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Why Are Moscow Mule Cocktails Served in Copper Mugs?

moscow mule in copper mugs

Moscow Mule is a very famous and refreshing nightclub cocktail that is served in copper mugs. People do wonder if specifically using copper mugs has anything to do with the taste or ingredients of the cocktail. So today, we have decided to give you an answer to this unique tradition of using copper mugs. 

When Did the Tradition Of Copper Mugs Started For Moscow Mule?

This tradition of serving Moscow Mule in copper mugs started back in the 1940s. The Cocktail was created by John Martin and Jack Morgan. John was an executive at Heublin and Jack was the owner of cock and Bull restaurant in Los Angeles. They started using copper mugs as a unique marketing strategy. They bought mugs in bulk from a woman who was looking to sell excessive orders. So what started as a genius marketing strategy, became a success worldwide. They gained not only fans of drinks but also the ones who were attracted to the aesthetic appeal of the drink.

In less than no time, the drink became distinctively popular and visually striking copper mugs added to its aesthetic appeal. The cocktail became recognizable and was very photogenic and instantly recognizable. People started feeling connected to this customization and loved the drink and the way it was presented. So what once started as Smirnoff vodka promotion, became a global sensation.

Is Copper Mug Only For Branding Purposes?

copper mugs for moscow mule
copper mugs for moscow mule

No doubt, the use of copper mugs made the drink unique and memorable. It gave the cocktail, the branding it deserved. Even nowadays, people not only love sipping this cocktail but also post its aesthetic picture on their social media forums showing off the drink. 

Well, copper mugs are not only for branding and memorability it has some cool benefits too. We all know copper is a very good conductor of electricity, it also conducts and retains cold temperatures. In copper mugs, your drink stays fresh as new and cold as ice, making the whole cocktail experience worth trying. 

Unlike copper mugs, drinks drop their temperatures relatively faster in glass mugs or other materials. Also, due to thermal conductivity copper gets cold and the exterior of the mug becomes frosty, giving that sensational crispy feeling to lips. When you hold the mug, the overall, experience becomes much more enjoyable.

Does Copper Mug Change The Taste Of Moscow Mule?

Many cocktail lovers believe it does!

They believe, copper is a metal and it interacts with ginger beer, lime and vodka and results in a unique taste that is impossible to achieve otherwise. Our knowledge suggests that it might not be an entirely made-up story as lime is acidic and it can have chemical reactions with copper resulting in metallic taste. That metallic taste complements ginge beer very well. So Yeah! copper mugs do enhance the taste of Moscow Mule. 

What Else Can Copper Mug Contribute to In Moscow Mule?

moscow mule cocktail
moscow mule cocktail

Using copper mugs for Moscow Mule is a tradition that needs to be continued forever. So we think not using a copper mug for this cocktail should be taken as an offence. 

Practically, Copper mugs are a wise choice for presentation and to enhance the sensory experience. 

Copper mugs are durable and are less likely to break so if you have a bar, the chances of crockery damage are a lot less than normal. They don’t need that fragile handling and care from staff either. So you can invest once and have benefits for the long term.

Copper mugs not only add value to your crockery and investment but they can also be used multipurpose. They keep hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder for longer periods. So apart from cocktails, they can also be used to serve hot chocolates, mulled wine etc.

Care and Maintenance

Like any other crockery, copper mugs also need proper maintenance and care. 

  • You need to hand wash them using mild soaps. Using of aggressive chemicals to wash the mugs, may dim the copper shine and finish with time.
  • Use vinegar and salt occasionally to maintain the shine and remove the tarnish.
  • Always dry them before storing them as water can damage the overall look of the glass. 

Why You Should Not Use Copper Mugs For Moscow Mule Cocktail?

Well, we know how copper mugs are a tradition and the drink only deserves to be served in copper mugs however, keep this in mind that copper mugs are lined with stainless steel or nickel. This lining prevents copper from coming into direct contact with acidic ingredients. If your copper mugs are relatively old and the lining is distorted, the drink can come in direct contact with copper. This can create copper toxicity. 

Always buy good quality, FDA-approved copper mugs so you can ensure a safe drinking experience for you and your customers. Keep checking your crockery regularly to ensure its safety.

Overall, copper mugs are an old tradition to be used for serving Moscow Mule and drink enthusiasts believe that it impacts the taste too. So there is no harm in using copper mugs for Moscow Mule. Just ensure safety by using properly lined, safe copper mugs.

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