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Dressing for a Night Out: Tips from the Fashionistas at Club16

dressing for a night out

Dressing for a night out is no joke. You have to dress properly to be a party person while maintaining the balance between fashion, fun, ethics and whatnot. A bad dress can kill the vibe and set off the mood. We understand that!

Today, in this article, we have Club 16 fashionistas spilling some beans on how to dress for a night out. We did this little research on real party grounds and we came up with some gems.

Keep in mind that Club 16 is one of the prestigious nightclubs in Pokhara, Nepal and is leaving its mark on the party enthusiast. The club was even selected for the top 100 clubs of the world. So when something comes from Club 16, it’s damn legit always! 

Set The Tone Right While Dressing For A Night Out

While planning for a night out, keep the general theme in mind. Setting the tone right is importantdressing for a date is different from dressing for a girl’s night out. You have to dress in a way that you blend nicely with your gang as well as over environment. Imagine wearing a saree for a fun New Year’s night and a dress for a Bollywood-themed night out. Weird! isn’t it? So pick your dress wisely depending on why you are having this night out.

Also, keep in mind about the Club too. Some clubs have certain dress codes or they allow/don’t allow some kinds of outfits. For example, many clubs won’t allow casual attire like jeans for men. So do your research properly so you can plan the perfect dress for a night out.

Clubs also offer themed nights or special events for the audience and sometimes, they do have special instructions regarding dress codes. Visit the Club’s website to learn about any such special notification.

lady dressing for a night out at club 16
ladies dress at club 16

Tips For Dressing For A Nightout

Our fashionistas have tips for both men and women.

For men, in general, they suggest wearing a sleek button-down shirtThe shirt can be paired with tailored trousers. Most girls think men with such dress codes look cool. So if you are a man, and planning to hit on some girl tonight, consider going in a nice outfit that will catch her attention!

For Women, most divas think black is the safest choice. It suits all body types, skin tones, occasions and personal styles. Black can also be paired with accessories to make it look more glam. However, for shoes, you need to be a little careful. Though heels are cool for some hen parties, dancing needs more comfortable shoes. We don’t want that awkward look on your face all night!

How To Dress For A Themed Night Out?

Well, many nightclubs host fun-themed parties where you can showcase your creativity with all your might! However, fashionistas suggest that you must not spend 100s of bucks for one single night. Instead, you can spend wisely and go for some DIY outfits. Themed nights are not for bragging your brands anyway so go cheap and creative.

You can even mix and match your already existing outfits. If you were planning to discard some outfit, maybe consider using it for creating a new outfit. The whole point here is to have fun so don’t consume yourself with unnecessary budget tensions. 

While Dressing For A Night Out Wear Your Confidence

girl in casual chic attire
girl in casual chic attire

Our fashionistas say it’s not the dress you wear, it’s how you wear it. If you are wearing a high-end brand with zero confidence, it’s pointless. Many people have this ability to carry even simple outfits with such great poise that they look royale. So whatever you wear, be comfortable in it. Your inner feelings show on your face so when you radiate confidence, you attract more refined individuals. Be proud of yourself self and the world will learn to cherish you too!

Build A NightLife Wardrobe

Going out is very casual nowadays. It’s a kind of lifestyle now. So you need to build your wardrobe around it. Just having one or two dresses is not enough. Well, we are certainly not suggesting spending all your bucks at once but whatever, whenever you feel something can add value to your night wardrobe, buy it. You can always mix and match things and that is the beauty of nightlife. For women, fill some classic blazers, mini dresses, tops, cocktail dresses, sequin ones, short dresses, casual frocks and party outfits with accessories. For men, buy some nice shirts and pair them with your trousers. Remember, Belts, watches and wallets are equally important. 

Accessories For A Night Out

While dressing for a night out, accessories are very important to elevate your overall look. Your accessories should convey your message with effective tyling and pairing. Some common choices by our fashionistas were bracelets and necklaces. Though some favoured nice clutches and handbags too. Your accessories should be good add-ons to your dress not a burden to carry or otherwise your whole night will be ruined.

Venue Is Important too

While dressing for a night out, the venue is equally important. Different Clubs have different ambiences and clientele. You won’t want to look different at all.  For upscale and elite venues, choose more sophisticated outfits but for fun and crowded places, you might wanna go more casual. Keep in mind, that whatever you choose, must match your style too. You are not entirely dressing to camouflage in your environment. You are a human being, who wants to dress nicely while being the wise chameleon!

What About Hair And Makeup While Dressing For A Night Out?


nightclub outfit

Hair and makeup are very important. Hair is half of your personality. For dance night, consider ponytails and more braided looks because letting them loose, will keep you uncomfortable. Also, sweat will ruin your hairstyle after a dance session. 

In terms of looks, go for more dramatic and bold looks when the theme is sophisticated. However, for fun nights keep your hairstyle and makeup natural and comfortable. 

Hairstyle and makeup should match your outfit and theme. Turning yourself into a laughing stock will only work in comedy shows!

In the end, remember, dressing for a night out must be fun and comfortable for you. When you slay with style, you conquer the world!

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