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Famous Forms of Dance Styles

club sixteen famous forms of dance styles

Folks say “Dance is a way to find yourself and lose yourself, all at the same time” and we couldn’t agree more. Almost all of us have experienced losing the sense of what is going on in our surroundings. Dance has been a part of human civilization from the earliest days. It is a universal language for depicting emotions. Nowadays there are lots of famous forms of dance styles. 

Different dance styles have emerged all around the world from different cultures as every culture has a distinct way of showing their expressions, emotions, and joy. This vibrant ritual of the human culture is full of art and creativity.  

Famous Forms Of Dance Styles

Ballet Dance Style


Witnessing ballet dance is like a beautiful dream. It invites you to surrender yourself in its beauty and flow. Ballet dance initially originated back in the 1400s in Italian Renaissance courts. This dance form is a true example of grace and poise. The peculiarity of this dance is that every move performed has to be perfect. 

Ballet is a highly technical dance and its genres include classical, neoclassical, contemporary, and the most popular romantic forms. Because of its technicality and perfection, ballet dance is performed by trained or professional dancers.

 “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker” are the best examples of the iconic ballet dance. Those ballets are famous all over the world, and they show how beautiful ballet can be, even after hundreds of years. 

Salsa Dance Form

salsa dance form styles

Salsa is a fun and lively form of dance. It originated from the outskirts of Cuba and later it became a popular form of dance in most of Cuba and New York. The speciality of this dance is its vibrant footwork and lively romantic interaction with your partner.

The music preferred for salsa is Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz. Colombian, Cuban, Miami, Rueda, L.A., New York, and Puerto Rican styles depict the rich diversity of salsa dancing, each of them offers unique rhythms, footwork, and vibrancy of salsa.

Salsa is the universal language of joy and smiles. Moreover, salsa is one of the favourites among parties and gatherings with its mesmerizing rhythms and joyful steps.

Hip Hop Dance Styles

hip hop dance

Hip-hop dance became famous in the 1970s, as an urban movement developing in the streets of New York and the Bronx. Hip-hop dance is considered a street dance with energetic and vibrant music.

Popping, locking, breaking, boogaloo, and social dancing are some famous forms or parts of hip-hop dancing. With the diversity of hip-hop dance, it is becoming more and more popular in modern culture.

The hip hop dance is increasingly becoming the way of delivering messages or feelings because of its strong and expressive nature. Moreover, hip-hop dance is the latest trend and popular culture found in the new generation. 

Tango Dance Styles

classical tango

Tango dance emerged in the areas of Argentina and Uruguay in the late nineteenth century. This dance is known for its sensual, romantic, and energetic display.

There are various dance forms or styles in tango and each of them has its flavor. The classic one is known as Argentine tango famous for its improvisation and sensuality. Uruguayan tango depicts complex and tangled footwork. The ballroom shows a structured approach to the tango.

Tango dance is a classic and mesmerizing phenomenon. The people of Argentina and Uruguay arrange tango nights as their social gatherings and parties to celebrate or enjoy the special moments of their lives.

The Famous Kathak Dance Style

kathak dance form style

Kathak is famous for its complex footsteps, sleek movements, and expressive art of narrating stories. It is a classical and cultural dance rooted in North India. Travelling bards in ancient India used kathak to tell stories. 

The different styles and forms of kathak include Lucknow Gharana, Jaipur Gharana, and Banaras Gharana. The different elements in kathak include “Nritta” which is pure intricate footwork dance with wearing ghungroos. The second one is “Nritya” which is more of an expressive dance performed by depicting dramatic and different facial expressions to tell a story. The last element is “Natya” in which kathak dancers use the surroundings or stage with beautiful dance to display the other elements of the story.

In India, kathak is not just considered as a dance rather it’s a display of their culture and history. Kathak continues to mesmerize its audiences with its beautiful dance steps and storytelling abilities in India and is now spreading to the whole world.

Belly Dance Styles

belly dance form styles

The dance is a true display of feminine power, beauty, and expressions. It is not like other cultural dance styles that focus on footwork and other sharp moves. Belly dance radiates from the torso and spreads its magical charm to every part of the body. 

This dance originated in ancient Egypt and then formed its roots in the Middle East and India. It is also known as “Raqs Sharqi” which means dance from the east. 

A tempting allure is created through Belly dance movements with glittering silk veils and clothes. Belly dance evolved in different forms and costumes depending on the country’s culture but the basic theme remains the same.

Some forms of belly dance also include some footwork but most styles display beautiful hip dips, sharp turns, mesmerizing and flowing gestures, pretty veil work, and most importantly shaky belly movements. Belly dance depicts aesthetics, emotions, cultural expressions, joy, sadness, and flirtation.

Famous Flamenco Dance

flamenco dance

Flamenco dance is rooted in the Andalusian culture of Spain. It is mixed with different cultures rooted in Moorish and ancient India. Flamenco is a complete package of foot stomping dance, singing incorporated with snaps and claps, and guitars.

Different forms of Flamenco include “Solea” which means expressing emotions through vocals and dance, “Buleria” which has swift footsteps and fast dance, and “Sevillanas” which depicts upbeat music with folk dance. Although Flamenco is worldwide popular but the crux of its popularity is in the US and Japan.

Individuals use hand and arm movements to depict various emotions, tap of the feet to add more vibrancy, smouldering gaze for lively performance, and snap of the head to show the importance of dance steps.

So these were some famous forms of dance styles. Which one is yours favourite?

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