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When Your Girlfriend Is Mad At You How To Make Her Smile?

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Girlfriends are cutie patooties but when your girlfriend is mad at you… Ouch! These Barbie dolls can get pretty ferocious.

We all wonder where that dragon was hidden till now… Deep down you know when your girl is not talking, how upsetting it can be. Today we have some tricks rolled up our sleeves to make her smile and forget whatever mischief you did (for a time being of course. If you are planning to continue your dumb actions, we are not responsible anymore).

How To Know Your Girl Is Mad At You?

Well, there are books written on how to predict or read a woman’s behavior but in reality, you know she is just unpredictable. Anyway, here are some common signs to tell your girl is not in a good mood.

  • She is unnaturally quiet and is not chatting so much.
  • If she is not giving a warm response to your kind gestures.
  • When she gives a long and scary stare at you for no reason (at least that’s what you think).
  • She gets irritated over the smallest things. Even if you are living, breathing, and just existing.
  • If she has blocked you on her cell phone. (This needs special attention).
  • She doesn’t accept your calls or answer your texts.
  • If she is agreeing to everything without raising questions. (This situation is hell bad. Imagine what made her so angry that she doesn’t care about your history of bad choices and life-wrecking decisions).

So fellas, if your girl is showing any of the above symptoms. She needs urgent love dose or we fear, you are screwed.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Is Mad At You And Won’t Talk To You At All?

she is angry

In all of the above situations, one thing is common. She is not talking to you even if you think she is! The Internet is full of advice, memes, and songs when your girlfriend is mad at you, do this and that. In reality, all you need is some prayers and our tips. Here is our step-by-step guide to save you a**.

Realize That She Is Angry With You

When a girl is angry at you, the first thing she expects from you is to realize that something is wrong. Most guys are ignorant enough to not pick up the angry signs. Your ignorance will just make her more furious. So memorize our above-mentioned symptoms. The sooner you will get she is mad at you, the better!

Confirm By Asking Your Girlfriend If She Is Mad At You

Seriously? No! Never ask your girl if she is mad at you. This will drive her crazy. It doesn’t matter what are your intentions, she sees it as cruel and ignorant behavior. Don’t shatter her already broken heart.

Say Nice Things To Your Girlfriend

The best thing to do when your girlfriend is mad at you is to be nice to her. As soon as you realize she is angry, don’t try to justify your actions with a fight. It will just backfire. Instead, be gentle and kind. Ask her politely how you can improve the situation. This will tame her for sometime.

Shower Some Love Over Mad Girl!

love her

A hug and a kiss can do wonders. If she is angry and not ready to listen to you, just hug her. Trust us, this is what every girl needs. A loving partner who can love her in her lows. Even if she is showing a little resistance, be gently forceful. Hold her tight and don’t let her go. She can’t resist love for long.

When Your Girlfriend Is Mad At You, Buy Her Gifts

If she is mad at you over text and not receiving your calls or replying to text messages, it’s time for action. You need to see her ASAP and don’t forget to buy her something. Small gestures mean a lot to girls. When a girl is angry at you, Give her a bouquet, buy her favorite chocolate, take-away a meal from her favorite restaurant. Do something nice.

Plan A Makeup Date

A good date after a fight increases your bonding and is the best way to make your girl smile. You can simply plan a dinner date or take her to a club. Go for a picnic or plan a movie night. Spending sometimes together gives your girl assurance that you have learned your lesson.

Be Silly!

Ok! You were not wise enough to not make her angry in the first place. At least refrain now from pouring your intellect when she is angry. Girls don’t understand your silly logic. They value emotions and want you to show some!

Don’t hesitate to be a little silly. Sing her a nice song, dance with her, do something that makes her smile. Trust us, she will love your this side too.

Admit It Was Your Fault

Keep one thing in mind. Whether you understand it or not, it was your fault. You may think your girlfriend is mad at you for no reason, but in reality, your little brain is not picking things right. Even if you are not getting the point, go with the flow and admit your mistake. We bet when she will calm down, she will connect the dots for you.

How To Calm An Angry Girlfriend Over A Text

girlfriend is mad over text

Well, all these above-mentioned tips require face-to-face interaction to work out. But when you can’t be together, here is how to calm your girlfriend down over text. Just reply

“Sorry babe! I admit my fault. I love you. Let’s talk”

This is a magic mantra that every man must know.

Also, never ignore her texts or reply “ok”. If you can’t text back right away at least message her that you will talk later and are not available right now. Girls hate it when they are furious and you leave them hanging. They take your “Not replying” as an insult.

Mostly, her anger is just a way of showing her love or care for you. You may say that my girlfriend gets mad at me for the smallest things, but once you realize it, you can’t un-know. Fights are just a part of a healthy relationship. Be happy together Guys!

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