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Celebrate 2023 final countdown with Club 16!

club sixteen 2023

The big night is here! Lets celebrate 2023 together!

Welcome the new year with zeal and passion. Club 16 brings you the striking option to celebrate this special night with your loved ones. We are offering you the biggest new year’s night celebration Nepal has ever witnessed!

Celebrate new year’s night with Club 16

What are your new year’s night plans?

If you are looking for a cozy celebration with lots of fun, craziness, and levity, Club 16 summons you for the joyous festivity. Club 16 has a fascinating new year’s night celebration on its way and it will be a “one of its kind” event. They are celebrating the new beginnings with full zeal and zest. Join them on 31st December, Saturday night to be a part of this amazing event.

Our favorite, Club 16 always has some hidden magic trick up their sleeves. Every time the pigeon is out of the hat, the temptation to attend the event is irresistible. This night is surely going to be the watermark for new beginnings.

What will be the event about?

The event will be a new year’s night celebration. Club 16 will make sure that you have extracted every pint of pleasure before setting foot in the marvelous upcoming year. They have planned everything from welcoming the new year with the biggest balloon drop to giving gifts to their loving audience. The whole Clubbing experience is going to be a blast.

What is 2023, the final countdown at Club 16?

new year countdown

Well, we all know that excitement when we count to 10 before the clock struck midnight. In Club 16, you will experience this adrenaline rush of the final countdown and witness thousands of balloons falling from the roof. This will be a unique and amazing sight to watch with your loved ones. Club 16 has proven itself multiple times and every time they raise the bar so high that only Club 16 itself, can reach there. Now we are here again to bring up some heat and spread happiness all around.

Why choose Club 16 for the new year’s night celebration?

What is the better deal anyway?

Celebrate 2023 with balloon drop

If you are in Nepal, there is no better venue other than Club 16 to enjoy new year’s night. Join Club 16 because

  • In this chilly winter season, the indoor celebration is a blessing.
  • We have excellent seating arrangements and you can choose a table per your package.
  • You get to dance, have booze and enjoy the live performance of DJs.
  • Have a fun night  in a full crazy setting.
  • The ambiance is simply awesome.  No better words to describe it other than 100/100.
  • You will have a safe environment where you can celebrate 2023 with blast. It’s even safe for girl gangs and even solo ladies.
  • Witness the balloon drop and share the excitement of the countdown with fellow attendees. This is going to be the biggest balloon drop in Nepal.
  • The night is not only about merriment and fun, you can also win surprise gifts through a lucky draw.
  • As you celebrate 2023, Club 16 welcomes you with a complimentary drink.
  • Everything is on budget. You can afford to steal the moments of joy for yourself and your friends.
  • Enjoy the trendiest cocktails and beverages. We have a collection of the best drinks from all over the world.
  • You can have snacks to satisfy your appetite.
  • Refresh yourself in the resting area and join the show again.
  • Back-to-back performing DJs will make sure you are swaying right.
  • We don’t allow gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation discrimination. Club 16 welcomes everyone and respects individual choices. Any discriminatory behavior is strictly not allowed. If any guest will be found involved in hate speech or derogatory behavior, we will take strict action and security measures against them. They will also be forced to leave the premises.

How to be part of this amazing event?

celebrate new year

Book your tickets through and get a chance to be part of the mega night. The ticket costs only 1500/- per person. There is also a free beer with every ticket purchase. Furthermore, you can buy tickets at the door too.

What are the table packages?

There are two deals available for table packages. You can buy your time at a regular table or upgrade to a diamond table for an extravagant experience.

Regular table deals include

4 Pax =20k

6 Pax= 30 k and

8 Pax = 40k.

The deals includes domestic drinks, Hookah, and starters.

Diamond table deal include

4 Pax= 50k

6 Pax= 75k

8 Pax= 1 lac

This deal includes premium drinks (champagne), Hookah, and starters.

Note: complementary beer is not in table deals. That is with ticket purchase.

Who can take part in the lucky draw?

celebrate 2023

Starting with a giveaway is the best way to welcome this new year indeed! Club 16 has everything sorted out!

You have to give your name at the entrance to qualify for the lucky draw. This means every ticket holder gets a chance to try their luck. Fill out the form before entering the club and maybe you are the lucky one, we are waiting for.

The lucky draw will be random as usual. We don’t play favoritism at all and only the attendees will receive the hamper. Also, more tickets mean more chances to win. So if you are a big gang, the likelihood to get lucky increases significantly.

Come wiggle, and sniggle in this extravagant festivity.

Some random FAQs that we receive!

Where is Club 16 located?

In your heart!  And at Street 16, Lakeside Pokhara, Nepal.

How loud we are allowed to scream when the clock struck 12’o clock?

As loud as you can.

What will happen after midnight?

Unless you are not Cinderella, nothing to worry about. You have a chance to stay and enjoy the after-party all night.

Can I win the gift hamper?

Yes! Of course. If the luck is on your side, why not? Anyone can be the lucky winner.

2023 is here guys. Club 16 invites you to come and enjoy. Let’s fly to the new horizons together!



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