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Live Music: the magical experience

club sixteen live music experience

Enjoy the live music while you can!

The world is full of music apps where you can download music in any format. Technology has made it easy to savor every beat used in the tune. Live Music is however for true music lovers!

The thrill and adventure of it are simply irresistible. You can feel each beat moving through your veins. The whole built-up environment where you are sharing the tunes with other fans is simply magical.

The live Music

club sixteen concert

We as human beings, find pleasure in things of beauty like poetry, music, and art. Music sounds good to every normal human being and listening to it directly can make the experience more worthy.

We must admit that recorded music is more “flawless” in terms of music but Live music has its charm. Listening directly to instruments and musicians can bring immense delight to the experience. Those who are true melody seekers know the rush of adrenaline when they hear live music.

Where you can hear live music?

  • You can go to any concert to enjoy the live music experience. Usually, only famous enough musicians do concerts and only if you buy tickets on time, you will be able to attend that. They are mostly jam-packed.
  • Some restaurants also hire musicians to improve the aesthetics as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Many clubs like Club 16 arrange live concerts to entertain their audience. You can not only hear live music in such places but also dance your heart out.
  • Karaoke singing is also an entertaining way to hear live music though there is no guarantee of “melody” in it.
  • You can search “live music near me” and the search will show you all the places nearby where you can enjoy relaxing music.

Why live music is the better experience?

  • A recorded music song will give you euphoria but you miss out on the wonders that live music can offer you. In live music, you directly get the “first-hand experience ” of music. The musician himself, the making of music, the process of delivering it to an audience, and the adrenaline rushing in your spine. You enjoy every step.
  • This is another level of euphoria for music lovers. You get to experience the full package right from making to end transmission. There is no behind-the-scenes moment that you are going to miss.
  • Watching your favorite singer or musician performing in front of you gives you a sense of achievement and “acceptance ” as an audience. This boosts your self-esteem in many ways.

Some music apps

We fully understand that live music is best but not available 24/7. In this fast-paced life, we need something that can amuse us and at the same time distract us from hectic routines. Music apps are best for this. Now you just just have to do a few clicks and the tune is all ready to melt in your ears.

There are some famous music apps like Google play music, Spotify, sound cloud, Apple music, YouTube music, and amazon music. You can search for any songs in their libraries. These music app download sections allow you to download and save music for offline use too…

Although you may have to pay for some copyrighted songs most of them are Free music apps. These music streaming apps have versions for Android and Apple.

Also, you can simply google music and download their free version. Nowadays most of these websites are not very secure. We recommend using trusted online music platforms. Mostly, people complain that the free versions of online music apps are full of ads.

You can enjoy music apps without ads by paying a minimal fee. At least this is better than going on an untrusted website and getting your system hacked.

Free Music apps that work offline too

music apps

Some of the famous free and best music apps for offline use are Spotify, YouTube music, Tidal, amazon music, Deezer, Pandora, apple music, etc. You can register online to make your account on these websites and listen to music without Wi-Fi too.

The scam of music-making apps

It is a lot of music-making apps available online too. In older days people used to study music for years and then be able to make some fine tunes. Nowadays anyone can be a musician by just recording their sound in these apps.

Although some of those apps provide you a better idea of how to record music and to know your mistakes. A lot of them are fun apps that use your sound and transform it into something magical.

Don’t fall for such apps. If you are a frog, you are a frog. No kiss can make you prince. So enjoy these apps and have fun but leave the music to musicians. This is where you see the importance of live music. Live music shows your true talent to the audience.

How music used in clubs is different?

Clubs are about parties. You go clubbing when you want to chill and have fun. The music in a club should be energetic and entertaining enough to awaken your inner devil. Some Clubs like Club 16 use theatre-quality sound systems. It gives you the real music experience and you enjoy the music to the fullest.

Live music in clubs is a very enchanting experience where you can fall in love with life again. Mostly, the live music in clubs has a variety of music songs ranging from relaxing music to raging music. That roller coaster of emotions going up and down with the beats gives you a world experience.

There are a lot of other things to lift your club music experience like a good Dj, drinks and cocktails, your friend circle, and a sitting area after you are worn out.

In short, there is no comparison of the experience of live music to any other form of music. However, live music is a momentary experience, and that’s the beauty of it. For a 24/7 music experience, count on music apps.

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