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How Is The Nightlife In Pokhara And What Can You Do?

Nightlife in pokhara

Pokhara is indeed heaven on earth. It has so many places to visit and activities to offer that one can never get bored of Pokhara. People who visit Pokhara once, always want to go back because the scenic beauty and unforgettable memories, lock your heart away! Nightlife in Pokhara is equally Magical as day life.
There are lots of clubs, bars and places to visit. Also, there are a lot of fun activities that keep you hooked throughout the night. So grab your bags and get ready to absorb the aroma of fresh air, and the scenic beauty of lush hills and majestic mountains of the Himalayas.

How to Enjoy The Nightlife of Pokhara

Pokhara is a must-visit place. If you have ever been to Pokhara, you know how you can never resist the temptation of the place. Here is what you can do to enjoy the nightlife in Pokhara.

Watch Sunset From Sarangkot

sangrakot sunrise
sangrakot sunrise

Sarankot Lies in The Northeast part of Pokhara. The place has a beautiful top hill view and just being there is an otherworldly experience. You can easily go to this place via public transport. Sarangkot is also famous for paragliding.
The sunset view from Sarangkot is just Magical. Sun setting in backdrop of mountains and hues spreading on skies, can’t just be expressed right in words.

Go For Evening Walks In Pame

enjoy nightlife in pokhara by going to walk at pame
pame pokhara

Pame is within walking distance of the lakeside. The place is so wonderfully beautiful and romantic. People who paraglide from sarangkot usually land at Pame. Romantic walks on the bridge of Pame is an adventure that you must never miss with your partner. Also, the view of Fewa Lake is more lively and fascinating from here.

Spend a Night at Bhangjyang Village

enjoy night at bhanjyang Village lodge pokhara

Bhangjyang village is a very beautiful place. It looks straight from the fairy tale. You must spend the night here and experience the moment as much as you can.

Go To Bars And Clubs To Enjoy Nightlife In Pokhara

Pokhara is full of bars and clubs. The city has clubs in almost every other lane. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy the nightlife in Pokhara to your fullest. For example, Club Sixteen is the best place to spend your night out. Here you can enjoy yourself with friends or family.
Pokahra is also crowded with many local bars where you can have alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages of the finest quality. You can even go out alone and socialize with strangers there. Many karaoke bars in Pokhara offer a fun experience and locals and foreigners enjoy under the same roof.

Visit Temples

tibet refugee camp- enjoy nightlife in pokhara
tibet refugee camp

If you are not a club person that’s ok. Pokhara Got you! There are temples and calm places where you can find inner peace. Visiting temples in the calm of the night can be a spiritually strengthening experience.  You can visit the Tibet refugee camp or peace stupa. Explore your spirituality in these beautiful yet serene places. The view of Pehwa Lake from above the World Peace Pagoda is mesmerizing.

Go Boating and Explore Caves

mahendra cave
mahendra cave

Night boating is an adventurous activity. If you are a person who seeks an adrenaline rush, we suggest going boating in Pehwa Lake or visiting caves at night. Mahendra Cave and Bat Cave are very famous places in Pokhara.

However, we suggest going with a local guide. Nighttime can be tricky and dangerous for newbies. Also, if you are not a local, you are prone to safety threats. Having someone by your side can keep you in check. At least, they will know the do’s and don’t of the area.

Explore the Local Markets And Culture Of Pokhara

If you want to experience traditional Nepali culture, you can attend some Nepali dance shows or musical performances. Visitors can also explore local markets and shops. Enjoy buying some handicrafts, souvenirs, and traditional artwork. Take a peek at Nepali culture and heritage. Pokhara markets come alive at night.

If you are getting bored and want some literary experience, visit the museum in Pokhara.

Enjoy Food

Nepali food is one of the best in the world. If you are a foodie and aim to explore the nightlife in Pokhara, why not experience some local food? The city is full of restaurants and food spots. Many outdoor places offer great dining experiences. You can dine, meet strangers and enjoy the fullest at these places.

What Are Dont’s Of Nightlife In Pokhara?

Well, though Pokhara aims to deliver unlimited fun and adventure. One should be careful before indulging in nighttime activities. Here are a few things one must keep in mind before going out

  • Never go outside alone. Quiet places always have their own risk. Since people from all over the world come here, you can never know the criminal intention of any being.
  • Avoid buying drugs or doing drugs with strangers. You can land in serious problems.
  • Don’t overdrink. Keep your alcohol limit in check.
  • Keep in mind that if you are to be involved in illegal or unethical practise, Nepali Police is fond of raiding.
  • Make sure you have full knowledge of the activity that you are going to do. We suggest doing proper research about place, timings, nature of activities etc.
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