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Join the DJ Course And be one of the best Djs With Club 16 DJ Course!

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Club 16 is introducing DJ Course and we can’t resist not going. This course aims to unite your passion and talent for DJing with technical knowledge. If you dream of becoming DJ, now is your chance.

What Does Club 16 Offers In This DJ Course?

With the DJ course, anyone can learn to become DJ and make their dreams come true. Learning DJing from Club 16 will polish your skills and give you technical knowledge of the hows and whens of music. Club 16 is a reputable name in the entertainment industry and their course covers all the basic aspects of technical DJing. Moreover, this DJ course also focuses on the creative side of DJing.

DJ Course Includes

Here is what you will get in this course

  • Knowledge and use of DJ equipment which includes turntables, CDJs, controllers, mixers, and headphones.
  • Learning the basics of music theory and understanding how they work. This includes knowing about rhythm, tempo, key, and scale.
  • The course will also help you in understanding song structure and phrasing which is a key factor to master the DJing art.
  • You will also get an introduction to different music genres, their characteristics, and how their fusion work.
  • The course also involves learning mixing techniques and technology involved. This includes having knowledge and expertise in Dj software, music libraries, and setting up your own libraries.
  • Furthermore, you will also learn how to make a fusion of different musical beats and instruments and will be able to create the whole aura.
  • Also, you will learn everything about blending songs, creating harmonic music, and controlling different instruments and musical scales.
  • You will get access to the music lab and learn all the instruments and techniques in the Club 16 music studio. This will prepare you for live performances.
  • Last, but not least, the course will also bring about the best in you. Being a DJ is not only about controlling musical instruments and having technical knowledge. It’s about building the whole aura and forming a connection with the audience. With this course, you will learn to rule the hearts of the audience.

Who Can Apply To This DJ Course?

Anyone who has a passion for music and an interest in DJing can apply for this course. You don’t need to be a musician or have a prior music degree. If you have enough passion, Club 16 guarantees to bring out your best DJing potential. Moreover, this is not mandatory but recommended to have a computer with DJ software. The Club will provide you with a collection of digital music files too.

About Assessment And Certification At The End Of The DJ Course

DJ course

Club 16 is making the course official by providing a certificate at the end of the course. All students will be assessed based on two things

  • The practical skills of students demonstrated during in-class exercises and
  • A final project that involves recording a DJ set and submitting it for evaluation.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion in Introduction to DJing.

The story doesn’t end here as all the course members will get a chance to play along with Club 16 pro-DJ for a week after their completed course. When proven worthy, the most talented and promising individual will be given 2 months internship at the Club. During this period they will be the main DJ in Club 16.

With consistent good performance, they will be able to join the dream team of Club 16 and become full-time DJs.

What Is The Duration And Outline Of The Course?

The course outline is divided into 4 weeks and 16 Sessions. Every week, students will learn and explore a specific area of DJing. Here is a detailed overview of the course outline.

Course Title: Introduction to DJing

Outline Of Week 1: Introduction to DJing

  • Overview of DJ equipment: turntables, CDJs, controllers, mixers, and headphones
  • Introduction to DJ software and music libraries
  • Basics of music theory: rhythm, tempo, key, and scale
  • Understanding song structure and phrasing
  • Introduction to different music genres and their characteristics

Week 2: Learn Beat matching and Phrase Matching

  • Fundamentals of beat matching by ear
  • Counting beats and bars
  • Phrase matching for smooth transitions
  • Learning mixing techniques
  • Blending songs with EQ and volume control
  • Crossfading and using faders
  • Creative mixing techniques and effects

Outline Week 3: Introduction to Digital DJing

learn DJ skills

  • Overview of digital DJ platforms and software
  • Setting up and organizing your digital music library
  • Using cue points, loops, and samples
  • Harmonic mixing
  • Understanding harmonic mixing and key detection
  • Mixing in key for harmonic coherence
  • Tools and techniques for harmonic mixing

Week 4: Performance Skills

  • Reading the crowd and building a set
  • Introduction to DJ performance techniques
  • Creating energy and flow in your mixes
  • Learning recording and live performance
  • Knowing basics of recording your DJ sets
  • Overview of live performance setups
  • Finalizing your DJ set and sharing it with others

Course Requirements

  • A passion for music and an interest in DJing
  • Access to DJ equipment that will be Provided in our studio
  • A computer with DJ software recommended (e.g., Serrato DJ, Traktor, Virtual DJ)
  • A collection of music files in digital.

Is That All?

No! Its Club 16 guys. Expect more surprises from them.  Apart from the general course outline, this course is designed to cater to the specific needs of individuals too. Individuals will be assessed on their talent and expertise and they may focus on that specific area. This way you will get to explore and polish your talent in unimaginable ways.

Where Can I Apply?

Apply through their website or Dm in their social media handles. Here is all the contact info provided.


Phone: +977 980-2803776


Get in touch with management and explore your options.

Is The DJ Course Worth It?

Totally. If you aspire to become DJ, there is no other best deal than this. Imagine learning with maestros in one of the best clubs in the world. Apply as fast as you can as there are limited seats available.

Be a DJ and rock the world!

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