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What’s The First Thing You Should Say To A Girl You Like At A Club?

approach a girl you like at club

“Hi” is the first thing you should say to a girl you like at a club. This is where everything will start. If you like a girl in a club, there is no other way than to approach her directly. Once she leaves the premises who knows if life will take you back to her ever!
So today we will weaponize you to make a lasting impression on her and spill all the beans on what’s the first thing you should say to a girl you like at a club. We fully realize that the first impression is the last impression here.

What’s the first thing you should say to a girl you like at a club?

First, you need to interact and bring her focus on you. So your confidence level matters a lot. How you approach her the first time will set the bar forever. If you succeed in winning her, she will be yours to take. This is how you should approach her.

Start With A Strong Opening Line And Introduce Yourself

Don’t be that cheapo that girls discard immediately. You may start with a strong pickup line but just check the level of your starting sentence first. Generic and cheap pickup lines can make girls say “eww”.
If you are a witty person then the odds are more in your favour because you can start situational and light-hearted conversation.
After commenting, you will have her attention for a short period. Now it’s up to you how you use those golden seconds to turn things in your favor. Be quick and witty and introduce yourself to her. The whole point of this introduction is to lay the foundation for upcoming conversations.

Make Nice Complements To A Girl You Like At A Club

make contact with a girl you like at a club
make contact

Making nice compliments can win a lady but you have to be careful here too. Make sure that you are making genuine comments and not for the sake of attention. Remember a lady can always spot if you are faking things and she will reject you immediately for being fake and lame.
You can compliment her smile, outfit, her personality aura or anything. Just be sane about what are you saying. Never cross ethical boundaries before making comments on someone.

Proceed Further

If you liked a girl at a club, you know nothing about her. Try to take her to a bar for a drink where you two may have a conversation. Though making conversation in the club is highly unlikely try to be in a quiet place for some time where you can make further conversation and establish a connection. Try to find common ground of interest so you can prolong talking to her while knowing her better.
Also, while making conversation with the girl you like at the club, ask questions that require the conversation to keep going. Just Yes or No questions are a buzz killer and she might even get bored and think of going back to the dance floor rather than talking with you.

Be Responsive

When she is talking, listen to her like a gentleman. Give her your full attention and focus. Genuinely get involved in conversation. Make eye contact where necessary and use your body language effectively. Trust us! A lady takes these seemingly minor things very seriously. She will make an image of you in her head that even you can’t dismiss later on.

Keep Things Playful

Well, you are in a club and you just met for the first time. Don’t forget to enjoy both the conversation and the club environment. Don’t take this first conversation as a date. A club is not a good idea for a date anyway. The point here is to make a connection that can last a few more dates till you two get along.
You both are in a club to enjoy. So try to be lively, witty, and humorous. Just make sure you break boundaries and offend her. Be respectful yet playful. There is no way she won’t want to meet you further.

Invite a Girl To Dance With You

ask her for dance
After having a conversation, now you have our permission to ask the lady for a dance. Just make sure, she is comfortable with you know. Sway with her to find your true rhythm. A dance can tell a lot about chemistry and how you two get along. When people bond on dance, they are genuinely compatible. Also, if she seems not interested or refuses to dance, just take the no respectfully. 

Just like dance, you can also offer to buy her a drink. If she says yes, aha! If no. Keep in mind that you are still a stranger to her and it is normal to say no to strangers. Maybe she follows safety guidelines seriously and that’s a good thing too. If she doesn’t want you to buy a drink, maybe you two can buy your own and try to connect over friendly conversation while sipping the finest cocktails together.

Ask For Her Contact Information

If you like a girl at a club, you should meet her afterwards too. For that, you need to meet her again. So if you think you have made a nice impression on her ask for her contact number. If she gives it to you, that means she is willing to take things further with you. Yahoo! You are on her good list. Congrats!

Tips On What You Should Do And Say To A Girl You Like At A Club?

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Consent is very important. If at any point she wants to leave, let her. If she refuses to dance, drink or share contact, respect her choice. Give her space and time.
  • Maybe she is just having a good time with you. If she is giving you attention or time, you still don’t know how she feels about you.
  • Carefully ask if she is committed or has a boyfriend. We hope she is not into you for some breakup revenge.
  • Drink responsibly with her. We hope you two don’t wake up hungover together. OOps!
  • If she gives you her number, follow up responsibly. Don’t bombard her inbox.
  • Try not to make assumptions. Just ask her if you want something clear.
  • Being patient is a key. You are trying to win a person here. She is not some object to be in your possession.
  • Be kind towards the lady and be a true gentleman.
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