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Why My Ex Ghosted Me But Didn’t Block Me?

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Thinking about why my ex ghosted me but didn’t block me yet?

“Maybe your ex still loves you secretly!”

Hah! Still, living in utopia? And giving yourself a hundred explanations about why your ex ghosted you but didn’t block you? Well, time to open your eyes, guys. It’s clear as a day that they are not the one for you! So stop confusing yourself with silly assumptions and do something useful with your life.

Why My Ex Ghosted Me But Didn’t Block Me?

Deep down you want your ex back and miss them. You still think they love you because otherwise, they would have blocked you. This is a common thought and we understand why your heart desires it to be true. Many people, want to “stay friends” even after breakups. In most cases, this is not a wise thing to do. Your ex is an “ex” for a reason. They are not supposed to be in your life now so think of your breakup with them as good riddance.

What Does It Mean If Your Ex Doesn’t Block You After A Breakup?

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It simply means your ex needs a little break. If your ex has not blocked you yet, there is a pretty much chance they will do it as soon as you will try to contact them. Most people block each other after a breakup because they don’t want to stay connected any more. However, if your ex has not blocked you yet, we suggest waiting for their reply. Let them take their time to analyze the situation. Sometimes giving each other a little space resolves everything. It clears out minds and lets us understand the other person’s perspective.

Is It A Good Sign If Your Ex Doesn’t Block You After A Breakup?

Hmm partly yes. There is the hope of course. At least you both have one chance to contact each other. Maybe they are just taking a break to clear the mental fog. Only if they don’t contact you for a long time, consider it goodbye forever.

Again we suggest waiting and watching as there are two sides to a coin. There is also a chance that they are not doing it out of love. Instead, they want you to see their happy statuses and how well they are moving on in life. This is also a kind of revenge and a brutal one. Ouch, it hurts!

Should I Block My Ex Who Ghosted Me?

YES! Do it right now. Come on fellas. Spot the red flags and stop drooling over someone who doesn’t have the basic courtesy to treat you as a human being. Everyone deserves closure. Ghosting leaves you hanging with lots of ifs and buts. It’s pure torture for poor souls.

It’s normal to not get along with people. Conflicts can arise and people can choose to leave each other. However, if they care for you enough, there must be an explanation for why they don’t want to be with you anymore. Ghosting someone is not a nice thing to do.

When you leave a guy alone who ghosts you what is he thinking that you will come sniffing for them? Do they expect you to beg and plead for getting back into a relationship? Hell No! Show some dignity and block them immediately.

Reasons Why You Are Ghosted But Not Blocked On WhatsApp?

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Relationship with exes is a complex topic. A lot of people can’t handle breakups gracefully. They either end up hurting the other person or stay in pain for a long time. If your ex has ghosted you and you are still not blocked then maybe

  • Your Ex Is A Narcissistic

They want you to beg them to come back. If you two fought, there is a pretty chance they want you to realize your mistake and give you time to see things from their perspective. However, only a narcissist would do that to someone they love. Why would you want someone to beg you? Fights need to be resolved maturely. You two are grown-up adults. If one person can’t see their mistake, trust us they will never see it because they are ghosted.

  • They Secretly Enjoy Your Attention

Congratulations, you were in love with an attention seeker. Even after a breakup, they want you to give them all the energy and attention. Don’t induce yourself with false fantasies. Stop thinking about them and move forward with your life.

  • Your Creepy Ex Wants To Keep An Eye On You

Many people ghost you and still want to control your actions. Don’t give them satisfaction! You deserve better than that. When a person is in love, they happily surrender their freedom of choice for the sake of their lover. However, if someone ghosts you and still wants you to stay hooked on them, this is not fair. They certainly don’t deserve your attention.

Don’t feed your heart with delusions like “Oh! He ghosted me but still follows me. Maybe we still have a chance”. This is a false hope to save ourselves from emotional drainage. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they ghosted you and left you behind to deal with the pain.

  • They Want You On Your Knees!

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If you are wondering why he ignores me but doesn’t block me?. Well, they are creepy and if you are planning to contact them, you are going to get hurt again. What good do you expect from the one who ghosts you?

Clearly, they want to test your boundaries that how far you are willing to come after them. They want you to beg, plead, and cry for more chances. However, there is still a chance that you are never getting them back and will end up embarrassing yourself again. They are just provoking you for their satisfaction so they can feel good about it.

  • Someone Kidnapped Your Ex

well, someone has kidnapped your ex and no matter how hard they try, they are unable to reach you. That kind of fantasy happens only in movies. Ghosting you means they have dumped you. Wake Up!

Instead of thinking over why they did this, pick up yourself and move on with dignity. Go, rise and shine and let them see what they have missed.

In short, stop thinking about why is my ex ignoring me but not blocking me. In reality, they have moved on and so should you!

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