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Exploring EDM Clubs in Nepal

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If you are a nature lover, Nepal is your place to go. Well, if you are a party lover, still Nepal is your place to go! yeah as amazing as it sounds, the country has some magical places where you can spend your night grooving endlessly. There are many EDM clubs in Nepal and today we plan to spill it all for you!

What Are Popular EDM Clubs In Nepal

EDM is electronic dance music, a pop genre for nightclubs. What nightclub would be a “nightclub” anyway without offering an EDM playlist at all? However, the quality of the playlist and how well their sound system works highly affect the visitorship of a place. These EDM clubs in Nepal must be on your list if you want to groove on some electrifying music beats.

  • Enjoy EDM In Prive Club

Prive Club is one of the prestigious EDM clubs in Kathmandu, Nepal. The club is so chic and the energy is so mesmerizing that you wouldn’t want to stop grooving at all. The club offers a lot of events for visitors. They even offer gifts like free dinners or drinks for the people.


prive edm club in nepal
Many celebrities and world-famous singers occasionally visit the club. Their EDM tracks are on point and you can sway endlessly while sipping their finest cocktails. You can visit any day of the year, and the club won’t disappoint you. 

EDM In Club Karma Nepal

karma club nepal
Club Karma is another wonderful place in Thamel Kathmandu. The Club has expanded its presence to Pokhara Nepal too where you can dance in mountains and valleys. The best thing is that the Club has multiple dance floors and each floor has a different playlist. Imagine EDM in all subcategories and you trying to choose where to go. If you are a diverse music lover, Club Karma is your nesting place for the night.

Club Amsterdam In Nepal

club edm amsterdam pokhara
Club Amsterdam is known for its live music experience. However, we must admit that this club is not like your typical nightclub and more like a bar and a restaurant with a nice dance floor. Here you can enjoy music and food and it is still one of the best places to enjoy EDM music. The Club has an energizing aura that refreshes you when you visit the place.

The clubs host many foreigners and the spacious dance floors can accommodate a lot of people. They regularly host themed events to keep the aura alive. People love to visit the place with friends and family. The crowd is usually nice, friendly and safe.

Lord Of The Rings

EDM nightclub in nepal
Well, now lord of the Rings is not the only talk of the town because there is a lord of the Drinks too. As evidenced by its name, Club L.O.D offers a variety of drinks and cocktails. The Clubs hosts a range of events including live music performancesDJ nights, themed parties, and special promotions events.

If you want to feel that surge of energy channelling within you, just book your place at L.O.D. and feel the real magic. The Club EDM music playlist is simply out of this world. You can have fun, memories and unlimited drinks at the same time. The venue is famous for welcoming people from all over the globe.

EDM In Club Deja Vu Nepal

Club Deja Vu is one of the finest places where you can enjoy EDM music with all its might. The Club is filled with energy and vibes. Once you step in, you would want to spend all the night on the premises. The Club has multiple dance floors and visitors can choose the seating place of their choice

The Club also boasts about accommodating 3000 people at a time. That’s huge indeed. Imagine a crowd, full of life and grooving on an EDM playlist. Who would want to come out anyway? Just Sway and keep swaying!

Not only EDM Deja Vu is also famous for hosting diverse music events. They have EDM, Hip-Hop, Techno, you say it, they have it!

Enjoy EDM In Club 16

Enjoy edm in club 16 nepal
nepal nightclubs and music

If you are a party animal, Club 16 is going to be your favourite place in Pokhara, Nepal. This Club has one of the finest sound systems in Nepal.

They host multiple events throughout the year including EDM nights. Their sound system makes the musical experience even more magical. The lighting, modern interior and lively ambience make you want to stay more. 

Club 16 is known for hosting DJ events. They invite many local and international celebrities to keep the charm going. The Club was even selected for the category of top 100 clubs in the world

Turtle Lounge & Club 

turtle lounge and club
turtle nightclub

Don’t get deceived by the name. There is nothing lazy about this place. The place is fun and energetic. They have electric decor and artistic interiors. 

The Club offers a mix of music genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, and EDM. They also host live music performances, DJ nights, and other entertainment events to keep visitors entertained throughout the night.

In short, all these Nepali nightclubs are the best places to visit. If you want to enjoy EDM nightclubs in Nepal, pick anyone from our list and we guarantee, you won’t regret it! However, see in advance because many clubs offer EDM nights and it’s important to know the dates for music enthusiasts like you. Let’s groove together!

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