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How do I prepare for clubbing?

club sixteen how do i prepare for clubbing

Whether it is your first time or you are a pro, you must prepare yourself well for the clubbing experience. Today our article will address the question “how do I prepare for clubbing” along with some clubbing tips for both guys and girls.

How do I prepare for clubbing 100%?

Clubbing is fun and having fun doesn’t mean randomly landing in a club and starting to go crazy. Going clubbing is a full experience and you need to enjoy every step of the process. From getting ready to picking partners and going clubbing to indulging in fun, everything should be as much sorted out as random it seems.

We agree that if it’s your first experience, you must be Nervous about going clubbing for the first time. People even ask themselves if is clubbing normal. So chill and relax because it is. There is nothing wrong with having a fun time with friends, partners, and even alone. You deserve a little happiness and here you go.

clubbing alone

This is how you prepare for clubbing

  • First, get your spot booked. Most famous clubs are usually fully reserved so you might have to wait outside. You can get online reservations too. This will save you a lot of trouble.
  • Take your companion with you and pick them wisely. It could be your partner or friend.
  • Never go clubbing with your colleagues or work friends unless you don’t care what they think of you.
  • Always take a shower, freshen yourself, and pick an easy yet classy dress for a club date. Guys should wear casual shirts and girls can wear gowns and dresses.
  • Don’t burden yourself with extra accessories. Only take clubbing essentials with you. You may carry a money holder and a mobile-only.
  • Never drink too much on your first visit. Even if you are a drinker, limit your alcohol consumption.
  • Park your car in a safe place. Almost all good clubs have a nice car parking too.
  • Enjoy the fullest.
  • Chat with people, hang out with friends, and have a great time.

Some pro Clubbing tips for guys

clubbing tips for guys

Well, guys, there is no rocket science in what to do when clubbing. You simply have to have fun. Here are some secret tips for you

  • Dress well. Good Dressing is not limited to females only. You must wear a comfortable, cool and proper dress. Most clubs suggest collar shirts for guys. Jeans are allowed but it’s better to wear casual and fashionable bottoms. Also, white shirts are not allowed in many clubs.
  • When clubbing for the first time, trust your guy friend. Don’t go over-the-limit crazy.
  • If you like some girl, know How do you hit a girl in a nightclub or else you will be thrown out of the club by security.
  • Don’t drink at the start.
  • Only keep your wallet and mobile with you and that too in your pocket.
  • If you want to go clubbing with a girl this is a three-word mantra for how to ask a girl for clubbing. Nicely, politely, and gently.

Pro clubbing tips for ladies

clubbing tips for ladies

Why should guys have all the fun.? Ladies pack up your bags and let’s go. Oh, wait! It’s clubbing and you don’t need to pack those bags. Here are some tips for ladies

  • If you are going for the first time, never go alone.  Always take your girl gang with you.
  • Make sure you have already reserved the table beforehand.
  • The universal question from all girls out there is What to wear on a night out clubbing. Well, Don’t wear too fancy or revealing clothes. Dress up in a way that is both classy and sexy.
  • Never wear heavy embellishments or expensive jewelry while going to the club.
  • We suggest instead of heels, wear very comfortable shoes.
  • It’s important to know Where do you put your purse when dancing. Don’t leave the purse on a counter or at a bar. It’s totally ok if you take your purse with you while dancing.
  • If you like some guy, don’t be too obvious to give signals. You never know what the guy holds for you. Be sure and then proceed further. If someone is not respectful towards you. Take it as a red flag.
  • Don’t drink too much. Hangovers could be worse.
  • Never leave the club alone without notifying your friends first. This is to ensure how to be safe when clubbing. Some good clubs like Club 16 ensures the safety of their customers by every mean.
  • The best time to go clubbing for ladies is the evening. Try not to stay too late.

These were some tips for going clubbing for both girls and guys. Now we have a few more tricks rolled up in our sleeves about

How to enjoy clubbing as an introvert

introvert club

Going clubbing is one thing and having a blast there is another. Introverts come out from their shell and unleash their inner dragon on the dance floor. Most introverts don’t know What to do when clubbing. Well, they can start by following their friend’s footprints.

Also, to enjoy clubbing, you don’t need to do everything you are supposed to do. First, get used to the environment. Introverts come out from their shells in their comfort zones only. They can have drinks and chit-chat on their first few visits.

As introverts have a problem taking initiative so they need to know How do you flirt in a club. Mostly, they can just “reply” to someone being nice to them. Flirting is not their piece of cake on the first attempt. However how do you act in a club for the first time, is going to help you later on.

Pro tips for clubbing alone

In these busy times, you may find it difficult to have a clubbing partner. So you can take this journey alone. Going clubbing alone is totally normal. Times have changed and people find whatever way they can to go and have fun.

however, if you are going alone, make sure someone knows where you are. Order cocktails and snacks and observe people. You can also try talking to people who are open to conversations. This can help you find club buddies there. Never drink too much. You can’t drive back alone with a severe hangover.

In the end, guys this is all about how do you prepare for clubbing, whether you are alone, an introvert, a girl, or a boy. These tips will help you to have fun while clubbing and make the best of every moment there. Go and have a blast.

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