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How Do Men Feel After Cheating On Girlfriend?

club sixteen how do men feel while cheating

Cheating on your girlfriend is not a good deed yet it is a normal practice all over the world. Many people have discussed how cheating affects both partners and what are the consequences of cheating. We think all the serious discussion on cheating has been done. Today, we will see the other side of the story like what are the mixed feelings of men while cheating on their girlfriends.

How Do Men Feel After Cheating On Girlfriend?

To be honest, there are a lot of mixed feelings that a man goes through. It’s fear, guilt, shame and sometimes blame to satisfy oneself. Let’s see what a man goes through while cheating on his girlfriend. Is it that fun?

Fear (Of Getting Caught)

First of all, cheaters are always scared of getting caught. What if she finds out that you are cheating on her? With this fear in mind, many men do awkward things, right? Instead, of facing their girlfriends, they tend to hide things. Many times, they hide it so badly that they look more guilty. Hiding can lead to unnecessary fights and this can damage relationships irreparably.

Guilt And Shame

Also, while cheating on their girlfriend, men feel culpable that she is doing many things for them and as a result, they are just cheating on her. Girls are usually loving and giving in nature. This leaves men even more guilty. However, sometimes the reaction flips and men think they deserve better and go for cheating. 

Lame Reasoning

cheating on girlfriend

Men try to blame girls for cheating on them and guess what the reason is, “mood swings”.  Ahh their audacity. As if the girl they are going to cheat with is not going to have mood swings. 

According to men, Girls are no doubt the most sensitive creatures in this world but they rule the minds of the men. Even the strongest of men are often not that brave to face their girlfriend’s wrath. Maybe one may think that wrath is a bold word. But if you have a girlfriend and you have made some mistakes in front of her you will know what I mean.

Ready Already?

There is one more thing. Not all but some men think that whether they are cheating or not, their girlfriend is going to suspect either way. It is a universal fact even though you are handsome or not, rich or poor, funny or serious your girlfriend thinks that you are going to cheat her with another girl. This leads men to think that she is prepared for that anyway. So, why bother? 

That’s why some men actually try to prove themselves right by cheating on their girlfriends. And after some time they realize that they love their girl. They go through guilt, sadness and regret about why they have done cheating in the first place. What men don’t realize is that their girl being insecure is their fault. They should act in a way that their girl feel more confident about the relationship. If your girl thinks you are going to cheat, there must be a reason for that.

Is Cheating On Girl Friend A Right Thing To Do? 

Well, cheating is not right in any way. It is cruel to justify cheating with anything. Men who are cheaters may find many reasons but they are losers. It hurts when you rely on somebody and that person cheats on you. Moreover, everybody is aware of girls’ mood swings. One moment they love you like no one else and the very next moment they say they don’t like you.  

Men can never understand a girl and with years of experience, I am telling you that they can never predict it either. But this thing is not new in a relationship. It happens all the time and is no reason for cheating.

But at the same time, men are like this. They are guilty of cheating on their girlfriend in a moment and the next, they are down on another girl. huh!

Should Men Admit They Are Cheating On Girlfriend?

man telling girl about cheating

Men and their guilty conscious!

Sometimes, men can decide and make up their minds to tell her everything by owning mistakes and taking responsibility. However, this is more damaging. Men lie because it benefits them and then they speak the truth because it also benefits them. They don’t realize the damage they will do to their girl. By speaking the truth, men liberate themselves from guilt and throw their girls in forever agony.

Also, Men may tend to hide things and let things go because they don’t want their girls to suffer their wrongdoings. They realize that their girl will not understand the situation and the whole thing will worsen. They think at least both are happy and enjoying together. What if she gets angry and leaves? This situation is confusing. While your girl deserves to know the truth, the truth can be death to your relationship. 

If we see it from a distance, cheating on your girlfriend may look fun. One may think that it is very cool to have multiple girlfriends but in reality, it isn’t that fun. It’s shameful. You are always disturbed and scared of your girlfriend finding out. If your girlfriend is nice to you even after knowing, which is rare in most cases. You may feel guilty and burden yourself forever for being a cheater. 

In the end, all we have to say about cheating on girlfriend is

If someone has cheated on his girlfriend, there is always a moment for repentance. Telling her or not is not our place to decide but as a man, you should learn from mistakes and never do it again. Know that cheating is not cool and it will bring you more misery than joy. Also, make sure that this unfortunate part of your life becomes a learning part of your relationship. 


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