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Find out the best club in Pokhara; Pokhara nightlife

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Looking for the best club in Pokhara?

Your vacations can be awesome if you know the best clubs in Pokhara because Pokhara nights are worth relishing!
Nepal is a heavenly destination for nature lovers. One must see the landscapes, temples, and waters of Pokhara to admire the natural beauty at its core. Apart from its beauty Pokhara has more to it. It has life! And Club 16! the best club in Pokhara.

The best Night Club in Pokhara

All the best nightclubs in Nepal are in Pokhara. It is a tourist Den for its young nights and dreamy days. In your dream vacation, you need everything to chill out and party. Pokhara nights are worth fancying your dreams.
The best area to stay in Pokhara is near any nightclub where you can enjoy your night and hang out with friends and family. If you are looking for the best place to hang out in Pokhara we recommend Club 16!

Why club 16 is the best club in Pokhara?

After your day hunt to explore Pokhara, you need to get recharged and feel fresh at night. Club 16 offers you an amazing nightlife experience that you will never forget.
Club 16 is the best night club in Pokhara indeed because

It is the best dance club in Pokhara

Imagine a dance experience where you don’t miss a single beat. Club 16 has a very unique feature to offer to its visitors. It has theatre quality sound system. For the first time in the clubbing history of Pokhara, you can savor the finest quality beats and dance your heart out in the best dance bar in Pokhara.
So level up your dance game because Dance lovers are highly welcome in Club 16 to show what they have in their pocket. With club 16 theater quality music experience, you can go crazy and forget everything.

Live music

Experiencing live music is a soul refreshing experience. Pokhara has a lot of places where you can enjoy live music. If you are a concert fan and want to relish the best live music in Pokhara, Club 16 is your place. They offer live shows on and off. You just have to book your ticket online.
So while planning your vacation, we suggest ticking a live music experience on your to-do list.

club 16 has a separate VIP sitting lounge

It’s ok if you don’t want to feel the beat and get absorbed in the heat of raging music. If you need a nice sitting area to take out all the tiredness of the day, Club 16 is best for this reason. They have a calm and refreshing VIP spot for you. Where you can loosen up yourself and relax on your terms. You can just have a nice chit-chat session, some snacks, and the finest drinks.
The VIP area has a separate entrance so you can skip that noisy part and land directly into your comfort heaven. We bet, your experience in Club 16 is going to be unforgettable.

Make some friends while you are in the best club in Pokhara!

What is traveling well for if you are not meeting some likewise souls in your journey? In Club 16, you can find your soul mates and who knows friends for a lifetime too. Club 16 is the friendliest place you will ever see.
As the place is full of tourists, you will get a good chance to socialize and make friends. The place has magic that makes you fall in love with yourself and everything around you.


No clubbing experience is complete without some drinks and chatter. If you are looking for a nice place to hang out and spend some quality time with friends, go to Club 16. They have the finest cocktails, Hookah, and alcoholic beverages. Their barmaids are maestros! And every single cocktail is worth trying.

Custom themed parties

Traveling with your squad is fun. It doesn’t matter if they are your friends, family, or partners. A lot of people love planning destination parties. Some love to celebrate nice beach birthdays and others like to have worth-remembering bachelorette parties.
Clubbing is all about some harmless fun where you can forget yourself and your hectic life for a few spans. Whatever, surprise or arranged party you are trying to celebrate just make Club 16 your partner. You won’t regret your decision because they arrange excellent custom parties on customers’ requests.

The whole world in a single place

Our world is a place to cherish and love and Club 16 understands it all.
Club 16 has another very promising edge over other nightclubs. They don’t judge you!
Clubbing is also about escaping a little from harsh realities and diving into the world that is as perfect as your imagination. There is no racism or sexism allowed in Club 16. You can be who you are! and who you want to be!
One good thing about Club 16 is that they are LGBTQ friendly place and welcome all genders and ethnicity. They have a strict No hate tolerance policy and every human being is welcome without any restrictions.

The security aspect

Tourism is a tricky business and people can be unpredictable. What is good than having fun and that too in a safe zone? A place as rich as a club needs someone to keep things in check if anything starts going out of place.
Club 16 just won our hearts because they provide the best security to their visitors. Now you can have fun and that too without worrying about the law and order situation because they have got everything under control.

Our conclusion

So in a nutshell, based on our experience in Club 16. It is the best nightclub in Pokhara because
Dance = check
Best music experience = check
Lively experience = check
Drinks= check
Security= check
Privacy= check

With everything checked, don’t delay to check-in yourself in the club. Try their website for ticketing and other information. We bet you will second us that the Pokhara night view is different when you see it through Club 16.

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