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Where Are You Supposed To Put Your Coat In A Bar Or Club?

Where Are You Supposed To Put Your Coat In A Bar Or Club

In bars or clubs, usually, we don’t advise people to take their belongings with them. Go simple so you can have all the fun without worrying about your belongings. However, clothing is one thing that you can’t leave behind. If you need it, you need it. Most people come with the problem, where do you put your coat in a bar or a club.

So today, we will talk about the places where you can safely keep your coat without worrying about theft or misplacing.

Where Do You Put Your Coat In A Bar Or Club

Here are a few possible solutions to this

Clubs Have Coat Rooms

Most Clubs have designated rooms for that. You have to buy tokens and you can keep your belongings safe without any worry. You see this service most often in malls, restaurants, and shopping centres too. The token is the minimal price that you can easily afford. Also, many good nightclubs offer this service to their visitors for free.

Check For a Designated Area To Put Your Coat In a Bar or Club

If the Club is not very spacious, they may have a designated area where you can hang your coat safely. Check for racks or hooks near the entrance as they are mostly placed at the start of the venue.

coat area in clubs
coat area in clubs

Keep Them With you

Many people feel comfortable with having their belongings with them. Also, if a club doesn’t offer any service to keep your belongings, you may keep your coat with you. Place them at the back of your chair so you can sit comfortably. There is a security risk in keeping belongings so many clubs may advise you to keep your belongings at your risk. It could be a matter of theft, drugs or any other.

Leave It In Your Car

The best thing that we suggest is leaving your coat in the car. But this can only happen if you are in your vehicle and the club is situated where you live. If you are a tourist and visiting a club, then consider the above options.

Tips About Putting Your Coat In A Bar Or Club Coat Room

You need to be considerate when you are leaving your belongings in the Club Coat area. Keep in mind, that there is usually one person looking after all the belongings. These tips can save you trouble and make your clubbing experience much more enjoyable.

Here is what you should consider

people in queue to submitt their coats
people in the queue to submit their coats
  • Make sure your coat is empty. Don’t leave anything in your pocket especially any valuable item like jewellery, phone or money. The club can’t be responsible for what you put in your pocket. Even if you claim it’s lost or stolen, the club may not be able to help you.
  • If coat service is not available in the Club, keep your belongings within your sight. Don’t just disappear leaving your belongings unattended. There is a lot of security risk involved too.
  • If you are going to buy a drink or on a dance floor, ask your friend to keep an eye on your things.
  • Whether submitting or taking it back, always wait for your turn. Being polite and disciplined keeps the club environment mess-free. Rushing can also confuse attendees. Let him do his job systematically or you can misplace your belongings.
  • While giving your coat, politely ask the attendant to be cautious about storage to avoid any damage.
    Make sure to ask in advance if the club charges for coat service and how much they charge. This can save unnecessary drama later on. Many Clubs also have rules about submitting and retrieving belongings. Know about them in advance.


  • If the coat service is free, you can still tip the attendant there as an act of kindness. Also, tipping him can make him more attentive towards your belongings.
  • Be responsible and don’t misplace your token. Many people don’t pay attention and sometimes throw away the token. It can cause you trouble. The club may have a strict policy about not returning belongings without a token. This is completely understandable as it’s a matter of security for them.
  • There are a lot of people coming in and going out, so it’s hard to remember people. That is what tokens are for. They just can’t give things to the person claiming them to be their belongings.

Here Is What You Can Do In Advance?

  • Always check for the weather before leaving for the club. In the colder season, the club has to have coat storage. Also, winter coats are much heavier than summer put-ons. They can take up a lot of space if you take them inside with you.
  • You can go to the club’s website to check if they offer to keep your belongings or not. Many high-end clubs, may also offer locker service to their visitors. You can keep your belongings there before going to Club but this comes at a price. Again be sure to ask for what they charge in advance.
  • If you hate being in a long queue, try arriving a little early. First to come, first to serve!
  • Don’t hesitate to communicate or give feedback to the club. This helps them to improve too and enhance their services in different ways.

What Can Clubs Do?

Girls enjoying in club with coats on
Girls enjoying in a club with coats on
  • They need to be considerate of their visitors. Providing them with services like keeping their belongings safe can enhance the overall experience of their visitors. This also enhances club goodwill. Trust us, many people can decide to visit the club based only on this thing.
  • Clubs can assist their visitors by being helpful to visitors. They can reserve staff to guide people on how to access the service.
  • People may have special needs like a disabled person with a service dog or a person who has mobility issues. The club should be open to all and make their experience as comfortable as possible. They may need a little extra care regarding their belongings.
  • The storage area should be clean and properly managed. This improves the Club’s credibility. Also, the club may provide hand sanitiser before submitting or taking your belongings.
  • Staff should be trained to handle people’s belongings with care.
  • Make sure visitors are communicated before submission of their belongings. This can avoid unpleasant experiences for them.
  • Be polite and helpful to customers regarding their queries.
  • Staff must be trained to handle tough situations or emergencies.
  • Take the feedback positively and work on it to improve the service.

We hope we have given you valuable information on where to put your coat in a bar or club. Have a fun experience!

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