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Why Going To Bartending School Is Important?

bartending school

Being a bartender is no easy job. They are maestros behind your epic experience in Nightclubs and bars. We wonder what will the world do without bartenders. Today, our article is about bartending school and what happens when you go to the bartending school.

Let’s start from the beginning. First things first!

What Does Bartending School Do?

You would be amazed to know about industry famous bartenders!

Bartending schools are no ordinary schools. Like any other skill, you should learn the art of bartending too. Bartending schools offer programmes and courses that cover all aspects of bartending. You can learn about drink recipes, mixology techniques, customer service, and responsible alcohol service in these courses. These courses also offer in-field experience for a better understanding of the job.

What Happens In Bartending School?

benefits of attending bartending school
benefits of attending bartending school

You learn a lot! As mentioned, being a bartender requires a mix of technical knowledge and personality grooming. Joining a bartending school can groom you a lot. Here is what happens in bartending schools

  • They teach you the art and craft of being a bartender. Keep in mind that bartenders are the backbone of any nightclub or bar. They can significantly increase the clientele of a place. 
  • Being a bartender requires a social connection. The school teaches you, how to be effective in communication as well as how you can improve your overall, social interaction.
  • Bartender School teaches you the art of mixology. If you are a person of art, show it to the world through crafting cocktails. There are lots of mixology cocktails, that made their inventors world famous!
  • Bartending is not some time-pass gig. If you embrace the career seriously, it can take you to places. Bartenders also receive generous tips from the clientele. So attending bartending school can significantly help you to increase your income potential.
  • Bartending is a challenging job. There is a lot of physical work involved too. Attending the bartending school and getting first-hand field experience can teach you to handle the situations.
  • You get a certification in the field. It makes you professional which is important for growing in the industry. You can get better job prospects when you have a certificate in hand.
  • They teach you how to handle mixology tools, work behind the shelf and handle different situations. 
  • Bartending schools are a great way to connect with the right people in the industry

Is Bartending School Worth it? 

Totally! Bartending schools offer a lot of benefits. They are a great way to reshape your personality. The school helps you improve your communication, multitasking and problem-solving skills. Dealing with real people in real life teaches you a lot of things. 

However, there may be a few cons too. It wouldn’t be wise to say them “cons” but do check the boxes before joining any bartending school.

  • Bartending schools can be very costly. They can charge thousands of bucks so if you don’t have that kind of money, maybe you will not be able to get admission at all!
  • They require time and dedication like any other school. This is not some free kind of course which you can join for free hours. You have to go regularly like a student. So look for your schedule before joining the bartending school. 
  • While these schools offer a promising career, they don’t provide you with a job guarantee. Although it can contribute towards finding a job, finding a good job is totally up to your skills. They are just a good cv.
  • No matter how good the bartending school is, there is no match for experience. It will give you all the knowledge needed but you have to practise on the grounds to excel in your career as a bartender.

What Are The Alternatives to Bartending School?

female bartender
female bartender

Well, not anyone has the opportunity to join the bartending schoolssometimes they are out of budget and sometimes you don’t have any bartending school near you. But you need not worry because these alternatives can benefit you as well.

  • You can simply do the job of a bartender and learn first-hand. Trust usreal-life experience is worth thousands of years of learning. Even start as a helper and keep observing how it works. Learn from the seniors.
  • While bartending school has its importance, this is an age of technology. Try learning online. If you are interested, you will find YouTube tutorials, online drink recipes, mixology techniques and much more!
  • Many bars offer internships too. Join the programme and learn directly from the experienced bartenders.

So some of the best courses to become a bartender include

  • Joining the bartender school
  • Doing online courses
  • Internship in the bar

Well-Known Certifications For Bartenders

Bartending certification can vary. However, some well-known certifications include:

ServSafe Alcohol Certification

This helps you not only in bars but in the overall hospitality industry. Safe alcohol serving is very important and bartenders should know according to the situation what decision to make. Sometimes they can save their clients from potential harm.

Beverage Alcohol Resource (BAR) Certification

All the drinks that include alcohol and spirits require a very responsible approach. A good bartender always knows what and how to mix. This certification provides you with training to keep alcohol and spirits drinks in check

The Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) 

This program provides certification in responsible alcohol service. It focuses on preventing intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving.

Overall, joining a bartending school may be a good opportunity for you. You can kickstart your career and become the king of the cocktails. So be the one that anyone asks for you as they enter the bar!

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