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Meet Laure and Indira Joshi on 4th November 2022!!

club sixteen 4th november

Mark 4th of November in your calendars because a big event is coming!

Club 16 never ceases to amaze its customers. One after another, every event is a big blast and the show keeps going on.

This time Club 16 announces a magnificent celebration on 4th of November and we couldn’t wait anymore. It’s time to hold your breath because the mega occasion has everything worth your attention! In this event, you will get to meet youth icons, Laure and Indra Joshi.

Laure is a famous young Nepali singer who has won millions of hearts with his rap talent. He has many rap and pop songs on his credit. Laure was the most searched Nepali of 2013 and is currently doing a reality show. He is a judge in the show. Being a famous media personality, Laure has a great fan following.

Indira Joshi is also a well-known Nepali singer and a judge of Nepali idol. She has also judged many other hit tv shows including miss Nepal. Indira has more than 300 songs on her credit and she has earned fame with her talent and hard work. She has also worked with international celebrities and produced some mega hit collaborative songs. With a lot of awards and achievements, Indira has no stopping.

indira joshi

Both the above-mentioned celebrities are coming to Club 16 on the 4th of November. The episode is going to be super fun and you need to be there to witness it yourself!

What else is brewing?

Aha! You got it.

Club 16 has always more to offer. They certainly know how to raise the expectation bar. 4th November is surely going to be a memorable day.

Not only Indira and Laure are coming but another big surprise is on the way. On 4th November, Club 16 will announce the winner of their famous iPhone contest.

For the iPhone contest, you may visit our page if there is still a chance to participate. As there are still some days left, we suggest participating in the contest to increase your chance of winning.

iPhone contest

Those who are already waiting for the winner may hold their hearts because finally the name will be announced live on the stage. If you have already participated in a show, then you have to come to be a part of the final announcement. You never know!

9 Reasons why you should never miss the occasion of 4th November?

We have a lot to make our point and trust us, you will agree with all your heart.  So come and have a blast!

Here are a few reasons why you should never miss the occasion.

  • Laure and Indira are going to set the stage on fire. Laure is a rap king and Indira is a melody queen. The duo is already loved widely and now you can witness it too.
  • Indira is a harmonium expert too. Experience the enchantment of her live performance.
  • Laure is known for his energetic stage presence. Both of them will surely drive the crowd crazy with their mind-blowing performances.
  • This is going to be a two-in-one deal. You can enjoy both the live concert and have a fun night with friends and partners.
  • Prepare yourself to witness back-to-back nonstop crazy performances. You are going to be super recharged during the whole event.
  • The winner of the iPhone will be announced live on stage. If you have participated, the winner could be you too!
  • There will be music, fun, booze, and dance. The occasion has everything for a party lover.
  • Club 16 is a fun place and you will never want to miss it anyway. The entertainment factor and ambiance rating of the place are already top-ranked in the city.
  • There will be a crowd of likewise where you will share a joint experience and thrill of the show.

So come and dive into the ocean of unlimited fun and enjoy the vibrancy of the event.

Why is Club 16, the entertainment guru?

club and fun

Because it is in our blood and bones. Wait! we mean beats and booze…

Club 16 knows its beloved customers. We try our best to make your every experience with us memorable. Being the finest club in the town, Club 16 has elite standards and exquisite services. We want the best for our customers and it’s our pride that we settle for nothing less.

Also, Club 16 is a safe place for every community member regardless of ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Anyone can come and we own every one of you!


Will Laure and Indira perform on 4th of November?

Yes, Laure and Indira will be there for some remarkable performance.

Is there an open invitation for all?

Yes! You are precious and we want you here.

What if the iPhone winner is not present at the event?

No worries! If the winner will not be present at the moment, the iPhone will be sent to him later on.

Where is the Club 16 Located?

It’s on street 16, Lakeside, Pokhara. Don’t forget to come!

Is the iPhone winner for real?

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s totally real and that is why the winner will be announced live on stage.

What about the iPhone scam by another party?

Club 16 management will file a complaint and take strict legal action against those who are advertising on their behalf. No other party is allowed to publicize fake events. Customers are advised to direct their concerns to Club 16 only. The event is strictly the intellectual property of the club.

Also, if you get any calls or messages regarding the iPhone win, it’s fake because the winner will be announced live. Only rely on our website and Instagram page

The link to both is


Any other page or link is fake.

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