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Amazing Tips On How To Flirt With A Guy Without Talking

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As crazy as it sounds, a little harmless flirting can keep your soul rejuvenated. Unfortunately, society is biased when it comes to girls. When they flirt, they are slut shammed and called names. Also, guys fear brave and bold girls. So today, we have tips on how to flirt with a guy without talking and being obvious.

Tips On How To Flirt With A Boy Without Talking

Well, ladies no matter how hard they play to get, boys will always be boys. If you have enough tricks up your sleeves, they can’t resist any longer. After all who doesn’t like the attention of a gorgeous lady like you?

Here is how to flirt without talking and getting obvious.

Get His Attention First!

Well, to attract a guy without talking, you need his attention first. Once he notices you, you can spice up your existence with your charm.

Choose the prime location where everyone can see you. Remember you have to keep it casual. Now stay there so he can see you whenever he tries to look around. Even if he is in a company with someone, he will notice you. Now, on to the next step.

Your Eyes Contain The Universe

Eyes can say what the tongue holds. If you don’t want to directly flirt with a guy, use your gaze to attract him. If you are a woman reading this article, you know how.

For a starter, let us give you a tip. Just stare at him a little and as soon as he looks at you, change your gaze. Sometimes make a sudden eye contact for a few seconds. Look at him while talking to your friend. When the guy pays attention, look lost in your own world. Use your powerful gaze to communicate. Trust us, guys can read the signs. They are optimistic about such chances. This is the best way to get a guy’s attention without talking to him.

Use Your Body Language To Flirt With The Guy Without Talking

girl flirting

Your body language is a great way to have non-verbal communication. However, don’t be sultry or vulgar at all. Be precise, decent, and focused. Otherwise, you may attract the guy with the wrong intentions.

Sometimes just standing in front of a guy is enough invitation to flirt. Or maybe just look at him for a second, caress your hair, and turn back. Take a sip of drink while looking at him. If the lucky guy is intelligent enough, he will pick up the trail of these little crumbs that will take him to you.

Use Your Smile To Flirt With The Guy

Well, they say a smile can do what a sword cannot and we fully agree. Your smile is your greatest asset. To make a boy fall in love with you without talking to him, master the art of smiling. Know when and how to smile.

Never smile enough to make it obvious. Give a slight sudden smile, and confuse the guy. Now for the next few seconds, you have his attention. Use this time wisely and voila! He is all yours now madam!

How To Flirt With A Guy Without Making It Obvious Over Text?

The above-mentioned tricks were for face-to-face encounters. If you guys are texting and you want to flirt with him, here is how to do it without making it obvious.

Give A Naughty Reference Accidentally

Give a naughty reply to something he said. Maybe give a naughty reference and pose as if you don’t know what it will do to him. Then in the next message get back to normal. This will confuse the guy. Guys are the most vulnerable creatures when they are confused.

Use The Power Of Emojis To Flirt

Emojis to flirt

Send him double-meaning emojis. However, refrain from making it obvious. Your emojis should look cute and not be a part of sexting. Send him hugs and kisses instead of ….you know what we mean here…ahem ahem…

Say Something That Your Guy Wants To Hear

The best way to flirt with a guy is by saying things that can make him happy. Talk flirty with a guy. Though your conversation depends on your situation, getting a little bold over text is ok. At least you can deny it later on.

Play With Words to Flirt With The Guy

When you are flirting over text, your physical absence is a great advantage. A guy can’t judge your expressions, body language, or obvious signs. You can say and manipulate things in your own way. So play bold and talk flirty with a guy. You can take the conversation where ever you want and he is bound to fall into your trap.

Will Guys Pick Up Your Flirty Hints And Respond?

talking to a guy

In most cases, yes! When you are flirting and not being obvious, it attracts the guys. Though you are not saying it with words, guys are designed to understand what you mean. However, they can be dumb sometimes and nothing is more irritating than that. Here is how to attract a boy who ignores you

Make A Short Encounter

To flirt with a seemingly dumb guy without talking can be hard. So a nice and short introduction is a great way to start. Try to confront him and say hello. Then just make a formal introduction and give a short pause. Pretend you have nothing more to say.

Disappear From The Scene

After the introduction, shock him with a little disappearance act. Show as if your friend has called you or you have something important to do and will catch up later on. This will leave the guy wanting more. Sooner or later, he will come to you.

Let Him Come To You

You must give the guy illusion of control. Orchestrate his moves cleverly. Let him come to you and be open about it. You can even let him think that he is the one making the moves and you are the one getting trapped. Trust us ladies, this is the most satisfying evil feeling in the world. You will love it.

Well, Ladies, these were a few tips on how to flirt with a guy without talking to him. We bet they will work. Once he is yours, devour him as your want!

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