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Some fun activities for adults at a party?

club sixteen fun activities for adults at a party

Who said teens should have all the fun?  Especially, at club parties, usually, the focus is young people and the activities revolve around them. Well, Adults deserve as much delight as anyone else. Today our article is about fun activities for adults at a party and how to make their experience worthwhile.

How to enjoy the club party as an adult?

fun activities for adults at a party

Usually, the club gatherings are about drinks, dance, and unlimited energetic presence. Teens can comply with that. However, not all adults can engage themselves in non-stop physical activities. They need a comparatively relaxing environment where they can make the best use of their time.

Here are a few tips for adults for a better clubbing experience

Prepare yourself first

If you are going to a club, you should know what you are signing for. Of course, the night demands some fun and party vibes on your behalf too. You can’t just go and then nag about how boring that all is. Prepare yourself for the clubbing experience first. Before entering the den, sharpen your swords.

Organize yourself

Even if it’s a simple club party invite, we suggest organizing yourself. You are not a teen with boosted stamina who can do a bunch of random things. Also, organizing yourself will keep you engaged for a long time and you can enjoy every bit of the gathering.

This may sound awkward but right from where you will park a car to when the party will end? Sort out everything in your head before even saying yes to the party. You will see later on how this positively affects your clubbing experience. No one will tell you this, but mismanagement in little things can drain out your energy and you may feel consumed before even joining the party.

Take things sequentially

As an adult, you need to take things sequentially. This way you will make the best use of your time. Drink, dance, chatter, rest, repeat!  Give equal importance to everything and you will find yourself in a better position.

Drink Alcohol in a limited amount

As an adult, watch out for your alcohol consumption. Not only for preventing hangovers and staying sane during the party but also for your overall health. Try not to exceed the maximum limit of alcohol. You can switch to non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails to restrict your alcohol use.

Spend some time in the lounge area

Being in a club doesn’t mean being on a dance floor or in a bar all the time. Sit, relax, and have a refreshing talk with your companions in a club lounge area. Almost all good clubs have lounges where customers can sit and relax.

What are some cool fun activities for adults at a party?

You might think what activities do people do at parties? As clubbing is an indoor activity, some indoor fun activities for adults will make your episode more entertaining. We have some hands-on activities for adults which will make their clubbing experience as superb as teens.

Group fun activities for adults

fun with friends

Mostly, if you are not the sole invite for a club, you are a gang of likewise. Engaging in fun group activities for adults is the best idea. You can play wild party games to lighten up the environment and lift the spirit of the party.

Thinking about what games are usually played at a party? Here are some wild party games ideas for you and your gang.

Have a Sip and Flip a cup

Flip cup is a popular party game. So get ready to drink as much as you can. However keep in mind, the drinks are not free and you can’t have unlimited alcohol. So we advise playing this game with a non-alcoholic version and even with simple fruit juice or fizzy drink. Health and party ..all in one!  The only side effect is pee! Don’t worry about that. All clubs have a restroom.

Truth or Dare!

Play this game with a “spin a bottle” version. You are in a club, order a wine and after finishing it, you can play the game. Simply spin the bottle. Where ever it stops, the person in front of the bottle is supposed to take the choice.

The game is both entertaining and dangerous at the same time. Well, truth and dares are hard anyway, and especially when you are drunk, things can take twisted turns. Watch out! Have fun, not breakups!


Cards are the best game to play at a party. Play with your club buddies and place a bet on whoever loses who will pay for the next round! This can keep you hooked for as long as you want. The rest of the gang could play the audience.


This is another fun addition to Indoor fun activities for adults. Clubs are loud places and this game becomes more fun with everyone listening to your stupid guesses.

Dance Challenge

Have a hip-hop challenge or sway on a club music playlist. It is a club and you have every right to be wild and crazy!

A little dancing competition is how do you make a boring party fun. Your twists and moves can cheer up the crowd and lift the party vibes.


Seriously? Who plays a game of chess in a club? Just stay at home if you have some extra brain to spend on mind-bending games. Clubs are crazy but not this much.

Beer Pong

Aha! a classic fun game to play. Align the cups, throw a ping pong ball and whoever gets the aim right, have to drink the beer.

Beer reminded us of Club 16. They have the first beer included in their minimum spending limit. Open their website to look for all the upcoming events that have free beer included in the list.

What are small group activities for adults in a club?

Above were some indoor activities examples for a gathering of large people. But how do you make a party interesting with few guests?

girls in party

Here are a few fun game ideas for a party of fewer than 20 people.

Never Have I ever!

This game involves a fun quiz about your wild experiences. As an adult, we are sure you have plenty of them. As this is an 18+ plus game so get ready to spill some beans or at least have an aww moment over things that you had never got a chance to do.

Freeze Dance

This is how do you make small parties fun and full of laughter. In the freeze dance, whenever the song changes, everyone freezes. The one who lasts longer wins the game.

Guess the Lie

This game is also very enjoyable in a club environment. Each person gives three statements and one is a lie. If others detect lies they win.

Attend the DJ night

You can attend a DJ night with your gang to have fun. The live music experience with best DJ can be thrilling and exciting.

Well, we have provided quite a list of indoor games for adults. We hope these fun activities for adults at a party will keep you well entertained. Happy clubbing!

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