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How Do You Become A Mixologist?

how do you become a mixologist

Well, the name seems quite common but know that not everyone who can mix drinks is a mixologist because it requires a lot of skill and knowledge to be one. How you become a mixologist is a journey that requires passion and love for hospitality. One simply can’t claim to be a mixologist if you are just “doing your job”. To become a mixologist, you have to be more than that.

Today, our article is all about how you become a mixologist and enjoy the art of cocktails and drinks. Let’s be maestro together!

How Do You Become A Mixologist?

To claim yourself to be a maestro behind the shelf, you have to have a convincing CV and this is how you start your career in mixology.

Your Love For Cocktails

a girl mixologist
a girl mixologist

If you don’t have a passion for being a mixologist, trust us you will never be a good one. Mixing drinks is an art you express through a glass full of expertise and taste. Many mixologists are famous because they invented their drinks. It’s like being a scientist who knows what works and then with experience and knowledge, discovers something that rules the world.

If you want to know how mixology works, you must have some passion for mixology and cocktails. Not everything is by the book, sometimes your heart can do wonders. You may create a glass full of colours and love one day that will be cherished forever.

The Basics Of Mixology

Mixology is also like 1+1=2. You should learn how the technical part works. Knowledge about liquors, spirits, cocktails and tools is very important. With all the right weapons in hand, you can create a bomb for the world to explode in fun and excitement.

Usually, online tutorials will suffice! They can provide you with basic know-how on what works. Get yourself fully equipped with knowledge of basic terms like shaking, stirring, muddling, straining etc.

Experience Is Important

Not practising is like you have wings but you don’t fly. Get enrolled in some bar or nightclub and try practising on real grounds. A real experience has no match for anything. You will get to know what people like, what’s in demand, which drink can be customized and how. 

There is a lot to learn on real ground. You will know it’s not all rainbows and roses and how skilful you have to be to claim as a real mixologist.

Also, you may not directly start as a mixologist. We suggest you start as an assistant so you can learn from Maestros. Working under experienced professionals is a privilege. You will surely find your way up and shine as a bartender and mixologist once you submit yourself to the process.

It’s all About Innovation

the art of mixology
the art of mixology

Yeah, mixology is all about mixing drinks but what makes you a good mixologist is your creativity. Learn to please your clients with your craft. To be a good mixologist, you have to find your way to client’s hearts. 

You need to learn how taste works? How it changes with different combos and how you can tap into notes that bring tranquillity and joy to a person. Also, getting yourself familiarized with the latest cocktail trends is important

Keep Improving

Mixology is not some degree that you need to acquire once. Just keep learning, experimenting and growing to become a real mixologist. 

  • Join some online courses now and then to keep your knowledge up-to-date.
  • Attend some workshops to enhance your creativity. 
  • There are professional organizations too where you will find networking resources and excel as a mixologist. Some world-famous institutes are the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG) and the International Bartenders Association (IBA).

Be A Brand

With basic knowledge of mixology, you will be a mixologist but making yourself a brand is what you need. Get to the point where people ask for you. Craft some drinks that are only signature to you. Being in hospitality services, you must have good presentation skills. Work on your communication, body language, recipes and dealing with people.

Social media is a very good tool for personal branding. Put yourself out for the world to see how amazing maestro you are! Connect with the audience, learn from them, be with them and rule them! Your visibility and connections will help you to excel in the industry.

Online Certifications

Getting certification might not be important, but we recommend you should if you can. This improves your worth as a mixologist. These certifications can also be helpful in career growth. The online certifications are usually about covering various aspects of mixology, including spirits knowledge, cocktail preparation, and responsible service.

Some Useful Tips To Become A Mixologist


Club 16 has some very cool mixologists who have magic in their hands. We have collected some bites for you to nibble on. Here are a few things, directly from our maestros that can push you towards the horizons. 

  • Train your taste buds to differentiate between different flavours, aromas, and nuances in various spirits, ingredients, and cocktails. Be like a perfume maker who knows his notes well. This way you will be able to craft some amazing drinks yourself.
  • Becoming a good mixologist will require more than mixing drinks. Learn how to serve those drinks well too. You must have seen how some mixologists have cool processes that they flaunt in front of their clientele to make the process fun for them. Engage the clients with your craft and understand their preferences. BE nice to them. Give them full attention and serve something that is out of this world. They should believe in your magic; this is how you will rule as a mixologist, my dear friend.
  • Also, be a little responsible for both yourself and your clients. They may ask you for anything but you should know what’s best for them. Of course, do this all without offending them.

What Is The Difference Between a Mixologist And A Bartender?

Bartenders usually serves drinks to customers. While they may have knowledge of basic cocktails and drink recipes, their role typically involves taking orders, pouring drinks, and providing customer service.

Whereas, Mixologists are skilled professionals who specialize in creating unique and innovative cocktails. They have a deep understanding of flavour profiles, mixology techniques, and the art of cocktail creation. Mixologists often work in upscale cocktail bars, craft cocktail lounges, or restaurants known for their inventive drink menus.

In short, becoming a mixologist requires learning the process and experimenting with creativity. One can become mixologist by himself too but for polishing yourself, we suggest going in real world and see what is needed.

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