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Celebrities and nightclubs; Best nightclubs of the world and Pokhara

club sixteen celebrities and nightclubs

The beauty of the Nightlife of Nepal can be best witnessed through their tourist spots. If you doubt Does Nepal has nightlife? Then you need to visit Pokhara. It’s one of the most mesmerizing and Crazy places to be in Nepal. Today our article is about celebrities and nightclubs in Pokhara where the days are fun and the nights are young!

Celebrities and nightclubs in Pokhara

Pokhara is famous for its 24/7 entertainment offering. People from all over the globe come and live the best days of their life. The nightclubs of Pokhara are a charm. They have anything that a night owl can wish for. Even you can randomly spot celebrities here too. Talking What is the most famous nightclub in Pokhara? We have sorted out some best nightclubs for you.

Some famous Pokhara nightclubs

live music

We have a list of some celebrity nightclubs in Pokhara where you can get yourself indulged in elite experiences of fun, chill, dance, and thrill.

Club gravity lounge and bar

The club has some great customer reviews. Well-liked for its food, music, and overall aura. What else is needed? You can enjoy your time here with friends. The club has a great interior that gives a total “club vibes”.

The sitting area is sophisticated and makes you feel like a celebrity. People who have visited the club also like DJs. So the club is a big Yes.

Club 16

Club 16 is Pokhara’s top-rated club and the ambiance, aura, and services justify that. It’s the first nightclub in Pokhara that has a theatre-quality sound system. The club has an exquisite dining area, the best security, a VIP lounge, a dance bar, a cocktail bar, and everything you need to get going crazy. The club is also prominent for Best live music in Pokhara.

Once you enter Club 16, we bet you won’t want to go out ever. It is the best place for celebrity spotting too. If you wonder what clubs celebrities go to in Pokhara then Club 16 is your answer.

Sphinx Lounge bar

The club has free Wi-Fi, great service, happy drink hours, a dance floor, and whatnot. The best thing about Sphinx Lounge bar is that they daily have live music performances. Celebrities and nightclub events have a great deal together. You can meet the celebrities performing and you can simply spot some in the crowd.

The new sky Palace

The best thing about this club is its location. Tourists love the scenic view of Pokhara valley from here. Also, the new sky palace has live dance shows and performances. Live performances of different artists built up the party vibes that make you go crazy and groove on the beats.

Aura bar and lounge

This club is famous for its nice environment, great food, and live music performances… The terrace view is breathtaking.

Although Pokhara has a lot of nightclubs only a few mentioned here have reviews that are worth trying. Most other clubs either don’t have quite a good reputation in terms of service or hygiene.

The best nightclub in the world where celebrities go?

DJ girl

The best nightclub in the world is in Spain and the club is called IBIZA. This club is big enough to hold 10k people at a time. The club has pleased people from all over the world and is famous for its excellent services and amazing events. Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren had performed in Ibiza. Celebrities and nightclubs are a must to each other.

Other Top 5 nightclubs of the world where you can spot celebrities

  1. Boom Boom Boom in NYC

The club with Lady gaga, Kate Hudson, and Neil Patrick as regulars is surely a place worth visiting. Boom Boom Boom is famous for its view, celebrity spotting, and best DJs.

  1. L’Arc in Paris

It’s a very famous club in Paris where celebrities like Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio goes. The club website even has a separate section for celebrities that have been there.

  1. Catch in Los Angeles

The club is famous for its celebrity spotting. The people who have been there say it’s rarely an occasion when you will visit the club and don’t find a celebrity there. The club is situated in Hollywood and many A-listers party there including Gigi Hadid and Kendell Jenner.

  1. LIV in Miami

As the club is well known for its celebrity Live performances. Justin Bieber, Kayne West, and Jamie Foxx come to party here.

  1. 1 Oak in Las Vegas

Although the club has its place in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico, and New York, Los Angeles is prominent for its celebrity presence. The club arranges concerts and shows featuring high-profile artists. Some famous regulars are Jessica Alba, Bruno Mars, and Adam Levine.

Do celebrity clubs have a dress code?

Many clubs mention if there is a specific dress code for the club. Also, the dress code is specified for themed events. Normally club dress can be cool and casual. If you are visiting the club for the first time, make sure you wear a comfortable dress to get going with the party.

Women can wear dresses, shorts, jeans, and skirts. Men can wear comfy tops and jeans. You should look both classy and sexy in the attire. Too revealing or uncomfortable dresses are not good for nightclubs.

Men should wear closed-in shoes and collar shirts for nightclubs if they want a “formal” club look. Most clubs don’t allow baseball caps and trainers as a dress code.

Can singles go to clubs?

girl in nightclub

Well, we all have a life. Clubs are meant to be party places and in old times it was considered “sad” if you go to a club single. However, in modern times you can totally go to a nightclub single and enjoy the best time of your life.

Nepal nightlife for singles is as tempting as for couples or with gangs

Who can go to nightclubs?

The world is a hypocrite, at the one side, they say fun has no age but on the other clubbing actually has an age limit.  Not fair!

The age where you should stop clubbing is 37 years because maybe this is the age when you should be more concerned about your liver health and joint pain.

In our opinion, this only applies to drinking alcohol. Otherwise, everyone is welcome to come and join the party. Youngsters have their fun but oldies also deserve some happiness.

Come visit Pokhara, go to Club 16 and forget about anything else. Just Party guys!

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