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Blind Dates, Dating Apps And All The Chemistry Involved!

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Blind dates is randomly meeting strangers to see if you can get along with them. This may seem fun but blind dates can be risky too. You never know what you are signing for unless you meet the person. Today we will discuss blind dates and if one should take them seriously or not.

The Idea Of Blind Dates

You might wonder what is the point of a blind date. Well, in recent times, life has become more about “individuality” instead of “collectivity”. This has given rise to a sense of “competition” and everyone seems fighting for their careers. People are too consumed with achieving this delusional notion of “success”. As a result, settling down and having long-term relationships seems like a hectic job.

There is no denying that relationships demand full attention and responsibility but suddenly life has become all about money. When its relationship vs. career, the young generation seems to prioritize the second one. Here comes the idea of blind dates with no strings attached.

Why Blind Dates Don’t Work And Are a Bad Idea At First Place?

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Be wise people! Give a thought to what are you signing for. Going on a blind date and having a little fun is no crime but it’s important to keep all the pros and cons in mind.

They say never judge a book by its cover so how can you judge a person by his virtually available information only? That too filled by himself. Dating apps are not an authentic source of information. It seems like everyone has two personas now. One in real life and the other in a virtual one.

This is like filling out your Cv. You portray the best version of yourself which is supposed to be accepted, wanted, and likable by the people. In virtual life, many times it’s not who people display they are. It’s who they want to be.

Imagine people signing up on dating apps and filling out their information. What do you think? How many have actually the same personalities as they portray in their bios?

What Could Be Consequences Of  Blind Dates?

Honestly speaking, we think this is the most misused platform in the history of the internet. Teens, singles, married, adults, everyone is joining these platforms and falling for the scams.

The idea of a blind date should be meeting with strangers and finding someone compatible. Instead, people are using this platform as a shelter to avoid making long-term commitments.

Though few people are clear about what they want but mostly “deception” is at its peak. A lot of people sign up for such platforms with the intention of casual hookups and one-night stands. This has also given arise to cheating and extramarital affairs.

Also, many sexual predators use these dating apps to catfish women and men. You will rarely find a sincere and genuine person.

The Impact of Dating Apps On Society

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Sadly, no matter how advanced human beings are, society is still patriarchate. Females are more at risk here. They are trapped, exploited, and then judged for their choices.

Males tend to see females as disloyal partners if they have had multiple sexual partners in the past. However, this golden rule of virginity doesn’t apply to men themselves. Girls are slut shammed and even face domestic abuse in their future relationships.

In these dating apps, you select people based on their website profiles. There is no legality involved at all. The provided information could be fake.

Do Blind Dates Ever Work In Real Life?

Mostly not! Blind dates are horrible in general because they are set up with the intent of a short hook up in the first place. There are no strings attached from the beginning so if a person doesn’t want to take it forward, emotions like guilt or regret do not work here.

Also, you can never know the intention of another person. Usually, many people do it for fun and with the intent of a one-time meet-up. Even if they go on another date, long-term commitment is rarely on the table. The irony is, you can’t blame or accuse the other person of cheating you.

Some reasons blind dates don’t ever work are

  • Both partners already feel “used”. As they perceive that this other person has a history of meeting strangers so maybe this is only a one-time hookup too.
  • While having a blind date, they both focus on short-term things. Long-term commitment requires a serious and deep connection.
  • Both partners try to present their best. You never know what is their worst side and if you can handle that.
  • Mostly dark secrets remain hidden in the first meeting. Many people have the talent to portray themselves as genuinely caring and nice people till their needs are met.
  • Ghosting is common after blind dates.
  • Blind dates are more focused on selfish needs.
  • Both people don’t feel an emotional burden to continue it. If they dislike it, they don’t waste energy on the same person. Whereas in serious relationships you put your efforts to make it work.

What Is A Blind Date Success Rate In Real Scenarios?

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Going on a blind date with the intent of finding the right person is like looking for a needle in a haystack. What are the odds that the other person is your dream partner? Almost zero!

Also, both partners already know that there is always a second chance with another blind date so who cares to make it work?

If set up by common friends, then there may be a chance that both parties will try for another hookup to understand each other better.

Should You Ever Go On A Blind Date?

Well, this is a tricky question. Blind dates are fun despite all the cons. If you are not looking for a serious partnership, what is the harm in having a little fun for yourself?

If the blind date is set up by common friends, this can be a good idea. At least you are aware that another person is well-known to your friends. The chances of getting hurt are minimum. However, if you are randomly signing up and going on dates, we suggest please make sure you meet in a public and safe place. Also, as soon as you sense any red flags, leave!

In short, blind dates are generally not a good idea and usually do not work. So if you are focused on short-term fun, go for it. However, if you are looking for something serious, choose another channel.

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