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Which Disco Theme Party Outfits Are Best To Wear At Disco Party?

disco theme party outfit

Disco party is coming? don’t worry we got you covered! We have all the information about the right disco theme party outfits and you can choose whatever you like. Yeah, Baby Time to rock and roll. 

Disco parties are not only famous for their vibrant music but also glittery and cool outfits. When Disco started emerging in the 1970s, specific types of clothes were worn and they are cherished even nowadays. Disco outfits have distinct cuts, colour schemes and overall vibes. 

Today, our article is all about disco-themed party outfits and fun!

Which Disco Theme Party Outfits Are Best To Wear?

Sequin Dresses And Jumpsuits

Disco-themed party outfits are mostly funky, cool and colourful. 

When we hear the word disco, these are the first outfits that come into our minds. In the 1970s these were considered disco-themed clothes. They give a specific fun retro vibe and still, people wear them to disco-themed parties. 

If you want to wear sequins and jumpsuits, choose glittery like gold, silver or metallic shade and get all the attention on you! Usually, these sequin dresses have flaunting necklines and bell bottom legs, a true depiction of the 70s era. Heels look cool with sequin dresses and men can wear black shoes or cool shiny joggers. Don’t forget your 70’s hairstyle!

shiny dress
glittery sequence dress

Flared Pants and Shimmering Tops

Bell bottoms get centre stage in disco theme party outfits. They are still worn as themed dresses for disco parties. Usually, psychedelic prints on pants work well with shimmery blouses. Also, don’t forget to add a little 70s drama to your outfits. You know how they were with flattered collars, flairs and billowy sleeves. To complement the look, wear big earrings and chunky heels. Get your retro chic vibes on!

Go For Bold Prints And Colors

The 70s was a very bold era in terms of experimenting. Disco theme party outfit was all about making a statement. People left no stone unturned to wear statement clothing for disco. Since disco was emerging, every new trend was becoming popular. People experimented with playful outfits and eye-catching styles. 

Geometric shapes were in fashion as they gave that psychedelic vibe. Moreover, loud colours, funky big glasses and hats were also very in trend. So if you want to get a cool disco-themed outfit, we suggest this is a very to-the-point outfit choice.

disco acessories
disco accessories

Disco Theme Party Outfit Accessories For Girls

No disco outfit is complete without accessories. They add a drama and vibe to your overall look. The more loud accessories, the more you make a statement in that outfit. Women can consider funky earrings like disco ball earrings or big neon earrings as prominent earpieces. For a more disco diva look, wear bangles and a choker. Complete your look with cool sunglasses, hats and headbands. Here are some accessories to add to your disco outfits 

  • sparkly scarves
  • cool sunglasses
  • funky belts
  • Dramatic hats
  • embellished handbags
  • neon bangles
  • loud earrings
  • colourful headbands for both men and women
  • Chokers 

Disco Theme Makeup And Hairstyle

disco vibes
disco vibes

Dicso’s outlook has a specific hairstyle and makeup. It should be loud, fun and bold. Voluminous hair is such a vibe. Curls are also famous among girls. Men can make voluminous puffs or wear little long hair wigs with a glittery headband. 

For a more filmy look, women can go for winged eyeliner, colourful eyeshades and glossy lips. You can also wear neon makeup to glow in the dark. 

Disco-Inspired Outfits for Men

Why should men stay behind in terms of fashion? They have equal opportunity to flaunt themselves in disco theme party outfits. They can wear bold colours like red, blue, silver, orange etc. Choose cool oversized shirts for more careless fashionable vibes. Silky shirts also add a funky look.

For trousers, bell-bottom pants are the best choice. Choose pants with geometric prints or bold patterns. Complement your look with shiny loafers and get ready to sway all night!

disco outfits for men
disco outfits for men

Which Shoes Are Best With Disco Theme Party Outfits?

Disco is all about dancing so your shoes must be very comfortable. Girls usually wear heels to complement their dresses but stay uncomfortable the whole night. The essence of disco is to enjoy and have fun. If you are worried about hurting heels or sore toes, what is the point? Also, your shoes must not be slippery at all so you can dance without worrying. 

Wear disco boots or funky flats. High heels are strictly a no if you plan to have fun. Both men and women can choose glittery, funky and bold shoes for their outfits. Straps are also a common choice for footwear. Just make sure whatever you choose, is comfortable too!

Get Creative!

get creative for disco theme party outift

Get creative and get confident because disco is all about fun. Forget the world and focus on the party. Get lost in rhythm. For disco party outfits, you don’t need to spend bucks on dresses. First, we suggest looking in the old closet. Maybe your grandpas and grannies have something to share! There is nothing more authentic than vintage clothing itself. 

You can be playful with old clothes. Use patches from kids’ clothes, tear out that damn old outfit that you have stored in a cupboard for centuries and experiment with some patchwork!

Buy sequins and stick them to your bold-coloured shirts. Buy a glitter cheap and pour it on your dress to give it a shiny look. Use beads and pearls to make accessories and bands. Look at some 5 minutes craft videos and get playfully creative.

Overall, your disco outfit should be funky and bold. Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. Strike a pose and dance your heart out!

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