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DJ Onderkoffer in Club 16!

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They say a true magician always knows his cards and we couldn’t agree more! DJ Onderkoffer surely knows his beats very well. The super-talented DJ creates melodies that can hypnotize crowds. He is widely known and loved for his lively stage presence and his finesse in music.

well, our beloved DJ, Onderkoffer is coming to Club 16 on 25th November. Yes! You read it right. So hold your breaths and start the countdown because Onderkoffer is not someone to miss out on!

Who is DJ Onderkoffer?

DJ Onderkoffer

Everyone knows who is Onderkoffer. He is to music what a wizard to OZ is… The maestro behind the curtains. Onderkoffer has won millions of hearts with his unique DJ talent. He is a producer/DJ who has remarkable music-mixing skills. His expertise includes EDM, Trap, and Moombahton.

DJ Onderkoffer launched his first solo track in 2015 which was widely loved both by the audience and the senior DJs. It is his talent and hard work that Onderkoffer has a special charm and blessing of his fellow senior DJs. His second release was featured in Beatport Hip-hop’s top chart lists. He has some remarkable remixes on his credit as well.

Some of his lists include remixes of Riverside, Koala, SAX, and solo releases like LIT, and artificial recordings. His remix Koala also gained him worldwide popularity. Onderkoffer has shared his talent and stage with some pretty famous names in the industry like DJ Snake, Lil Jon, Eva Simon, Sidney Samsons, etc.

DJ Onderkoffer is a well-known DJ,  all around the globe and his fame is no secret. He is coming to Nepal this November and you can meet him at Club 16 on November 18th.

Why is DJ Onderkoffer so charming?

Onderkoffer DJ Charm

He is truly our pied Piper who can make the crowd do whatever he wants. If DJ Onderkoffer has decided to fill your night with fun and craziness, you have no other choice but to keep dancing around like crazy.

He is an amazing combination of both skill and talent. His DJ skills are evident in all his performances that portray his talent and creativity. We have witnessed his crowds go insanely super energetic and shake the dance floors.

When is DJ Onderkoffer coming to Club 16?

Club 16 is definitely not taking it slow and with DJ Onderkoffer on stage, the club has proven once again how much they care for their audience. They can literally jump into the ocean and come back with a shining Pearl in their hand. DJ Onderkoffer is a delightful treat for Club 16’s prestigious audience.

In Club 16, Our magician, Onderkoffer is coming to put on his show on the 18th of November and give us a worth remembering experience

Prepare yourself for the upcoming exciting event because in Club 16, nights are young and with Dj Onderkoffer, they are super fun too.

Where to buy the tickets?

You don’t need to buy the tickets. There is just a minimum spending requirement of 1000rs. This spending includes the price of a beer. So technically, all you are expected to do is come and have some fun. This also ensures that everyone coming inside the premises is a genuine audience who is in the club for the sake of entertainment. Safety first,!

What are you going to get in this show?

Unlimited entertainment and fun all night. If you have never heard about DJ Onderkoffer, we suggest listening to some of his tracks online. You will be amazed to see how he is so talented. Now imagine that same energy on a dance floor. The stage is going to be lit!

We suggest not missing this show. This is the best chance to have a fun-filled night where you can indulge yourself in party vibes for as long as you can keep up. The first drink is included in your spending but you can have all the finest cocktails in the world. Bring your friends, date, or whoever you want to have fun with you.

With DJ Onderkoffer, it is not just a DJ night. It is a disco-themed concert where both you and DJ will perform. He is going to play and you are going to dance.

Who can attend the show?

DJ Onderkoffer in show

Everyone above 18 years of age is welcome to the show. Club 16 doesn’t discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. However, The age limit is necessary because the Club understands that providing adult entertainment and alcohol to underage people is illegal.

Fun is our motto but safety is our priority. For Club 16, every member is prestigious and we never compromise on the safety of our audience.

Some tips on how to enjoy the show?

If you have never been to a club, start preparing for it now. What could be a better start than going to DJ Onderkoffer’s show? Here are a few tips to make the best of your night.

  • Choose a comfortable dress. It’s a fun show and not a fancy party. You can chill, relax and dance only if your dress is comfortable enough.
  • Pick your partners wisely. Choose a person to be your companion who is as fun-loving as you so that you both can keep up with each other’s vibes too. If you are coming with your gang, Huzzah! The more the merrier!
  • Although you can come with your date too we advise coming with friends. Or at least it should not be your first date. The first date needs attention and DJ Onderkoffer is going to steal all of that. We don’t want your first date to go wrong just because you were too busy partying like crazy.
  • Have fun but don’t drink too much that you may end up being hungover. We want you to remember every detail of the show. Trust us! Every single second is going to be worth remembering.
  • Don’t keep calm but do keep your discipline during the show.
  • Make sure you have every bit of fun extracted from the event.

In the end, mark the date and time once again in your calendar. On November 18th, 2022, DJ Onderkoffer is coming to Club 16.


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