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How and What to Set in a Home Cocktail Bar for a Dinner Party?

setup a cocktail bar

Dinner parties with friends and family are lit. You want to make it as perfect as it can be. what about setting up a cocktail bar at home for a dinner party? It surely elevates your whole experience. So today, we will try to answer all your queries about setting up a cocktail bar at home for a dinner party. We wish you nothing other than an unforgettable evening with your loved ones.

How To Set Up A Cocktail Bar At Home For Dinner Party?

Here are a few tips about setting up your cocktail bar.

Choose The Location


Setting up a cocktail bar can be challenging especially if you have limited space. It must not hinder your party and provide full access to guests. The cocktail bar at the best spot is not only convenient but is also important. Make sure whatever location you choose, is within access of the dining area but it must not hinder your food preparations or serving. Also, the bar area must be spacious enough to fill in your guests so they can socialize while having drinks and cocktails.

The best place to set up a bar at home is the kitchen island or aside table. You can also set up a mini bar cart at the side where it is accessible to guests. If you have a large space or outdoor area, you can set up a bar outside too.

Buy Tools For Your Cocktail Bar

Remember that setting up a cocktail bar requires a good budget too. However, there is a catch too. You can buy tools and equipment once only and you can reuse them at parties later on too. Some of the important tools include a shaker, jigger, strainer, muddler, spoon, citrus juicer, Ice bucket and tongs. A secret to setting up a good cocktail bar is having the right tools. All these tools are important as they are used for mixing, shaking and straining cocktails. You need accurate measurements and to strain out other ingredients too. Muddler is important as you need to crush mint and fruits for cocktails. Similarly, cocktails are incomplete without ice.

Set up all these tools within the range so you can have easy access while making cocktails.

Buy The spirits

The cocktail bar needs spirit too. Buy Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey and liqueres. You can mix and match them to make different cocktails. Surprise your guests with your unique recipes. 

Apart from alcoholic drinks, include soda, juices, syrups and non-alcoholic options for variety and to cater to everyone’s needs.

Moreover, you will also need garnishing for your cocktails. Include herbs, fruits, citrus cucumber and jalapeno slices for the presentation of your cocktails. For your dinner party, set up all the in small bowls or trays for easy access.


Crockery is very important for a cocktail bar. Different glasses not only add aesthetic appeal to your setup but also bring an exquisite dining experience. Different types of drinks are served in different glassware. For martini and cocktails, you need martini glasses. Whiskey and rock cocktails are served in rock glasses. For drinks with mixers, you will need highball glasses. Classic cocktails are served well in coupe glasses. Wine glasses are for wine. 

Set up each type of glass in a separate tray and make sure they are out of reach of children. (if they are also invited to your dinner party). Make them easily accessible so guests won’t have to be extra careful while handling them.  

Setup The Area For the Cocktail Bar

decorate the cocktail bar
decorate the cocktail bar

To set up a cocktail bar, first place the things that are most frequently used. These include glasses, basic cocktails, spoons, ice etc. There is a separate space for glassware and garnishes. Make access to the bar easy to come and go. So guests can take and leave without getting the place crowded. 

Decorate the space nicely and don’t add extra decorations that make the place crowded. Try to get creative with garnishing trays and stylish bar mats. As you are arranging a dinner party, make sure the area is well-lit. Nice lightning doesn’t only add a decorative touch but also allows the guests to see the drinks. One important thing, keep an empty tray or trash bin nearby so guests can discard lemon zests, stir sticks and other disposable items without creating a fuss.

Make A Menu

Your cocktail bar will be more enjoyable if guests can have their menu. So you may print the menu at home and present it to your guests to choose between drinks. Make separate sections for classic cocktails, signature drinks and mocktails. Allow guests to please themselves with the bar experience. You can provide separate menus to guests or take out a print and paste it nearby for everyone to see. 

Make some cocktails pre-batch so it can save time. If possible hire a professional bartender for a gig or ask your friend to help out. Get creative with drinks and involve your guests for a fun experience. If your guests want to make their drinks themselves, you can also have printed-out recipes to hand them over. 

Cleanup Your Cocktail Bar After The Party

After a party, the mess can be exhausting to clean. So make sure you keep things in check while the party is going on. Also, clean everything well after the party so you can enjoy the best experience in future too.

Make sure your guests do not over-consume alcohol. Hire help for post-party cleanup. You may install dustbins in a few corners so there is no mess in the first place. It will be easy to clean up later on.

We hope with our tips, you will be able to set up a nice cocktail bar at your home and your friends and family will enjoy it a lot. 

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