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DJ OLA RAS is coming to Club 16!

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They say the best DJs are musicians too! but what if a DJ is a musician, entertainer, performer, and one of the best DJs in the world?

Yes,  You guessed it right! we are talking about DJ OLA RAS! Get yourself geared up because DJ OLA RAS is coming to Club 16 this Friday night.

Who is DJ OLA RAS?



If you don’t know DJ OLA RAS then probably you are not more of a club person. But it’s never too late. Come on, guys! It’s time to make amends. Start preparing for clubbing as early as now!

DJ OLA Ras is one of the famous DJs who have earned their place among the top 100 DJs in the world. She is amongst the top 50 female DJs in the world too. Her expertise in music is simply mind-blowing. She is a true DJ who can light up the party and set the dance floor on fire.

What makes her amazing is her passion, energy, and her professional qualification in music and musical instruments. She has everything that a DJ must have. OLA RAS is also famous for mixing club tracks and combining both club music and her musical instrument proficiency.

she creates lively, energetic, and fun music for attendees, and uses saxophone to create an overwhelming clubbing experience. OLA RAS is a musical graduate and now studies in a music conservatory. She polished her DJ skills in a professional DJ school in Kiev. Her expertise has left a powerful impact on some of her performances and she is an award winner of many music contests.

In short, if you see beauty, brains, and boldness combined in one person, know it’s DJ OLA RAS!

When is DJ OLA RAS coming to Club 16?

Well, here is your chance to meet DJ OLA RAS because she is coming to Club 16 on 21 October, Friday. The club has already started selling tickets and people are buying like crazy. You can grab yours before the tickets run out.

Is it a good deal?

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If not then we don’t know what is. Who can say NO to DJ OLA RAS’s performance? she has this magical power to keep the crowd engaged in her aura. You can see her lively and entertaining performances on YouTube. Imagine if she can keep you hooked through a YouTube video, what is she going to do live?

Many club lovers claim that DJ OLA Ras is a “club version” of Siren and we totally agree with this. She can drive the crowd crazy, keep them enchanted under her spell, and can fill up the energy you have never witnessed before.

At this show, you will have a chance to

Aren’t Fridays Free in Club 16?

Yes, they are. In fact, until their grand opening, every day is a free entry but all the exquisite things have a price and we fear the crazy crowd for DJ OLA RAS. As your safety and fun is our priority, we have a ticket for the special occasion. Also, We don’t want the club to overflow.

DJ OLA RAS is one of the “proud moments” for the club and its prestige community so we want to extract every inch of happiness and make every second worth remembering.

Where and how to buy tickets?

buy tickets

The club has a full floor plan shared on its page. Buy the ticket according to your desired seating arrangement. You can buy tickets from Fresh elements restaurant or scan the QR code given on URL to purchase the digital tickets.

The ticket price ranges from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 27,000 (for VIP table of 9 pax) depending on if you want to buy special seating near the stage or want to enjoy while standing. If you are a crazy group who wants to spend the craziest night of their life, grab the standing ones. They are left in limited numbers only. The table price also includes the services though.

However, if you are planning a special date with your +1, get the special seating as a VIP member.

Some FAQs?

What are the date and start time of the show?

Take out your diaries and note it down. It is Friday, 21st October 2022. The show will strictly start at 10 PM.

What is the last date for buying tickets?

Well, technically, Until one day before.

However, Keep in mind that once the tickets are sold out, the club will close ticket buying on the website. You can see the number of tickets available under the ticket-buying option. We fear there will be no “on-time” purchasing available. So it is recommended to book them in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Is there any other way to buy tickets?

No! tickets are strictly available through above mentioned channels only. If anyone else claims to sell you the ticket to the event it’s not Club 16. Reports any such person or organization to the management ASAP.

Who can buy tickets?

Anyone! 18+ of age.

You, your friends, your plus one, your crazy neighbors, and your distant relatives, everyone can buy tickets and have fun.

If you are a tourist, it’s the best chance to witness a wonderful event and explore the nightlife of Pokhara. For those who don’t know, Club 16 is located at Street 16, Lakeside, Pokhara

Hurry up! We are looking forward to see you!

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