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Shisha benefits and side effects

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“Shisha is an exquisite hobby of elites”. Modern inventions have made their way to every sort of entertainment and now people are drooling over shisha. Although Shisha was invented in the 15th century it was not as common as it is now. Today our article is about shisha benefits and side effects.

Hookah vs shisha? Who is who?

Hookah is the name of actual “smoking pot”. The term shisha came into being during the late centuries when India uses a glass base for this pot as Shisha means “glass”. Shisha first originated in India and then the tradition entered Persia and Arab countries. Once the etiquette of royal, nowadays shisha is vastly used amongst both commoners and elites.

In older days, Hookah was used to smoke tobacco. In modern times, Shisha has not only become “tobacco-free” but has variant flavors too. Shisha is more of an “entertainment” while Hookah was more of the tobacco addiction and replacement for cigarettes.

Is Shisha a drug?

shisha benefits and side effects

When tobacco is used in shisha, it is a drug indeed. In terms of addiction, shisha is very addictive. Nicotine addiction is pretty hard to get rid of. However, it doesn’t cause a hungover feeling like alcohol. Instead, It’s more of a “satisfying” feeling of getting the usual dose of the drug

1 hookah = how many cigarettes and how unhealthy is Shisha?

This depends on how much shisha you are puffing. According to a common understanding, usually, a one-hour session is equivalent to 100 cigarettes. Although this is a bit of an exaggeration still one hookah is a lot heavier dose of nicotine than a cigarette.

Usually, one cigarette takes up to 10 minutes but with Shisha you can spend hours and hours. In one hour you can take up to 200 puffs.

Are there any Shisha benefits that we need to know?

Shisha relaxes your mind in the same way, nicotine addiction does. It soothes your nerves and helps you regain your control and focus. Also, Shisha is an alternative to cigarettes and unlike regular cigarettes, shisha has an aromatic fragrance that doesn’t irritate others.

In actuality,  when you say “shisha benefits”, it sounds more like, “justification”. So whatever benefits shisha offers, only shisha lovers believe in those.

What are Shisha side effects?

shisha side effects and benefits

Shisha benefits and side effects go hand in hand. Many drug addicts start smoking shisha as their first step to quitting smoking. This is not right. Shisha is still smoking cigarettes just in another form. So the only thing in action here is the placebo effect. Shisha won’t do any good.

In some cases, it can increase your nicotine intake and enhance the addiction in worse ways. Inhaling too much nicotine is bad for the lungs. It causes the lungs to rupture, damages the windpipe, and builds up nicotine in the lungs. So if you are doing regular shisha and are a nicotine addict, shisha is very bad for you

What are the effects of Shisha on a woman?

If you could know how unhealthy is shisha for women, you will consider trying to quit it. Nicotine inhaling in women causes

  • Osteoporosis and other bone diseases
  • Early Menopause and irregular and painful periods
  • Hormonal imbalance causing mood swings, fatigue, and vaginal dryness
  • Problems in pregnancy, premature birth, and even infant death
  • Infertility or ectopic pregnancy
  • Fibroids

What are the adverse effects of Shisha on men?

  • As shisha affects hormones in the human body, they affect the levels of testosterone in men. Shisha’s effects on sperm count are evident from modern research and they decrease sperm count and sexual health in men.
  • It can cause esophageal or gastric cancer.
  • Shisha can cause impaired pulmonary function disease.

What is herbal Shisha?

herbal shisha

Herbal shisha is a revolution in the shisha industry. After the mention of the above side effects, we bet no one wants to do shisha anymore and we don’t blame anyone for it. Health must be the priority indeed.

However, herbal shisha is nicotine free. Yes, you heard it right. It gives you the same satisfaction as puffing hookah but is completely nicotine free. The herbal shisha is made with natural ingredients like tea leaves, glycerin, honey, molasses, and sugar cane.

Although haters will say that tea leaves have nicotine too but we all know even tea addicts consume more nicotine than herbal shisha consumers. Herbal shisha is a better replacement for nicotine addicts who want to leave cigarettes or hookah.

Is herbal Shisha bad too?

In terms of nicotine addiction, No. Herbal shisha has no nicotine. whereas, in terms of tar, herbal shisha is more hazardous than tobacco hookah. Some studies suggest that herbal shisha has larger amounts of tar present in it which can affect the lungs badly

Tar comes from shisha coal. Usually, shisha coal is made from coconut wood however, orange, bamboo, or lemon wood can also be used. Also, herbal shisha does not give you a ” high” like tobacco shisha but the addiction is very real.

When can you puff Shisha?

Shisha must be consumed as a “one-time thing” and you should not go regular with it. Whether herbal or tobacco, shisha addiction can lead you to roads that don’t end well.

Occasional fun and clubbing with friends is not a concerning deal though. You can chill and do shisha. It is a fun activity.

Is Shisha legal in Nepal?

girl doing shisha

Smoking in Nepal is prohibited in public places. Also, you can’t sell or give tobacco for free. However, cafes and institutions allow you to do shisha. Some public places have separate sections for smokers.

If you want to get the best hookah experience in Nepal, we suggest coming to Club 16 which offers both regular and herbal hookah to satisfy its customer.

what is Shisha all about?

We have clearly mentioned Shisha benefits and side effects. The world is revolutionizing. It’s time to get serious about health. Shisha is all about hookah smoking but for the young generation nowadays, it’s more of a fun activity with friends. This may make you look cool but you should not do it regularly.

Club 16 has free entry on Fridays. Enjoy the free Friday deal and promise yourself that you will do shisha once a week only.

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