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Enjoy Amazing nights at Club 16 with THE SHOW!


Club 16 has our hearts and there is a reason for it. Now enjoy the amazing nights at Club 16 every Wednesday and Friday. Wow! Life was never this fantastic before!

Well, our one and only premium club is famous for its “newness”. All the fans are well aware that there is always something that keeps the spark going and this time it’s fun-filled nights and unlimited craziness. Club 16 never ceases to amaze us. Pouring so much love and still coming…ahh we can’t get enough.

Artistic Director:  Dimitris

What Are The Special Amazing Nights At Club 16 Anyway?

Nepal is about to witness its best nights because Club 16 is not coming slow. They are introducing special night shows mid-week and Friday where you get to enjoy

  • Exciting Stage visuals
  • Amazing performances
  • Unlimited music and dance
  • Live Saxophone performances

This has never been done before and Club 16 guarantees non-stop entertainment all night. So book yourself up before they go “all sold out” like always.

What Is In It For You On Special Amazing Nights At Club 16?

Everything! On special nights, the entertainment factor is raised to 100x than ordinary clubbing nights. It’s a show of dance, visual aesthetics, and live sax performances. You can have it all in one go. Club 16 guarantees that one hour of this special show is going to be the best hour of your whole clubbing experience ever.

In this show, you will get to see

  • Amazing dance performance of experienced and trained dancers
  • Local and international DJs playing their best lists
  • Mind-blowing saxophone performance
  • Visually pleasing performances with lights and dancers
  • Unlimited music and dance
  • Booze, Cocktails, drinks, and snacks.

Why Special Nights?


Why not? We all deserved to be spoiled and Club 16 leaves no stone unturned to pamper its audience with fun and magic.

Club 16 promises to deliver non-stop amusement and they are doing their best to keep it. This time they are introducing special stage performances to entertain their audience. The amazing stage visuals emerged with beats, keeping the audience hitched and awe-struck.

Clubbing has changed over the past few years. Now people want more than just dance and music. These special nights will also satisfy your sensory visual appetite. The whole experience is like witnessing a concert, a dance show, and a light show together. The magical aura keeps you clamped to the stage and you don’t want to leave till the last beat. Club 16 surely knows how to raise the heat with the beat.

About Saxophone Performance

Club 16 also orients a Saxophone performance in this amazing show. Due to their distinct and unique sound, saxophones are important instruments in Club music. We all know saxophone is a tricky instrument. When played beautifully, it can create trance and bring energy and Zen to the gathering. Club 16 is introducing an international saxophone expert, Dimitris who is maestro in art. He can captivate audience with his enchantment for as long as he desires. So come and experience the charm of sax sound and witness the most entertaining performance ever.

Why Is Club 16 Famous?

Club 16 is a famous premium nightclub on Street 16, lakeside Pokhara. It’s famous for its ambiance and services. Since its beginning, the Club is winning hearts and for the right reasons. They have introduced new horizons in the nightlife of Nepal and that’s why fans love to be there. From Dj nights to special appearances, and introducing international talents to promoting local stars Club 16 has done it all. One after one surprises amaze the audience and keep them hooked to the famous Club.

Overall, Club 16 has a history of arranging successful events, and fans literally drool over the amazing services that Club offers. Moreover, the Club also offers a personal space where you can experience the show in complete privacy with your loved ones.

Who Can Come To These Special Nights?

Well, all of you special fellas. Every adult of consenting age can come and enjoy the live performances and music shows. You can bring your buddies or plan a first date in a Club. So give a treat to friends or propose to your girl, just imagine the show becoming an important milestone in your life.

If you are a tourist, this is your best chance to spend a memorable night in Nepal. Don’t miss the chance to this wonderful show happening in the heart of Nepal. Also, this is important to remember that Club 16 doesn’t discriminate based on religion, gender, and sexual orientation. As long as you are an adult, Club 16 welcomes all!

However, Club 16 has strict rules and doesn’t tolerate

  • Hate speech or provocation
  • Mistreatment and misconduct of any
  • Harassment and activities that include violence
  • Use of illegal drugs or weapons on the premises
  • Underage people as the club believes in protecting children and their rights

Any individual involved in such activity is dealt with strictly.

How To Become A Part Of A Show?

Club 16 has created quite a stir and the show is getting famous. Go for booking or buy your tickets on the spot. (Though there is no guarantee that you will get the tickets at the moment). The show is becoming a hit already and people are keen to become part of the show. Don’t miss your seat!


What Is The Duration And Date Of The Show?

The show happens every Wednesday and Friday. The duration of the show is 1 hour. The venue is Club 16, street 16, Lakeside Pokhara, Nepal. If you have any queries related to the show or club, you can contact the management through telephone, social media platforms, or website.

Contact information

Phone: +977 980-2803776




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