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Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship?

club sixteen toxic relationship

Well, Everyone deserves to be loved and respected and understood. Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to have what is said to be a perfect relationship. Many of us are in a toxic relationship and don’t even know that.

Evident Signs Your Partner Is Toxic


Life is all roses and rainbows if your partner loves and respects you the way you are. However, not everyone feels secure in their relationship and this is one of early signs of toxic relationship. Regardless of genders, anyone can have a toxic partner and not even know it. However, there are always red flags and sometimes out of love, you ignore them intentionally.

Some very generic signs that your partner is toxic and you are in a toxic relationship are

Extreme Self-Obsession

We all love ourselves but when it overshadows everything else, this is toxic. Self-obsessed people are toxic to the core. All their life revolves around themselves only. Whereas partnership is about 50-50 where you give and in exchange you take. However, toxic people strive for 100% attention. This kills the essence of partnership. You are only left with one choice. Either serve them or leave them. We suggest the second one.

They are Super Manipulative

Toxic people are always manipulative. Everything will always be your fault. They have this ability to make everything good about themselves and everything bad comes in your action list. Their manipulation is so top-notch that you end up believing it was your fault anyway. Hey! Never let them do this.

Toxic People Are Usually Narcissistic

If someone is self-obsessed. They are narcissistic too. You, my dear! Just have to get rid of them because when the time comes, they will tell you it is their birthright to take from you. However, when it comes to giving, they will tell you to keep giving and that you have a duty to them. Dump them and leave this toxic relationship!

signs of toxicity

Guilt Trips Are Toxic People’s Favorite Destination

Do you think you are clever? Nopes!  Toxic people know how to make you look like a clown. They will somehow make you serve them as their heart desires. They feed on your weaknesses. As soon as a toxic person spots your soft point, they will press the button immediately. Making you feel bad for your voice is their weapon to keep you quiet. Don’t fall for this. Run for your life!

They Prey On Your Positive Vibes

This is one of the major red flags. We have witnessed some wisest and cool people falling for this. Also, this is the best mask where a toxic person portrays as your savior. You may never spot them ever! If they say all nice things, make you feel loved, and pose as your rock support but in actuality, all hard work is yours and they are the beneficiary party! You need to rethink it.

Usually, the victim party sees this toxicity as “sacrifice” and “support, they don’t realize what they are losing.

You Are Becoming More Introvert

If you are in a toxic relationship, you are becoming more and more introverted. Here are reasons why you do this

  • You don’t want people to see your suffering.
  • Societal pressure scares you. You want people to see your masked life, not the actual one.
  • You are afraid to come out because you don’t have enough support.
  • Your toxic partner makes it look like your fault and somehow, you start believing it too.
  • Avoiding people seems easy than getting help.
  • You feel so drained already that you don’t want to be a part of another drama.

Toxic People Don’t Hesitate To Do Violence And Abuse

Toxic people can harm you physically and mentally and may not even feel remorse or guilt for their actions. They will do physical violence or verbal abuse and will either end up making it your fault or will say sorry just to repeat the cycle. Having such a partner means. you are toxic relationship.

Fake Promises Are Foundation Of Toxic Relationship

If your partner keeps hurting you and as soon as you try to leave, they act like they are sorry. This is a trap.  Yeah! People make mistakes and they change too. However, if this is a continuous cycle, break it. Read behind the lines and don’t let their fake promises keep you chained forever.

How a Toxic Relationship Can Affect You?


First, you need to understand toxic relationships psychology. Human beings are naturally designed to stay within a flock. We survive and thrive in presence of our loved ones. Being in a relationship is a major turning point because sooner or later, it will decide who we are going to be. Relationships are like cobwebs. We are entangled in them in many ways.

  • A toxic relationship will ruin your mental and physical health. Never let any toxic relationship lead your life or you will land up in non-ending suffering and torment.
  • An abusive relationship will make you question your self-worth. Self-doubt shatters confidence and leaves you behind while the world keeps moving forward.
  • You will become people, pleaser. Your first duty is towards you. Make yourself happy first. If a relationship is not keeping you at peace, you should leave it.
  • A toxic relationship will drain out your energy and kill that spark inside you. In a relationship, if you are a changed person and not in a good way, you need to re-evaluate things.
  • Many times people in toxic relationships, tend to distance themselves from anyone else. They don’t want other people to notice what is going on. Toxicity will steal your social life and collective nurturing.

How To Fix a Toxic Relationship?

fix toxic relationship

You cannot! However you can come out of it. Trust us this is not easy to end a toxic relationship. We totally understand breaking chains can cost you a lot of hurtful things. Also, not everyone has enough strength to come out of a toxic relationship.

First of all, take your chargeback. The first thing you gave up was your freedom of choice. This will help you to move on from toxic relationship. Here are a few things that will help you become normal again.

Confide In Someone About Your Toxic Relationship

Confide with someone closer Whether it be your friend, family, or therapist. Remember, toxic people can turn the situation upside down. They are in this game for a long time. To beat them, you need to be smart too. Confiding will not only make you light-hearted but it will also leave a trail of evidence in your favor.

Stop Responding To Any Negativity

The first step of manipulation is to make you look like a villain. So they will try to provoke you and will test your patience. Don’t fall for their petty schemes. Collect yourself and ignore them. Trust us! Toxic people can’t tolerate ignorance for long. They will show themselves and voila! You can dump them without feeling guilty anymore.

Remember It’s Just A Bad Phase

One bad relationship can’t define your whole life. Bad things do happen but it is in our power to not let them rule us forever. Heal yourself and move on. This is just a phase that shall pass on. Learn to let go of the bad past and focus on what is next.

Connect With Your Life Circle

Toxicity affects you worst when you have a weak connection to the outside world. The best thing to neutralize its poison is connecting back to your life circle. Go out, have fun, expand your social circle, seek a therapist, indulge yourself in fun activities, love yourself, and stay close to your friends.

In the end, all we have to say is, a toxic relationship can damage you but one bad experience doesn’t stop life. You will find love again and till then, enjoy the fullest.



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