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Top Places to Party in Nepal

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Nepal is not only known for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes but also for its vibrant nightlife. If you have ever visited Nepal, you would have known that Nepal is a mesmerising place to be. There are lots of places to party in Nepal and every place has its temptations. The nightlife of Nepal caters to the diverse preferences of locals and tourists alike.
Today, we will explore the top places to party in Nepal, where pulsating beats, lively atmospheres, and unforgettable memories await your presence.

Top Places To Party In Nepal, Kathmandu

Thamel, nestled in the heart of Kathmandu, is the epicentre of the city’s nightlife. Lined with an array of bars, pubs, and clubs, Thamel offers an eclectic mix of music genres and atmospheres. The bustling streets come alive after dark, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a lively and dynamic nightlife experience.

Highlighted venues in Thamel are

  • Purple Haze Rock Bar

purple haze bar thamel

Rock out at Purple Haze Rock Bar, Thamel premier destination for live music and good vibes. This cosy venue showcases talented local bands and musicians, covering everything from classic rock to indie favourites. Grab a beer and dance all night. This club is a very exciting place and indeed one of the top nightclubs for a reason!

  • Moksh

A fusion of cultural vibes and modern beats, Moksh is a trendy lounge that attracts both locals and tourists.

  • Club Deja Vu In Kathmandu

Club Deja Vu, situated in the heart of Kathmandu, is a premier nightclub that caters to the city’s dance aficionados. It is one of the top places to party in Nepal. With its state-of-the-art sound system and vibrant lighting, this club creates an electrifying atmosphere that keeps the party going until the early hours.
Club Deja Vu frequently hosts renowned international DJs, adding a global touch to the local nightlife scene. The club also hosts theme nights regularly, ensuring a diverse and entertaining experience for its patrons.

top party places in nepal

Club 25 Hours, located in the vibrant Lazimpat area of Kathmandu, is a multifaceted venue offering a mix of live music, DJ performances, and cultural events. This club is known for its versatility, appealing to a broad spectrum of partygoers.
Club 25 Hours frequently features live bands, creating an immersive experience for those who appreciate the raw energy of live music. The venue occasionally hosts cultural events, showcasing the diverse artistic talents within Nepal.

  • Ibyza Lounge

Ibyza Lounge, located in the Lazimpat area of Kathmandu, seamlessly blends exclusivity with high-energy entertainment. This venue caters to those who appreciate a more upscale and refined party atmosphere. It is indeed one of the top party places in Nepal.
Ibyza Lounge offers VIP sections for those looking to enjoy a more exclusive and intimate setting.The bar boasts a menu of signature cocktails, expertly crafted to elevate the drinking experience.

  • Purple Martini

Purple Martini, located in Thamel, strikes a balance between modernity and tradition, offering a unique party experience. With its vibrant décor and fusion of music genres, this club appeals to a diverse audience. Purple Martini occasionally hosts cultural fusion nights, blending traditional Nepali elements with modern beats. The club’s interior is adorned with vibrant colours, creating a visually stimulating environment that enhances the overall party experience.

  • MahaSushil

MahaSushil, situated in the Bouddha area of Kathmandu, brings a unique twist to the nightlife scene by blending spiritual and contemporary elements. This venue, located near the iconic Boudhanath Stupa, offers a holistic experience for those seeking a different kind of night out.
MahaSushil occasionally hosts events with spiritual themes, providing a tranquil and introspective atmosphere.The club often features a fusion of global music styles, creating a harmonious blend of cultural influences.

Top Places To Party In Nepal, Jhamsikhel

Jhamsikhel is located in the Lalitpur district and is a burgeoning nightlife district that caters to the city’s cosmopolitan crowd. The area is known for its chic bars, upscale lounges, and international cuisines, creating a sophisticated and trendy ambience.

Highlighted venues in jhamsikhel are

  • Upstairs Jazz Bar

Offering a jazzy atmosphere and a diverse drink menu, Upstairs Jazz Bar is a sophisticated choice for those looking for a more refined night out.

  • Victory Lounge

Known for its stylish décor and extensive cocktail list, Victory Lounge is a hotspot for those seeking a touch of luxury.

  • The Hidden Jukebox

Tucked away in Lalitpur, The Hidden Jukebox is a gem for music enthusiasts seeking an intimate and immersive musical journey. This venue focuses on curating eclectic playlists, making it a haven for those who appreciate a diverse range of musical genres.

The Hidden Jukebox occasionally hosts vinyl nights, where enthusiasts can enjoy the warm and authentic sound of classic records. The venue features live music sessions, showcasing local talent and adding a personal touch to the nightlife experience.

Top Places To Party In Nepal, Lakeside Paradise Of Pokhara

Pokhara Nepal

Pokhara, known for its serene lakes and stunning mountain views, transforms into a lively party destination after sunset. The Lakeside area, in particular, offers a variety of bars and clubs, making it a must-visit for those seeking a unique party experience against the backdrop of nature.

Highlighted venues in Pokhara are

  • Karma Bar & Lounge

Karma Bar & Lounge, situated along the Lakeside strip in Pokhara, stands out for its elegant ambience and sophisticated setting. This venue caters to a diverse crowd, offering a stylish retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
You can enjoy panoramic views of Phewa Lake from the rooftop seating area, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere.Karma Bar & Lounge is renowned for its culinary offerings, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a combination of fine dining and entertainment.

top party place in nepal

Nestled in the heart of Lakeside, Club Sixteen is a prominent nightlife establishment. It is the top recommended place to party in Nepal. With its energetic ambience, diverse music selection, and stunning views of Phewa Lake, it has become a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

The club’s location provides a picturesque view of Phewa Lake, creating a captivating backdrop for a night of revelry. Club Sixteen frequently hosts themed events, adding an extra layer of excitement to the party. The club offers one of the best sound experience in Nepal.

  • Electric Pagoda

Electric Pagoda, a recent addition to Pokhara’s nightlife, has quickly become a hotspot for electronic dance music (EDM) enthusiasts. With its cutting-edge sound system and dynamic lighting, this club offers an immersive experience for those who love to dance to the latest beats.
Electric Pagoda frequently hosts dedicated EDM nights, drawing crowds of music lovers looking for an electrifying experience.The club offers visual spectacles, including light shows and projections, to enhance the overall sensory experience.

Reggae Bar, nestled in Pokhara’s Lakeside area, transports patrons to the laid-back vibes of the Caribbean. This venue, with its reggae-infused playlist and casual atmosphere, provides a refreshing break from the fast-paced beats of other nightlife spots.

The bar dedicates specific nights to reggae music, creating a relaxed and friendly environment. Reggae Bar occasionally hosts open mic sessions, allowing local talent to shine in a casual and supportive setting.

In short, Nepal’s nightlife offers a dynamic and distinct venues to cater to the diverse tastes of partygoers. Whether you find yourself in the cultural heart of Kathmandu or the serene lakeside of Pokhara. Nepal’s nightlife promises an unforgettable journey of music, dance, and cultural exploration. So pack your bags and explore all of the above top party places in Nepal. Have Fun!

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