completely disown such individuals upon confrontation.
Always check before going inside the club and ordering such drinks because they can charge you higher in the name of special drinks.

Theft And Stealing In Nepal Nightclubs

theft in nepal nightclubs
theft in Nepal nightclubs

Nightclubs are crowded places so pickpocketing and distraction theft are common. It’s better to keep minimal things with you when you are going to nightclubs. Also, keep your belongings with you and never leave your bag, wallet or mobile unattended in places like that.
Sometimes, in nightclubs, even significantly unimportant things like bumping into a stranger can result in wallet loss. So be very wise in engaging with interactions and pay special attention to physical contacts.

Credit Card Fraud In Nepal Nightclubs

This is another very common scam. Fraudulent can skim your credit card through skimming devices and extract your information. Try paying in cash rather than swapping your credit or debit card. Better to be safe than to be sorry.

Fake Tickets

We suggest always buying tickets from the official website of a nightclub or official business. Especially, if your tour guide or someone else tries to be friendly and ask to buy tickets on your behalf, it could be a scam. Tourist guides can take you to places where they will get a commission for bringing you. Always log in to the Nightclub website and buy the tickets yourself. Also, don’t rely solely on tourist guides, do your proper research on where you might want to go.
Furthermore, don’t buy tickets from unauthorized persons. You could get banned from entering the nightclub. last but not least, if anyone asks you to bribe for entry, never go for it.

Spiked Drinks

Try not accepting drinks from strangers and also stay sharp while drinking. Someone can spike your drink with drugs and you could land in a dangerous or life-threatening situation too. Although Nepal nightclubs may have security measures, accepting drinks from strangers is solely your choice. Also, many times no one knows what happened unless reported after severe consequences. You should be wise enough to know how these places work. So be responsible at your end.

Make Sure Your  Nightclub Venue Is Legal

Many times tourists fall for this scam. Either someone promises them less entry money for a Nepal nightclub or offers drug dealing and they end up landing in an illegal venue. Here no one is responsible for you. You can land in serious trouble. You are not only prone to scammers but also to police raids and jail time. Tada! Watch out, please!

Vehicle Scams

As a tourist, mostly you have to use taxis for transportation. Sometimes the driver can be very racist and rude to you. They can charge you more and may intentionally take large routes to justify their scam. We advise, going for reputable taxi companies or ridesharing services.

Now these are possible scams that you may face inside or outside Nepal nightclubs. Here is how you can protect yourself.

How To Protect Yourself From Getting Scammed In Nepal Nightclubs?

protect yourself from scams
protect yourself from scams
  • Always trust your instincts. If some place doesn’t sound right to go, just don’t go. No matter how much a tourist guide or a friendly local tries to lure you in.
  • Before going to nightclubs, properly research your venue and its overall reputation and online reviews. Also, check on Google Maps for its location.
  • If it’s your first time, try to go with your friend or partner. Going alone can make you a hot cake for scammers and in trying to protect yourself from one, you can fall for another.
  • Try not to leave your drink unattended.
  • Nepal nightclubs are a great place for socialization but before making new friends just make sure not to pass your personal information to them.
  • Try to limit your budget. Just don’t boast cash in crowded places or it can attract unwanted attention.
  • Know all of the scams mentioned above to prevent yourself from possible tough situations.
  • Always keep your emergency contacts handy.
  • Avoid excessive drinking and stay sane during your nightclub experience.
  • If anything doesn’t feel right, leave right away.
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