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Best Karaoke Bars In Pokhara

karaoke bars in pokhara

Music has always been a great medium to express oneself and what is better than a karaoke bar? Karaoke bars are places where people can sing their hearts out. Usually, in such bars, instrumental versions of popular songs are played and a person gets to sing with tunes. It is indeed a fun exercise to do. Most people perform in karaoke bars to show their talent, make an impression, or sometimes just have a burst of silly laughter with friends. Today, we will talk about popular karaoke bars in Pokhara where you can enjoy with mates. But First,

How to Spot a Karaoke Bar?

Karaoke bars are no different than ordinary bars. There can be a Karaoke setup in a club, restaurant, or outdoor seating. You just have to have an eagle eye to spot if you have a chance to sing your heart out or not.
Karaoke bars usually have a stage or designated area where singers perform. Also, you may see a screen displaying lyrics and audio equipment like microphones, speakers, and amplifiers. The only thing missing will be you!

This is how you spot a karaoke bar when you are in Pokhara.

  • Karaoke bars have tons of records and millions of tunes to play with. You will find almost all popular songs in a karaoke bar. They are like a library of music where you can find a wide range of songs from various genres, languages, and eras. You can easily browse your favourite songs from their digital systems. Many karaoke bars will have access to the internet with unlimited music with just one click.
  • Karaoke bars are famous for their social settings. They promote love, laughter and community bonding. In a Karaoke bar, you can enjoy alone, with friends, with strangers and with practically everyone around.
  • It’s normal for people in a bar to cheer for one another and become a part of a greater enjoyment scene. Karaoke bars are usually very chill places with cool people around.
  • As the Karaoke bar offers a place to enjoy, there will always be a place for food or drinks. Many karaoke bars offer snacks and a full-fledged menu to keep people hooked and entertained. In Pokhara, most karaoke bars offer drinks, cocktails and meals depending on the venue.
  • Well, not everyone is confident enough to sing in front of a larger audience. So many karaoke bars provide private rooms for groups to enjoy karaoke in a more intimate setting. These rooms typically include seating, a karaoke system, and a selection of songs. Such rooms are usually popular for celebrations, parties, or gatherings with friends and family.
  • In Pokhara, many karaoke bars host themed nights to keep their audience entertained. Sometimes, there are fun competitions too. In the end, there could be prizes to make the participants happy. Also, in many karaoke bars in Pokhara, there are tribute nights dedicated to specific artists or genres, or guest performances by local singers or bands.

Best Karaoke Bars In Pokhara

If you are looking for some community fun in Pokhara, these karaoke bars are for you

Upbeat Music Bar And Restaurant

karaoke bar in pokhara
upbeat music bar and restaurant

Situated on the North Lakeside, this bar is one of the most loved places by visitors. Although the bar/restaurant food could improve a little, visitors enjoy their time here. This place encourages people to bring out their inner musicians. This is the best platform for many local artists where they can show their talent. The place also offers themed events like Funky Friday where people get to sing along with their musicians. This place has a super relaxed and fun atmosphere.

O2 Bar and Grill Karaoke Bar

o2 bar and grill pokhara
o2 bar and grill Pokhara

People have rated this place for its friendly vibes. Here you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family as this is the perfect place to hang out with your loved ones with a wonderful view of the lake. They have a good atmosphere with cool music and a wide selection of cocktails and drinks. Their shisha is a must-try one. So don’t forget to drop by whenever you are in Pokhara.

French Creperie Pokhara

karaoke bar pokhara
French creperie Pokhara

this place is loved for its food, ambience and “open mic night”. Families love to come and have a nice time here. This is also the best place to chill with friends. Their coffee and beer are famous among visitors. They have a “Jam session” with visitors that provides a memorable experience. In an open Mic session, you can witness foreigners and Nepali people singing together. Here you can meet a lot of people from everywhere and you will make a lot of friends.

Fresh Elements Restaurant


Fresh Elements restaurant is a great place to listen to live music while enjoying delicious food. People love this place for its excellent food and ambience. The live music seems perfectly embedded in the environment.

Club Sixteen Pokhara

club sixteen
club sixteen

If you are a fan of live music, there can be no better place than Club 16 to visit. They offer live shows, themed music nights and lots of events for visitors. People from different cultures seem to unify under their roof. The place is filled with love, dance and laughter.

These are a few karaoke bars in Pokhara that provide a unique entertainment experience for visitors. They combine music, food, and social interaction and make your visit memorable. These places not only cater to diverse tastes in music but also offer opportunities for solo performances, group sing-alongs, and friendly competitions.

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