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Discover The Best Club In Pokhara

dance in club 16 the best club in pokhara

Pokhara nightlife is worth experiencing. If you have ever been to Pokhara, you must have known that the city never sleeps. The bars and nightclubs keep the lively vibes on. However, few places stand out from the rest. They offer otherworldly experiences in terms of joy and fun. One such place is Club 16. It’s not wrong to say that Club 16 is one of the best clubs in Pokhara.

Why Club 16 is The Best Club In Pokhara?

Club 16 has everything that makes it the best club in Pokhara. From location to entertainment, it covers all the tangible and intangible factors. It’s a valuable addition to Pokhara Nightlife. Let us convince you with all the evidence we have.


Club 16 is located near lakeside Pokhara which is a world-famous tourist destination. Pokhara is a heaven on earth and Club 16 is a diamond on the crown of Pokhara. As the club is situated in a vibrant nightlife district, it makes it a hub for those seeking fun and entertainment.

Ambience Of The Place

best club in pokhara
club 16 Pokhara

Club 16 offers a great ambience. The place has such a mesmerizing aura that draws everyone in. From the interiors to the vast dance floor, from light effects to service and from music to overall vibe, everything is perfect and top-notch.

Live Music And Disco Beats

From live music shows to nightclub Playlists, Club 16 understands their audience and knows how to keep them spinning throughout the night. They invite both local and international DJs who perform in the club. In the past, many events with international performers garnered attention amongst visitors. Now people go to lengths to get a table for themselves. Special events like New Year’s night, Halloween night or DJ night draw major crowds and sometimes the Club has to apologize for not having enough space for massive crowds.

Many live bands also perform in the club. Celebrity artists from all over the world, come and perform in Club 16 at special events. This brings diversity and invites people from all over the globe.
Divided by boundaries.United by Club 16!

The Lively Crowd

We must admit that Nepal is still not a very Modern society and certain people are still seen as outcasts.
If you want to visit a place where you can belong and feel lively, Club 16 is your go! Club 16 accepts and respects people from all ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations. The Club strictly prohibits hate speech.

However, Club 16 accepts everyone based on humanity. Management does not allow any hate speech toward any person, place or group. This creates a friendly environment where people can be themselves freely.
The diverse and friendly crowd make the place a social heaven where people can connect without any risk or fear. The whole vibe just elevates the experience.

Bar And Drinks

drinks at club 16
drinks at club 16

My My! This is just the bull’s eye. Club 16 has a vast liquor collection. You will find drinks and beverages that are worth your time and money. From alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks, Club 16 has masterpieces. The bartenders know the art of making cocktails so well that you will not want to try any other place once you have been to Club 16.
Also, the bartenders are so polite and friendly that you will want to spill all your secrets while sipping the best cocktails in the world.

Security And Safety Measures Make It Best Club In Pokhara

As clubs are night routines, safety and security are the first concern that comes to mind. Club 16 offers full security to the visitors. The management has a strict policy of not tolerating the violation of privacy or security. This ensures a safe experience for everyone.
However, there are certain things that you have to consider yourself. For example

Innovation Is the key

special events in pokhara
special events

Club 16 is not your ordinary club. It is a place where fun has new dimensions. From themed events to stage performances, everything is vibrant and lively. Club 16 offers special events for friends and families too. For example, some Fridays have special deals for girl gangs.
Themed events and costume parties are fun for families and groups. People also celebrate birthdays and pre-wedding parties here. The place is a whole package making it the best club in Pokhara.

The VIP Experience That Only the Best Club In Pokhara Can Offer

Well, enjoying with folks is fun but sometimes people just want to witness the fun happening or want to enjoy it in comfortable privacy. Club 16 has a VIP service for such visitors. This sets them apart from their competitors. You can go and enjoy within the crowd or just sit and relax and have fun with your group in privacy. Also, they have premium bottle service and a special private place to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

There is also one thing that is worth mentioning. The club keeps the balance between VIP and Non-vip members. You won’t feel “lowly” or unattended if you are not buying VIP services. This is the best thing about the place. They cater for you in such a nice way that you feel belonged and loved.

So we think, we have convinced you enough about the best club in Pokhara. There can be no other place than Club 16. If you still have doubts, visit yourself!

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