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Join The Disco Night With Tera Bahi ZB on 10th Dec!

Tera bahi ZB

If Rap music is your thing, then this event is for you!

We are talking about ZB at Club 16 on the 10th of Dec 2022. Mark the date and get ready for an evening filled with music, fun, and craziness. The famous Bollywood singer and rapper, ZB is coming to enlighten your night. Hurry up and save a spot for yourself.

About Tera Bahi ZB

Unique in both his attire and talent, ZB has a lot of songs on his credit. Some of his famous songs include big deals, kamariya, chumma, pagli, Pagal bna doon gi, and bheegi bheegi. As ZB is a rapper so he is quite famous among youngsters who are fond of rap music.

All his songs have quite a catchy fun tune in the background that feels amazing in a club music playlist. “Tera bahi” means your brother in Hindi. So ZB connects with his audience with an opening lyric of ” tera bahi Zb” in almost all his songs. His many songs have crossed millions of YouTube views.

ZB is coming to Club 16 on the 10th of Dec where he will ignite the fire of fun and excitement. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a crazy night with tera bahi ZB.

About Rap Music

Rap music is a form of hip-hop music. The music originated in Africa and got famous worldwide during the early 70s and 80s. Rap music is more about “storytelling” in a fun musical way rather than focusing on background music like other music genres. The rhythm of Rap music lies in the storytelling aspect of the song.

Why This Disco Night is Going to be Fun?

Well, Join us on the 10th of Dec because the event is going to be worth remembering.

  • ZB is a rapper who is a pro in disco songs. You get to see and feel the rhythm moving through your veins.
  • As the event is all about Disco music, you will have non-stop energy throughout the event.
  • ZB is a maestro who can make you sway all night. So drink, dance, and get lost in the ocean of excitement.
  • Listening to Disco music in a Club 16 theatre-quality sound system is another level of experiencing music. You will feel every single beat piercing through your soul.
  • Club 16 has a great interior and ambiance that will make your experience thrilling.
  • 10th Dec is Saturday, so what other fun way to spend your weekend than having a blast at Club 16?
  • As it’s going to be Sunday the next day, you can chill all night without worrying about going to work the next day.
  • The night is going to be young and you may even end up having unlimited cocktails. After partying the whole night, you can spend the next day in bed. Sunday will save you here too.
  • We have a VIP lounge area where you can reboot after having a blast. You can dance, drink, recharge yourself, and back to dancing again.
  • Club 16 has the best bar with variety of cocktails, shisha and Alcoholic beverages.
  • If you are a Bollywood fan, get ready to indulge yourself in the Bollywood music experience.
  • For tourists in Pokhara, this event is a great chance to explore Pokhara’s nightlife.
  • It’s going to be a fun clubbing experience with opportunity to attend the mega event. Giving you A great chance to boast later in life!
  • Make some cool memories of your visit to Nepal. Club 16 is one of the best Clubs in Pokhara.

How to book the tickets?

You have to book a ticket in advance if you want to avail of the discount and get a ticket in 1000 Rs.

At door, the ticket will cost 1500 Rs and that too depends on your luck. Club 16 has a history of mega events and we fear, the tickets might be sold out before the event date. So we suggest not trying your luck here and taking real action by buying a ticket in advance. Better safe than sorry!

Where and how to buy the tickets?

You can simply go to and pre-book your ticket. At door, you can buy a ticket before entering the club premises. (though we can’t promise the availability of tickets at that time).

Who Else is Coming?

Along with Tera bahi ZB, you will enjoy the company of our resident DJS Denney, Kanxka, Ronnit, and DJ Jamee.

At what time the event will start?

The event will start sharp at 10’o clock. However, we can’t say anything about closing time. The crowd energy will decide the flow of the night. Even if you are passed out, don’t worry the club got you. Your safety is our priority.

Who can join the event?

The event is strictly for 18+ adults. Club 16 doesn’t allow underage audiences to have access to alcohol and unsupervised partying. The Club may check the customer IDs before checking in the club. (Safety is important and that is why Club 16 is the first choice for those who prefer a safe space for fun).

We understand our role as responsible citizens and are fully aware of legal matters in the country too. Club 16 is a safe space because we rigorously follow the citizenship code. The club is for every one of consenting age. We support diversity in gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. So if you are an adult and want to party all night, Club 16 calls you!

Some FAQs

What is the date of the event?

The event is going to happen on 10th Dec 2022. It will start at 10’o clock at night. The day will be Saturday.

Where can we contact the Club management?

You can visit the website for the latest news and updates. However, for the specific event above you can also contact us at 061-455744 for any queries.

Club 16 location?

Club 16 is located on street 16, Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal.

So Come, chill and have fun with us! Club 16 invites you to disco night with tera bahi ZB. Feel the Bollywood vibes and craziness on 10th Dec 2002.

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