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Win iPhone 13 at Club 16!

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We know you have been dreaming for a while about iPhone 13. Well, Club 16 is having a big iPhone 13 giveaway 2022 event where you can win iPhone 13 for free through a lucky draw.

Why Club 16 is giving away iPhone 13?

Club 16 is a famous nightclub in Pokhara and they are having a big opening night gala. As the night is going to be a mega event, the club has decided to give a away free iPhone 13 to one lucky winner.

Now you must be thinking How can I get an iPhone 13 for free? Aha, That’s quite easy. Just follow Club 16 on Instagram and comment under the post. Boom! You are part of the race. Good luck!

How to participate?

Follow club.sixteen.Pokhara on Instagram. Go to the post announcing the giveaway and comment under the post. You just have to mention and tag 3 friends in the post. The more you comment, the greater your chances to win iPhone 13.

Right now the comment section is flooding with comments so try harder and mention as many friends as you can.

Who is giving away iPhone 13?

iPhone 13 giveaway 2022

Whether it’s Friday nights or free entry days, Club 16 has always been generous to its customers. No wonder the club is stealing the million of hearts. Now with the iPhone13 giveaway, the club is once again in limelight and people are pouring into the comment section for a great win.

Club 16 respects the loyalty of its customers and doesn’t leave any chance to return the love. There are a lot of other events on the way too!  Stay tuned to their Instagram to know more about upcoming events.

When Can I win an iPhone 13 at Club 16?

This November in Club 16, it’s not a trick. It’s a treat.!

November brings new changes as when

“The fire burns

And the kettle sings

And earth sinks to rest

Until next spring” (Clyde Watson).

Club 16 is having this gala event in November. As November is a month of replacements so it’s time to change your phone into a new one. That too without selling your kidney 😉 So Participate as much as you can to get this prize of iPhone 13.

Is the 13 Pro worth it?

iPhone giveaway

Why not? And what’s the harm in trying if you are getting it for free? iPhone 13 is the best catch if you are looking for a phone with excellent specifications. This phone has the same software and hardware as iPhone 14 and is 100 dollars less in price.

Why iPhone 13 is the best phone? because

  • It has better storage. So next time you come to Club 16, you can get as many clicks and selfies as you want.
  • The faster processor ensures that you do it smoothly and
  • It has the Best camera for more realistic and high-definition pictures and videos

iPhone 13 has two versions. The iPhone 13 mini is 5.4 inches and the 6.1-inch normal version. Amongst all the previous iPhone models (till iPhone 12), iPhone 13 is the best one.

It’s a full party-friendly phone and that’s why Club 16 has chosen to gift you what will make your life heaven. So all the party animals out there, howl and jump in to hunt your prey!

iPhone 13 specifications

win iPhone13

Here is a table showing iPhone 13 features and specifications.

Features/Specifications iPhone 13 mini ( 5.4-inches) iPhone 13 (6.1-inches)
Processor A15 A15
Storage space available in

128GB/256 GB/512 GB

available in

128GB/256 GB/512 GB

Camera Front Camera

12MP True Depth (ƒ/2.2)

Rear Camera

12MP main (ƒ/1.6); 12MP ultrawide (ƒ/2.4)

Front Camera

12MP True Depth (ƒ/2.2)

Rear Camera

12MP main (ƒ/1.6); 12MP ultrawide (ƒ/2.4)

Battery life in hours 8hours 44 minutes 10hours 33 minutes
Size 5.2 x 2.5 x 0.3 inches 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches
Available in colors Red, Blue, Pink, Starlight, Midnight. Red, Blue, Pink, Starlight, Midnight.
Weight in ounces 4.97 6.14

Price of the iPhone 13?

The official price of the iPhone 13 in Nepal starts at Rs. 139,990 for the base 128GB variant. In general, the price of the iPhone 13 is $599 which is the most expensive amount for any older version of the iPhone.

iPhone13 is considered the best among all iPhones. Although iPhone 14 was launched in 2022, iPhone 13 is still better. All the users that have iPhone 13 are not recommended to replace or upgrade their phone to 14.

Are 2022 free iPhone giveaways real?

There are a lot of online scams which say spin and win iPhone 13 pro max 2022. Mostly those are just to increase the number of clicks on a website. Don’t fall for such schemes.

However, with Club 16, the giveaway is as real as the club itself. If you have been to Club 16, you know you are a part of the fair deal.

In the end, some answers to your general queries


1. Where is club 16 located?

Club 16 is a famous nightclub in Pokhara. It is located in Street 16, Lakeside, Pokhara. The club is famous for its excellent services, theater-quality sound system, and longest bar.

2. Is the iPhone 13 giveaway at club 16 real?

Yes! The giveaway is absolutely real. Club has a good history of rewarding its customers with surprises.

3. Where can you participate in the iPhone giveaway event?

Click on the club.sixteen.Pokhara on Instagram and follow them.

You can also visit for information about the event.

4. Can anyone participate in the iPhone 13 giveaway event?

Yes, if you are an Instagram user, you can take part in contests from anywhere in the world. The event is not only for locals. We guess Pokhara is calling you!

5. If I tag my friends are they part of the event too?

No! The only person commenting below the post will be considered as part of the event. Only the abovesaid person will be included in the lucky draw.

So Hurry up! Don’t waste your time guys. You are just a few comments away to be included in iPhone 13 giveaway event and winning your dream phone.

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