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Should I go clubbing on a first date?- plan a date in a club

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If you are looking for date ideas, then we have a nice one for you. Just ditch those romantic candlelight dinners and do a sport together. They are outdated. Well, Plan your date in a club and you will get to see their real colors.

Trust us! Our article today is not about being a love guru. We care and so we share all those nice ideas that can make your first date, worth it.

Why plan your date in a club?

The Internet is full of romantic date ideas. They will tell you how you should follow seven dumb rules of dating someone.  You may want to ask your partner Where should I take you on a date??

Well, don’t do that! Come on guys, we are practically living in 2022. All you need is a crazy partner who can see and accept you as you are!

Date ideas are usually about making a first impression. In our opinion, it should be more about finding comfort and contentment. Your first date decides if you want to move forward with this person or not. So stop wasting time on basic things and let’s take a jump to get a more realistic picture of the scenario. Time is precious!

Being a club person, a date in a club is all you need. It is more realistic, nice, and a safe indoor date idea. If you are still asking yourself “should I go clubbing on the first date?”  Here is why. We have some serious theories to support our claim

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The club is the best place to be

All you want on your first date is to know the person well enough to go on a second date. Club people are usually lively and fun driven. When a person joins you in a fun ride, they know what they are signing for. What is better than an equally fun-loving partner?

A token of friendship?

They say even the best romantic relationship needs friendship to survive and thrive. When two people start based on how much they can open up, they are bound to grow together. Club date helps you get comfortable with a person on lighter notes. These dates are a great way to start as friends.

It is a Fun date idea

People want to feel special. A club date will surprise them in a good way. Romantic date ideas are boring and so formal that even if someone wants to, they can’t open up to their partner. Club date gives a fresh perspective to dating and if they say yes, prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride of emotions. Yoo-hoo!

You can have fun activities for couples

Going on a dinner, picnic or sports day is one thing at a time but a club date is one in all. You can dine, dance, chill, laugh, and whatnot. You move through such joyous occasions in one go that you should never plan your date anywhere else than a club.

A secret Checklist

Imagine a person as crazy as you on the dance floor. Or if someone orders the same drink and cocktails as you. How do they behave in a comfortable fun environment? What are their favorite songs?

You can secretly tick all the boxes on a checklist. If they pass all, congratulations!  You two are meant to be together.

It is a good casual date

Not all dating is meant to be serious. Sometimes both partners are just looking for a fun hangout without giving false hopes or intention of moving forward. A lot of people like to live in a moment and then let things proceed naturally.

A club date has no such pressure as a “romantic date”. You can chill and spend some quality time together without feeling pressurized. Also as the expectation bar is low, you get more satisfied and comfortable with the other person on a date

It’s romantic in its own ways

date idea

The idea of romance is different for everyone. Not necessarily everyone sees it as sexual intimacy. When you are at ease with your partner, there is nothing sexier than that. A club date is also a way of showing great affection to someone. At least they will know you are ready to reveal your true self. This gives the other partner, a sense of confidence.

How do you plan a date in a club?

A date in a club has the edge. You can go on one date, without saying it’s a date. You can go, explore and find out if things work out for you. Even if doesn’t work out, the chances of hurt are minimum. There can be a clean goodbye without harsh feelings or high expectations. A club date is a simple, fun, and unique date idea.

Many people fear rejection. To ask anyone for a club date, you can pretend it to be as casual as you want. No one will know how your heart is trembling like a little sparrow who had just gotten caught. Plan a date in a club and ask them nicely.

A club date is the only way where the chances of rejection are minimum. Who will say no to a good club date? and if they say, don’t worry they were not meant to be with you anyway. Not your type!

Most of the time, people take time to open up. You may never find the courage to ask for a romantic date so a club date idea is a good start to normalize things. Just casually ask if they want to hang out with you. If they can go club with you, they will cross horizons with you.

We suggest stopping waiting for that Eiffel tower romantic proposal and booking a flight to Pokhara, Club 16. Even if they say No, Club 16 is a fun place to be! It will hurt less because there is a lot to keep you engaged!

What are the red flags for a club date?

red flags in relationship

Mostly, it’s fun and thrilling. Going clubbing can be a nice change from routine. However, you need to be smart as a fox to make it work. Many times it’s not easy as it seems. This is good in a way that a club date will reveal they’re true colors. You will know if they are going to be the one or not.

Some of the red flags for both girls and boys on a club date are

  • Your partner seems less interested in you and more in the club. Oops, the idea went massively wrong. Maybe they are here for the club only. Ouch!
  • They are more interested in communicating with other people than you.
  • Your partner is behaving flirtatiously with everyone in their way.
  • They pass comments on how good someone else is.
  • If they are constantly talking about some other nice place to be.
  • They may even try to make you realize that you chose the wrong venue.

If any of the above happen, Ditch them!

In the end, if you are going to plan your date in a club, Best of luck!

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