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Meet your dream girl in the club

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The concept of a soul mate has changed a lot in recent decades. Gone are the days when you would find your Juliet at a ball only, that too dancing sophisticatedly and exquisitely. Now you can meet your dream girl in the club, partying hard and going wild.

If you are a club person, your dream girl can be just a seat away! This is how you meet the girl of your dreams.

How to know she is the one for you?

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Love, at first sight, is a real thing. However, meeting someone at the club can be tricky. People are usually at their best when they are clubbing. So you may not be able to judge accurately. Anyway, we don’t want to ruin your love story and come directly to the point. This is how you can know if she is the one.

She stands out in the crowd

Clubs are usually full of people who are dancing, laughing, and chatting. Most of the time, everyone looks the same. But when you see your dream girl, it looks as if an imaginary spotlight highlights her from the rest of the crowd. The whole crowd won’t exist anymore. Your eyes will see only her and will be able to locate her even in a crowd of thousands. Ahh, cupid in action!

You will hear the sound of violins long before they begin!

Club music is energetic. It’s usually disco and Hip Hop with lots of beats. But when you start hearing violins, know that the cupid has done its job perfectly, and now this girl in front of you is not an ordinary girl more. You are Meeting the girl of your dreams.

Likeliness has a specific energy. Your heart will always know who is the right person for you. If any girl in a club is giving a vibe, there is no harm in approaching her. She could be the girl of your dreams.

She smiles at you

In most cases, when a female is smiling at you, never take it as a “signal”. However, in clubs, this is actually a signal that she likes you. People go to clubs to increase their social gatherings and make new friends. So when she has a twinkle in her eyes, ask yourself “Should you chase the girl of your dreams”. The answer will be Yes!

How to approach your dream girl in the club?

If you think she is the one for you, we suggest don’t waste time. With one late move, she could turn from “girl in your dream” to “lost girl of my dreams”. We, the love gurus here are going to spill some secrets about how to approach her.

First, be sure!

meet your dream girl

Definitely, we don’t want you to get beaten by her super strong BF. Make sure she is single first. So keep these tips in your mind

  • If she is sitting alone in the bar, make sure she had come alone. If she is looking constantly at her mobile or watch, most probably she is waiting for someone.
  • See if she has female friends accompanying her. Girl gangs are usually wilder than when they are with male counterparts. But it gives you an easy chance to approach her.
  • If she is with male friends, most probably they are just friends. No one takes their girl to a club with male friends only. For a committed girl, it’s usually a double date or a gang of both male and female friends.
  • Observe her body language. If your sight doesn’t make her uncomfortable, try to talk to her.
  • Don’t be lame and don’t stare as if you have never seen a girl before. Just be a gentleman and have a casual attitude towards her. If she is not into you it will be evident from her face
  • During conversation don’t be too obvious. Usually, Girls don’t like boys who make them uncomfortable in any way.

The Dance floor

She is in a club man and for the same reason, you are. Sooner or later she is going to come to the dance floor. This could be your chance. Observe her dance moves and then sway to impress her. You can even offer her a dance.

Try a conversation during drinks

Offer her a drink. This will tell if you have any chance with her.

A cocktails and drink bar is the best place to have an introduction. You can start a conversation and If she responds well, aha that’s your chance mate. Also, be wise to know the difference between “being nice” and “flirting”. You both need to be nice during a conversation.

Flirt could lead the relationship in one dimension only and with your dream girl, you don’t want that.

Pick up lines

date your dreamgirl

What do you think about “How to respond to you are the girl of my dreams“?  and that’s our point.

Instead of obvious or direct flirt, try a nice conversation and some wise usage of sentences. Many guys try to crack lame jokes and even if they work for a moment, she is not going to take you seriously. You should know How to sell a girl a dream.

Make your point with fine conversation and win her heart with clever chatter. Most of the time, just being natural helps. Your tries to impress her will sooner or later will seem fake. A girl likes a guy who is natural and more of himself.

If you have a good sense of humor…BOOM a plus!

Females like a male who can make them smile. Most girls when asked, told they liked guys with a good sense of humor. They even preferred it over looks. You definitely have a chance buddy, just be wise.

What should you never do when you meet your dream girl in a club?

Here are some big Nos fellas.

  • Never spill your flirt and love all over her. If she is your dream girl, you don’t want her to get the idea that you are some sexual predator using clubs as a hunting ground.
  • Don’t stalk her wildly.
  • Wait for her, be sure, and then approach.
  • Take her No as No. This shows you respect a girl’s choice. Anyway, if she doesn’t take your advances well, most probably she won’t take them at all. Leave her be!
  • Instead of trying to be a savior or hero, be a gentleman and she will like you back. You know what we mean.

We hope, you can meet your dream girl in the club and can make some connections. A good club like Club 16 in Pokhara has a great dance floor, a theatre-quality sound system, and a drink bar. They give you every chance to impress your dream girl.

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