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Best Night Clubs in Pokhara That Are Worth Visiting In 2024

club sixteen best night clubs in pokhara

Planning a vacation? Well, we suggest marking Pokhara on your route. Situated on the Shore of Phewa Lake, this city is not only known for its beautiful mountains and lakes but also for its sparkling nightlife. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Pokhara is on the list of cities around the world with the most vibrant nightlife. One of the most admirable parts of Pokhara’s nightlife is its nightclubs and bars that set up your night with electrifying beats and mesmerizing experiences. Here is the list of best night clubs in Pokhara that are worth visitng in 2024.

Best Night Clubs in Pokhara

Club Sixteen

club sixteen

Club Sixteen is one of the most exquisite and best night clubs in Pokhara. The Club offers a wide range of cocktails, a one-of-a-kind sound system and the best live music experiences. Club Sixteen doesn’t only offer music, but they also have a dance and DJ academy that offers customised courses to learn the niches.

Moreover, their concerts featuring artists from all over the world and live music experiences are a true delight for visitors. Club Sixteen has best ambiance and they provide safe space for private experience too. This is the only place that has good ratings all over the internet. The club is situated on 16 Street, Lakeside Pokhara.

Old Blues Bar

Old Blues Bar was founded in 1978 and since then it is attracting a global audience with its laid-back vibe. The pub cheers guest performances too, which makes this club a paradise for musicians. Little expeditions to nearby attractions are also organized by staff which adds more value to this club.

This club hosts both local and international bands making it the tourist’s favourite. Musicians are encouraged to take the stage and sparkle the evening with their songs. Though this club is a little outdated in infrastructure, still it pulsates with good vibes and energy for different cultures and friends to join and enjoy some classical blues songs. The address of this club is Hallanchowk, Lakeside, Pokhara 33700.

Busy Bee Cafe

busy bee cafe pokhara

Busy Bee offers two types of gatherings. If you want to enjoy food or drinks then there is an outside bar where you can enjoy your drink with street vibes. The outdoor bar also includes a projector to watch live screenings and games like table football too.

However, if you want to dance and enjoy local music then you can stay inside where local music and dance will entertain you all night. As this bar stays open till late at night you can stay here for a long time and make friends too. The address of Busy Bee Cafe is Baidam Road, Lakeside, Pokhara 33700.

Caffe Concerto

Caffe Concerto is famous for its delicious pizzas, pasta, and salads. This place serves pizzas in the daytime and turns into a vibrant bar by the night. It is the best place for you if you want to sit calmly beside the fire with your loved ones, enjoy your drink or mouthwatering pizza and pasta, or just have a cup of coffee. Jazz music playing in the background also adds more value and attraction to its ambience and vibe. The address of this bar is Hallanchowk, Lakeside, Pokhara.

Ozone Premium Club

ozone premium club

Ozone Premium Club is a vibrant lakeside nightclub in Pokhara where DJs spin an eclectic mix of hip-hop, trance, reggae, and retro beats. While there is a nominal NPR 1000 entry fee grants access, the dynamic ambience, delicious cuisine, and energizing drinks ensure a worthwhile experience.

Moreover, the club hosts themed nights occasionally which elevates the overall partying experience for tourists and visitors. The lively atmosphere, combined with the rhythmic tunes, adds irresistible vibes who want to enjoy a mesmerizing night out by the lake. If you visit Pokhara then don’t miss the chance to enjoy the pulsating beats and thematic delights of Ozone Premium Club. The address of the club is Lakeside, Pokhara-6, Kaski.

Paradiso Sports Bar & Grill

Paradiso Sports Bar & Grill which was formerly known as Club Amsterdam, maintains its unfluctuating popularity. Offering free wifi, pool tables, live sports screenings, diverse cuisine, live rock music, hookah, and great drinks makes it one of the most attractive places in Pokhara. The venue screens transition football matches and F1 races on the big screen and also hosts local rock bands that add to a great experience.

Apart from the name, the club is the still same including the lively atmosphere and delectable food. If you are seeking entertainment plus good food at the same place, Paradiso Sports Bar & Grill will be a great spot for you. The address of this bar is Lakeside Ward No. 6, Baidam, Pokhara.

The Irish Pub

Every tourist should experience the inviting ambience of an Irish Pub, where he can relax at night with some soothing tones. This establishment offers a minimalistic design that might appear a little dull to some lively people. However, for those people who are seeking solace, sports, entertainment, and the original Irish spirit vibe, this will be their paradise.

You can embrace the opportunity to dive and indulge in the calm atmosphere and enjoy the very best Irish beverages. Whether you need a break from your daily routine or a space where you can enjoy sports and libations. This pub is the great destination for those enriching these types of experiences. The address of this pub is Lakeside, Lakeside Rd Lake, Pokhara 33700,

Movie Garden

movie garden pokhara

Movie Garden offers a peculiar nightlife experience, unlike the conventional trends that all are a little bit. This is the open-air amphitheatre that allows you to enjoy your favourite movies under the stars in an open sky. Movie screenings start daily at 7 pm, featuring every kind of movie like conventional cinemas. With cushions and blankets, this amphitheatre provides a peculiar vibe, and a unique movie-watching environment and all of this is in just INR 200.

Moreover, you can enjoy a diverse range of foods like pizzas, popcorn, and cocktails comfortably while watching movies. They serve complimentary popcorn, cocktails, and other food options too. The address of this place is Baidam Road, North Lakeside, Pokhara 33700.

All That Jazz

As the name depicts, the major attraction of this club is its live jazz music. This is one of the few nightclubs in Pokhara, that offers live jazz music. This live jazz includes the performances of international as well as local artists. So, if you love jazz music then All that Jazz is for you.

Moreover, if you are not a booze person, All That Jazz proposes good options in cocktails and other drinks too. This bar offers a wide range of liquor including top-tier international brands. The address of this club is Lakeside-6, Pokhara 33700.

Make your 2024 worth it by visiting all the best night clubs in Pokhara.

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