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Learn Dance At Club 16 Dance Academy!

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“Club 16 Dance Academy: Ignite Your Passion for Dance! Discover a world of rhythm, movement, and artistry at Club 16 Dance Academy. Our renowned academy offers a diverse range of dance styles, expert instructors, and state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring professional, our welcoming environment and comprehensive training programs will nurture your talent and help you shine on the dance floor. Join us today and experience the joy of dance in a vibrant and supportive community!”

My My…you heard it right! Club Sixteen is becoming an institution now and people are loving it. First DJ course and now Dance Academy…Club 16 is totally lit!

Club 16 is growing marvelously in the entertainment business and as a fan, we couldn’t be less proud. This Club has always managed to steal our hearts.

In the history of Clubs worldwide, this is the first time when a Club is expanding its entertainment business right from your heart into your house. Dance classes at Club 16 are the best opportunity for those who want to learn some killer moves. People are invited and take the fun arena home.

What Is This Hush Hush?

Whether you are a passionate dancer or a naïve mover who breaks vases often, Club 16 offers a wonderful opportunity to turn your sandals into crimson shoes. With this dance course, you can master the art of rhythm and polish your craft to finesse.

Take this dance course and channel your inner aura to get into a symphony with the universe. You will be thankful after taking these classes as this course is nothing like ordinary dance classes.

Club 16 dance academy has specifically designed this course to bring out individual potential in dancers.

What Does This Dance Course Offer?

students learning dance

Everything that you need to know about dance.

Club 16 offers diverse dance styles, thus expanding the canvas of your learning. In the academy, learn different dance styles according to your passion and talent.

Practically students can join any class that they deem fit for and shine on stage. You will be polished and prepared for some best dance performances the world has yet to see.

Who Can Join This Class?


From trained dancers to beginners, everyone can join the academy.

There is no gender-based, expertise- wise, or any kind of discrimination. If you are a dance lover and want to learn dance, you are more than welcome to join this academy. Even if you are a beginner, don’t hesitate. The academy has a special place for starters where they can learn to be professional dancers in very less time.

But isn’t it a problem?

No. Not at all. In fact, this is a great opportunity for everyone. Students will be divided into sections based on their expertise level and they can start excelling at their pace. The teachers will focus on every individual according to his/her learning needs.

Why Do We Recommend This Dance Academy?

If you want to learn dance seriously, this academy is your call. You can learn any dance style and that too from world’s best teachers. They will focus on your personal capacity to learn dance and provide customized training to students.

Moreover, you need to sign-up for this course because

  • The Dancing Space

We all know a good dance session needs some ground. Club 16 has a whole dance studio dedicated to dancers where you will have all the space for moving and grooving. With Club 16, the world is yours!

learning dance style at dance academy

  • Dance What You Want

Dance is a vast ocean of opportunities. In Club 16 dance academy, you can pick your favorite dance style and excel in it. You will not only get a chance to learn variant dance moves but also to learn from maestros.

They say “If you are dancing alone, better make the show worth watching”.

Club 16 dance academy will teach you to dance with props. If you want to become a stage performer, this is the best opportunity. Learn some technical aspects of stage performance along with your chosen dance style.

  • Expert Instructors

Well, this is Club 16 dance academy. Nothing is less than perfection. The instructors at Dance Academy are highly trained professionals in the field. You will get to learn their secret tips and tricks to enhance your performance and master the art of dancing.

  • Customized Training

Not everyone is the same and Club 16 fully realizes it. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

The teachers at Club 16 have an eye for talent and gifts. They will analyze your performance and then craft your course accordingly. You will get a customized treatment that will fully address your potential and bring out the best dancer in you.

  • Positive Environment

We all know, a happy dancer is always the best performer. Dance is about channeling your soul and aura through bodily movements. It is a language that communicates with nature and its creation.

At Club 16 dance academy, the overall positivity and supporting environment will transform you talent into skill. With support, motivation, and learning, you will grow remarkably.

How To Join This Academy?

For fee and admission details visit website. or contact management through


Phone: +977980-2803776

Location: street 16, lakeside, Pokhara


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