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Club 16 made it to DJ Mag list of top100 clubs!

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Club 16 made it to DJ Mag 100 top contestants

Well, well, well!

Such a good news to hear…

We proudly announce that Club 16 made it to the list of the expected top 100 clubs of 2023 and we couldn’t be happier than this. None of this was possible without your unconditional love!

Club 16 is lucky to have all of you guys as loyal and supportive customers. We aim that our bond and love will stay firm and forever.

What is the DJ Mag 100 list?

DJ Mag is a reputable magazine that is sold across many Europeans countries. They give all the right information about dance, music, and clubs. Just click on their website and you can have news about Upcoming albums, solos, rising clubs, and DJs. Every year, they select the top 100 DJs and clubs.

Their ratings are highly authentic and they are like a benchmark for everything related to music and clubbing. This year DJ mag has included Club 16 in the expected list of potential top 100 clubs of the world. This is indeed a proud moment for both our management and our loyal customers.

What do you need to do?

Club 16 would never have made it so far without the support and love that you poured on us. We are so very grateful to all of you. Now is the time when we need you most!

Log in to DJ Mag’s website and vote for us. All you need to do is

  • Go to website
  • Press the icon for the drop-down list on the left of the page
  • Click on voting
  • Login to app
  • Vote for us
  • Voila! You have done right!
  • You can also scan the QR code to vote for us.

DJ Mag decides its top 100s based on public choice and Club 16 management claims to have the best customers ever. Now is our time to prove it! So Log in and vote for us.

How We Have Reached Here?

Well, it was all you guys.

Without our patrons, we don’t exist. Your continuous love and support have given us the strength to move forward. We are on top because we receive countless love from all over the globe.

Keep bombarding us with your devotion and we promise to be all yours!

Why Club 16 deserves to be on the top of the list?

Since its start, Club 16 has proven its worth through many hit events, and trust us, we are not coming any slow!

Right from our Venue to the ambiance, everything is top-notch. We have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world. Club 16 is special in many ways.

  • It is located in one of the best tourist destinations in the world, Pokhara.
  • The club is the best place to enjoy the nightlife in Nepal.
  • Club 16 is famous for its Lakeside, location, with wide car parking.
  • Apart from our tangible presence, we live in your hearts and spirits.
  • When in Club 16 premises, you are as safe as in your residence.  Anyone can come without any hesitation. After all, we are your second home. As people from all around the world come to Club 16, our security is very promising.
  • Club 16 is for everyone above 18 years of age. There is no gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation differentiation. We don’t promote hate speech and strictly prohibit any ominous behavior.
  • Our club is a safe space for ladies too.

A look into Our contribution to fun and Music

  • Club 16 is a music and dance institution. We have never ceased to amaze our audience with our super energetic playlists and performers from all around the globe.
  • We have arranged many night events and every affair was a big hit in terms of support, love, and presence of our audience.
  • Club 16 has a world-class music system. Our theatre-quality music system is one of kind in Nepal.
  • Our playlists are amazing as we have an outclass collection of international club music and songs.

Some of our past few hit events that included international performers are

  1. DJ nights featuring DJ Ola Ras, DJ Roxy June, DJ Onderkoffer, and DJ Swatkat.
  2. Live music Festivals featuring Adrian Pradhan, Laura, Indra Joshi, and Tera Bahi ZB.
  3. Halloween event with costume party.
  4. New year’s night celebrations
  5. Multiple Ladies nights
  6. Bollywood saga

Our Services and Ambiance Include

  • We have an elite collection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.
  • Our bar can keep you hooked on snacks and drinks during fun times.
  • We have a dance hall where you can dance all night.
  • Our VIP lounge area provides you with a safe and private space for sitting.
  • We have separate entrances for the VIP area. You can celebrate special occasions with full privacy and fun.
  • Club 16 also arranges private parties like ladies’ nights, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, stag parties, etc.
  • We celebrate Friday nights with full enthusiasm and vigor.
  • All our management is highly cooperative and helpful in making your experience worthwhile.

How DJ Mag winning will help us?

As we grow, you grow!

  • Marking our name in the top 100 clubs of the world is a big achievement for both our prestigious community and ourselves. As we win, we will be able to deliver more fine services with our raised bar.
  • Our clients will get to enjoy our upgraded version.
  • We aim to continue delivering high-value services to our members.
  • With a raised bar, everything will be upgraded accordingly and our patrons can enjoy the best of the best.

So Hurry up guys! Let’s bring the crown home.

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