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Join the Halloween party with DJ Swatkat in Club 16!

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Forget about traditional witches, pumpkins, and ghosts, because this Halloween we are going Swatkat!

Club 16 brings you an exclusive Halloween event and DJ Swatkat will be performing. Yoohoo!

The beauty of Club 16 is that they seem to know us by heart. Every occasion, one after another is an irresistible temptation and we guess the club is going to be our permanent weekend residence. If you are also thinking about a permanent couch there, Wait, they already have a VIP lounge area for that.

The mysterious DJ Swatkat

who is swatkat

The talent speaks for itself and DJ Swatkat is proof.

If you wanna know who is Swatkat, we are as clueless as you. Except we all know he is a masked man who is a maestro in EDM.  The man doesn’t need to show his face because his marvelous work says it all.

In recent times, our mask man has gained quite the attention and reputation from the audience. Everyone who loves clubbing seems in awe of DJ Swatkat. His expertise in EDM has given the audience, an opportunity to enjoy the “newness”  in the niche. Our virtuoso has some mind-boggling hits on his record. He has worked with top labels like Spinning’ Records, Don Diablo’s Hexagon, Laidback Luke’s Mixmash, and Hardwell’s Revealed recordings.

Swatkat seems to aim for horizons as his music is making its way to people’s hearts. Also, his mysterious head mask has already marked its presence into the famous game, PUBG. DJ Swatkat has created a few wonderful tracks like “Dance”, “Can you feel it”, and “Easy to love”. He has also collaborated with famous stars like DJ Tiara for “Love got you”. His many tracks are yet to release and conquer the audience’s hearts.

DJ Swatkat in Club 16!

Halloween party

Club 16 has surely done a clever move. They have got this one!

Inviting DJ Swatkat to Club 16 is the best Halloween idea ever. His mask already adds a mystery to his persona and his tracks bring enchantment to the public. So my dearies, Don’t forget to come and indulge in this lively and fun experience.

Be playful with masks and costumes and join the Swatkat and Club16 gang!

The presence of Dj Swatkat has also given the event, a theme idea. You can dress up using cool Halloween costume ideas and join the club.

Who can come and join the party?

Everyone who is 18+ can come and be a part of this worth attending sensational event. DJ Swatkat knows how to drive the crowd crazy with his back-to-back tracks. His fingers are proficient enough to cast the right spell and keep you charged the whole night.

Why is this the right idea?

Stop collecting the sweets this Halloween, because Club 16 has a whole jackpot for you.

Come on! This is the best idea for adults to spend their Halloween in the most fun way. What else would you want to do other than dance and celebration? So don’t miss out on this opportunity to take out some time for yourself and feel lively again.

Club 16 has given us another chance to have a memorable experience and we can’t resist it anymore!

There is no trick…only a treat…

When is it happening?

This Saturday!

Club 16 is arranging this event on 29th October 2022. This weekend is going to be wild and nutty.

Is there a ticket for the event?

Not every good thing is for sale! Some are free!

You don’t have to buy any ticket before the show but there is a condition of minimum spending of rs.1000. This spending includes a beer for you which technically means, the club only wants a genuine crowd. We hope you got it!

Is it ok to bring your date to the Halloween party?

Why not? Clubs are anyway fun places to hang out. Coming to a Halloween party with your +1 is the craziest fun thing you can do with your partner. It’s a role play but with fun, drinks, and dance. Join this Halloween party and Give a new perspective to your relationship.

When will the show start?

The show will start at 8:30 pm and will last as long as you can keep up your stamina. So be ready to go crazy all night. Although the first beer is included in your minimum spending, we suggest trying their world-class cocktails too. Club 16 has some of the finest collections of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

Just make sure you don’t get passed out because we want you awake and in the groove!

Some tips before joining the party

Halloween costume ideas

  • Recharge yourself as much as possible because the event is going to exhaust you like hell.
  • Be creative with the costume ideas. Get yourself funny, catchy, witty, crazy, and cool costumes.
  • Be on time because the sooner the better. Coming early will get you to the right place on the right table.
  • If you are a tourist in Nepal, this is the best opportunity to witness Pokhara’s nightlife and experience the most exciting event of your vacation. Come and make lifetime memories in Club 16.

What is not allowed?

You can’t bring your own booze or any other substance with you. Club 16 realizes that this could lead to an unwanted situation. Also, they want the place to be safe for everyone. So all alcoholic or non-alcoholic purchases are strictly to be made with Club only.

Club 16 has a careful security policy and they discourage any outside intervention to compromise their security.

Also, you can’t cause any trouble to the audience. Everyone is respected at Club 16 but rules are rules. If anyone will be found causing distress or mischief amongst the audience, the Club will take appropriate action. As safety is Club 16’s priority so they ensure it by all means. That is why they are the most trusted and safe place in the town.

In the end, all we can say is “Hail Club 16” for bringing the music Gods right in front of us. We are super excited for this night with DJ Swatkat. It is going to be rocking and vibrant night indeed.

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