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What Is Cocktail Party DressCode For Women

cocktail party dresscode for women

Cocktail parties are fun but the usual girl problem of ” what to wear” is still there. Cocktail parties have their themes and ambience and one has to dress accordingly. The cocktail party dresscode for women should be somewhere between formal and casual. The key is to not look over or underdressed. 

Today is our article for all the divas who are invited to a cocktail party and they want to know how they can rock the look!

Cocktail Party Dress Code For Women 

Cocktail parties are usually semi-formal kind of eventsWhen you get the invitation. always ask for the theme from the invitee. Though usually, they tell you, nothing harms in being a little extra efficient. 

In General, women can wear,

  • A dress that is just above the knees. Too short dresses in for nightclubs and too-long dresses are for very formal events. So going mid-length will save your day.
  • Instead of shimmery outfits, choose decent laces and flairs. 
  • Go for safe colours like black, navy, burgundy etcThis is to make sure that you look timeless and ethereal. 
  • Choose satin or chiffon for fabric so your dress can have a neat fall. 
  • Don’t wear loose-fitting clothesInstead try cuts that enhance your body features decently.

Formal Dress Code For Cocktail Party

For formal cocktail parties, elegance is a must, so try wearing an elegant evening gown. Choose velvety or silk gowns for added glamour. A little embroidery or sequin work will add that perfect allure to your dress. Gown length must be below the knees or wear a full-length gown. Enhance your dress with a catchy clutch or purse.

Everything is getting modernized so you can also wear 2 piece dress on cocktails rather than gowns only. Wear a blouse or skirt and experiment with them. Or wear a blouse and pants for a chic look. You can play with blouse styles, sleeve styles, skirt lengths etc to create a perfect look according to your body type. 

Also, the texture of your fabric, prints and patterns play an important role in your overall look. Go for decent ones. 

Which Hairdos Go Best With a Cocktail Party Dresscode? 

hairdo for cocktail party
hairdo for cocktail party

Hair is very important for any look. Your hairstyle must match your dress and your personality. Some of the best classic hairstyles that you can wear confidently at cocktail parties are 

Elegant Bun Updo

Classic elegant Bun updo is a safe choice for women who are wearing gowns. According to your event, you can add twists like braids or wearing head jewellery to uplift your look. This kind of updo shifts focus towards your dress and jewellery so they must be top-notch. 

Soft Waves

Soft waves are again in fashion and they give a modern yet classic chic style. You can wear this hairdo with gowns, skirts and even pants. However, make sure they should look like your style. Make them loose and blended. Too firm waves or using too much hairspray can ruin the overall vibe. 

Pony Tails

When worn with gowns, ponytails give a very formal look. They also reduce years from your look. So if you want to look young, go for this hairstyle. You can wear customized ponytails with pants and skirts. Add volume or make a hairbow for dramatic effect. With ponytails, wear elegant earpieces.

Side Swept Hairstyle

This hairstyle is very perfect if you are attending your cocktail party with plus one. It gives a very “date look”. This hairstyle also makes you look elegant and “womanish”.

Jewellery To Go With Cocktail Party Dresscode

cocktail party jewellry
cocktail jewellry

Well, jewellery highlights your overall look. As a cocktail party dress code ensemble, you can wear

  • Glamourized earrings. Gemstones have unique charm so try wearing earrings with a single large gemstone. 
  • You can wear bold rings on your fingersThey catch attention when you are having conversations so try to be careful while selecting the rings. They must not be too complicated or, layered. A single ring with a statement jewel can do the job. 
  • Perfect necklaces can steal all the limelightSo for neck pieces, choose very elegant jewellery that has a more royal look rather than going dramatic. Alsochoose a layered necklace to complete your dress. 
  • Bracelets add charm to your personality. For the cocktail party dress code, wear cool and beautiful bracelets. Make sure not to go “nightclub funky”. Customized bracelets give a more decent look and reflect your personal choices. Elegant wristwear can uplift your whole persona. 

Shoes That Go With Cocktail Party Dresscode For Women

cocktail dresscode shoes
cocktail dress code shoes

You must select the right shoes for your cocktail party. They may not steal the limelight but can complement your outfit completing the overall look. Here are some wise shoe choices that go with the cocktail party dress code for women. 

  • Pumps are an elegant and comfortable choice for women. Choose heel length wisely. Slit dresses look good with high heels whereas skirts look chic with a mid-height heel. 
  • Choose shoes with delicate straps to enhance your feet and give an overall elegant look.
  • Embellished heels might not be very good choice but embellished flats can be a nice addition to your outfit. 
  • you can also wear peep-toe heels for a flirty and playful look. Peep-toe heels go with all kinds of cocktail dresses. Also, they are very comfortable for the occasion. 
  • Metallic heels can be a safe choice in footwear. Choose classic colours like silver, gold, bronze etc. Metallic heels look good with both shimmery and non-glazed dresses. 
  • While selecting shoes, make sure they are comfortable because whatever party you are going to, uncomfortable shoes can ruin your day.

Some Do’s and Don’t For Cocktail Party Dress Code

woman enjoying cocktail
cocktail party dress
  • Before choosing cocktail party dresses, always keep the time of the day in mind. Evening dresses are different than dresses for noon. 
  • Make sure your look is polished and refined because cocktail events are all about elegance and exquisite. 
  • Avoid sultry dresseas revealing clothes look bad on such occasions. They are the wrong kind of attention. 
  • Pay attention to every aspect of your dress whether it be a dress, jewellery or shoes. 
  • Don’t go casualIt’s like insulting the invitee. 
  • Don’t go over dresses, you will make fun of yourself. 
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