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clubbing tips for ladies to promote girls safety

club sixteen clubbing tips for ladies

Why should boys have all the fun? Unfortunately, our society is a hypocrite when it comes to gender-based roles. No matter how much we advocate equal rights, women are still fragile creatures who need protection. Today our article is about girls’ safety and some clubbing tips for ladies so they can also have their fair share of enjoyment and fun in life.

Is clubbing normal for ladies?

Yes. Why not? Girls can also go clubbing like guys though we recommend not staying out for long hours. Predators are everywhere and they especially feed on places where girls are supposed to be “wild” so they can victim blame them later on.

There is no harm in going clubbing for ladies. However, with a few tricks up your sleeves, you can make your experience safe and fun. Let’s start from the beginning ladies

What to Wear On a Night Out Clubbing?

girls safety

  • In clubs, wear comfortable yet classy clothes. The essence of going clubbing is having a fun time. If your clothes are not comfortable or according to the situation, the whole experience will be ruined. You should also not wear too many revealing clothes while going clubbing because otherwise, you will keep setting them.
  • Also, Sweet ladies! Never let anyone slut shame you for what you are wearing. Your clothes are not a ticket to prey on you. You can wear whatever you want. Though keep in mind, that clothes must be comfortable for you.
  • Don’t wear high heels. They are going to make your clubbing experience hell. Your shoes must be comfortable to move around and dance.
  • Wear your purse and phone with you.
  • Your bag must be handy. Never carry big bags. Keep your cell phone in the purse and your purse near you. Don’t worry about how to carry your phone while wearing a dress. You can simply wear the purse across your shoulders over your chest.
  • Don’t worry about what to bring to the club. Your bag doesn’t need to be extra spacious. Here are a few clubbing essentials that you must carry in your bag.
  1. Your credit card/money
  2. Cell phone
  3. Mint or bubble
  4. A lemon
  5. Pads or tampons for emergency
  6. Pepper spray

And that’s it.

How to go to a club?

For girls safety, you must never go alone in a club. Always take one of your friends with you. However, if you are alone don’t forget to share your ride details with someone close.

The reason for not going alone is that usually clubs open at night and once you go out, everyone expects the next few hours of fun and craziness. Your absence doesn’t raise an alarm. So always keep someone in the loop.

Well, ladies, you are dressed well and have safely reached the club, now it’s time to have some fun. Go wild and crazy and enjoy as much as you want.

How do Girls Flirt at Nightclubs?

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Child of eve, what do you do in a club? Well, Drink, dance, flirt a little, and laugh limitlessly. Here are a few tips on how girls should flirt at nightclubs.

  • Smile a little. If he smiles back, give it a go.
  • Don’t act cringy and all drooled over, just casually say hi and wait for him to make the next move.
  • If asks you to dance, say yes.
  • Ladies, know the difference between a f***boy and a good time pass. Don’t indulge yourself with the wrong person for the sake of short-term pleasure.
  • Have a nice intelligent conversation with him. You never know where you will find your dream man. It could be him.
  • Observe his behavior with the people around him. If he is nice to barmaids and other people around, he is a nice person.
  • Notice his gaze. A man’s gaze tells a lot about his intentions.
  • Never entertain someone who is solely there for “physical” you.

Clubbing tips for ladies to promote girls’ safety

clubbing tips for ladies

In a world full of predators, how can a girl be safe?  Well, to make your clubbing experience wholesome and safe, here are a few clubbing tips for girls.

  • If someone offers you a drink, don’t say yes. You never know what is in it. Instead,  you may go for chit-chat to observe the person.
  • While scrutinizing the man, never leave his friends. Who he is with and what your instincts about them are the biggest things that most girls ignore. A man is known by his company indeed.
  • Don’t tell him all about yourself. In the first go, the only thing he needs to know is your name.
  • Never leave without someone knowing. If any guy is supposed to drop you, make sure someone in the club sees you both leaving. If you are with your girls, do tell them before leaving. Skipping without letting anyone know can be extremely dangerous.
  • Know the power of your consent. If you don’t want it, no one can force it upon you. Don’t mix rudeness with No. Be firm and consistent.
  • Even if you are a group of girls, you should never accept an invitation from a gang of men. There are multiple reasons. First, they are not there to “know” you. They are there solely for fun purposes and secondly, you can’t judge everyone with your instincts. Boys have this bro code that they don’t break. So you should keep your girl code intact and apologize softly even if they invite you.
  • Always trust your instincts.
  • While dancing, never keep your bag unattended.
  • If you are regular, make sure you have a good friendly bond with someone in a club. This helps you a lot in terms of safety.
  • Don’t drink too much. Keep your alcohol consumption in check. You need to be sane when you return home.
  • Try not to leave too late especially when you are going by public transport.

In the end, all we have to say is, girls you have all the right to the fun. Just follow our clubbing tips for ladies and stay safe!

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