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Meet DJ Roxy June in Club 16 on 11th January 2023!

club sixteen Roxy June

Club 16 has once again decided to raise the heat and spice the game!

DJ Roxy June is coming to Club 16 on 11th January 2023. 

What a wonderful start to the year! You are most welcome to  Come and join us on this fantastic journey of unlimited fun, excitement, and delight.

Let’s celebrate this ladies night with a free entry for ladies!!

Hell ya, Fellas! We know this is what you were craving.

Who is DJ Roxy June?

If you don’t know DJ Roxy June then you probably are an alien. Who has just landed from a spaceship and knows nothing about who rules the hearts of millions of people on this planet, earth!

DJ Roxy June is an Asian music queen who is the most loved and demanded DJ in the world. She is from Thailand but her talent has no boundaries. She always wear headphones and is famous as a princess who wears her crown proudly..

Roxy is widely known and desired for her amazing self-taught DJ skills. Till now she has traveled worldwide. Her performances include performing in Denmark, Africa, Australia, Abu Dhabi, AUE, Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and Laos. She also had the privilege to perform at the World DJ music festival and Global Gathering music festival.

Her achievements include winning the Pioneer Lady DJ Championship 2010 and being an ambassador of V-Moda & Aerial 7 headphones. She is amongst the top 25 DJs in the world and the number one female DJ in Thailand.

Roxy is truly a talented, beautiful, and mesmerizing DJ, the world has ever experienced. She is one of the good things that has happened to clubs and music in the past few years. Roxy can make your music and clubbing experience heavenly with her magical performance.

What is DJ Roxy’s Expertise in Club Music?

DJ Roxy June spins cutting-edge electronic music, and electro to house music and lit a fire with trance, techno, and progressive music. She is coming to Club 16 on the 11th of January to sway the world at her fingertips.

Mark The Date!

party all night

Don’t miss January 11th, 2023. This is going to be the best show in the history of Nepal and Pokhara.

Since its start, Club 16 has successfully kept its audience hooked with back-to-back worth-attending shows. This time they are going to raise the bar to limitless. DJ Roxy June is a new horizon for clubs in Nepal. So everyone is invited to explore and live this experience with us!

What Is So Tempting About the Show?

DJ Roxy June, herself is enough to make up your mind for this show but we have a lot of other temptations to offer. After all, why not give our beloved audience everything?

  • Along with DJ Roxy, DJ Promiz Will also be joining her as a supporting DJ.
  • DJ Amee, DJ Ronit, DJ Denney, DJ Prawas, and DJ Czone will be there to keep you engaged with their power-pack performances.
  • Ladies will get free entry. Club 16 is a safe place for ladies who want to do clubbing and have fun.
  • Not only the free entry, but ladies will also enjoy the free shots. We totally know how our beloved female audience craves discounts. So here we are, with a lot of free fun and shots!
  • Club 16 doesn’t only satisfy your emotional appetite but also has snacks and food to satisfy your hunger. After a tiring dance session, you can charge yourself again with energizing food and cocktails.
  • Talking about drinks, we have the world’s finest alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages collection.
  • We have something for everyone. Hookah is our specialty. So if you are a hookah lover, Club 16 is your spot.
  • Our security is tight. We don’t allow any drama at our place. No fights, harassment, or hate speech is allowed at any cost.
  • Club 16 also has free car parking. Ahh! Problem solved!

How to Join The Party?

Well, go to the website, and start making your reservations. One ticket costs 1000/-rs. However, tickets are strictly on a  first come first serve basis.

We totally understand the craze of Roxy June and your love for us. Club 16 believes in delivering quality rather than focusing on quantity. We don’t want to gather an audience that we can’t handle. Everyone who comes to Club deserves our VIP treatment and to make that sure, we have a limited number of tickets available.

Well, why should boys have all the fun? This night is Ladies night. Only boys have to purchase the ticket.

Those with reservations will be allowed to take one lady inside for free with each ticket they have bought. If you have more female friends with you, that depends on their luck and our availability of space. Ladies gang will have free entry on a first come basis. So time is treasure here. This is the best day to invite your friends, partner, and even a date.

When Will the Show Start?

party all night

All our shows start at 8′ o clock. Come a little early to mark your place in the entry queue. However, we can only guarantee starting time, closing is up to you! Have fun all night and we are bound to stay with you!

Some FAQs we receive!

  • Can I have DJ Roxy’s autograph on my heart? I am a dying hard fan…

Well, that depends on DJ Roxy and you! Who are we to come between a star and her fans?

  • Can I come?

Yes, why not? We welcome everyone. You are as prestigious and welcome as every other guest.

  • I am coming as a drag queen?  Does that count as a lady too?

If you say you are a lady, we have no objection. All ladies, trans females, and you, love! Everyone is welcome for free. We celebrate humanity 24/7.

  • Is refill for free shots available?


  • Where is this Club located?

Club 16 is located on street 16, Lakeside Pokhara.

See you on 11th January 2023 guys!





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