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How to arrange the best cocktail party ever!

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From professional gatherings to pre-wedding parties and from casual get togethers to formal meetups, cocktail parties are the indispensable hype of the town. Whatever your occasion is, our articles today are about how to arrange the best cocktail party ever.

What is a cocktail party all about?

Talking about what is meant by a cocktail party? A Cocktail party is a gathering where you serve cocktails to guests. Of course, the main highlight is cocktails but other beverages and snacks are also provided. The party usually lasts for up to 2-3 hours.

Whatever the purpose is, such parties are a great source of entertainment and making social connections.

How to throw a cocktail party?

Doing the best management is how you host a good drinking party. As a host, you need to work out certain things before arranging the party. Here are a few important pre-arrangements to make.

Select your theme

best cocktail party theme

Carefully select your party theme. As cocktails parties are arranged for variant formal and informal occasions, choosing a theme indicates the purpose of your party.

For example at a formal cocktail party, you can set a professional dress code and for a wedding cocktail party, you can choose a romantic theme to follow. Occasions and festivities can have dress codes and themes accordingly.

Setting a theme for the party also motivates the expected guests to come and join the party.

Make a guest list

This is important for any occasion. Make a guest list beforehand to avoid any unnecessary situations. It will also help you in budgeting. If you want to throw a cheap cocktail party, strictly follow the guest list only.

Even if you want your party to be extravagant, we still advise you to carefully select the number of guests and avoid unnecessary crowds. You can spend those extra bucks on exquisite snacks and other things.

Venue and Menu

Carefully choose both venues and menus. If you want an indoor gathering, you can throw a cocktail party at home. For more formal meetups or if you don’t have enough space, you can go for club bookings.

Almost all good clubs have a venue for such occasions. The plus point is that you can have an unlimited supply of cocktails and the minus point is that for snacks, you have to depend on club menu. If you want best party, we suggest Club 16 in Pokhara. They have the best menu and venue and you can have both formal and fun parties there.

For outdoor events, you can consider your yard or arrange a place. However, outdoor-themed parties usually take more focus on décor.

How do you host the best cocktail party?

Well, you have set the theme and invited everyone. Now you need to focus on what is going to be served at a party and how the occasion will move forward.

Take out your dairy and note down these cocktail party essentials.

Cocktail Party Menu

The menu is the most important thing at a party. So from appetizers to snacks and drinks to garnishes, make a clear list of the menu.

To be more clear about what food is served at a cocktail party? here is a more simple answer.

Try including food that is easy to make and delightful to serve. Some of the yummy ideas for foods that go with the cocktails are meatballs, veggie bruschetta, shrimp, fresh salads, crabs, veggie and chicken rolls, smoked salmon, roasted mushrooms, roasted potatoes, or stuffed dates. You can also add desserts to your menu.

For cocktail party appetizers, keep them simple and smaller in size. Some ideas for appetizers are cheese balls, potato balls, devil eggs, shrimp cocktails, feta bites, mozzarella sticks, bacon, and dates.

Tip: In a cocktail party serve enough food but don’t exceed the budget. Also, remember that cocktail parties are not dinner or lunch parties so your menu should be fulfilling yet not included in “meals”.

Drink and Beverages

cocktails in a party

Try serving a variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks at a party. A live bar is a nice idea where barmaids can make cocktails in front of guests. This gives the guests a sense of ” acceptance” at a party. Also, keep one “drink of the day” at a party. This cheers up your guests.

Don’t forget the ice!

What is a cocktail party without ice? Make sure there is plenty of ice to make your cocktails cold and exciting.

What about Sugar, spice, and everything else nice?

By sugar we mean savory cocktails and spice means their garnishing. Try including exquisite garnishing like olives, edible flowers, and herbs. These small details make your party worth remembering.

Good Music

Good music is all that you need for a perfect cocktail party. Keep in mind that a cocktail party before the wedding is different than a professional meet and greet. So you need to choose a playlist that goes well with your theme.

At fun-themed parties, the music is more energetic and loud just like at clubs. For formal gatherings, you may need a simple harp in the background. A careful selection of music can add a new life to your party.

Entertainment factor

Joy is the priority in arranging such occasions. No matter how formal the gathering is if there is no entertainment for guests, the party is going to be a big flop and no one wants that. If you have trouble thinking about how you entertain guests at a cocktail party? Try internet. Come up with some cool cocktail party ideas and how to arrange fun activities for adults.

What are you supposed to do at the party?

As a host, all you need is smiles and a lot of smiles. You have arranged the best party, now is the time to enjoy every second of it. If it’s a professional party, introduce the guests. However, in a friend’s meetup, we expect chatter and laughs.

Is there any best time for the cocktail party?

colorful cocktails

Well, according to us fun has no time but the world seems to have reservations and we are ok with that. Usually, cocktail parties are arranged between meal times because they don’t offer full-time meal courses. The ideal time for a cocktail party is in the evening between 6-8 pm. These parties last for up to 3-4 hours.

Well, Enjoy the best cocktail party of your life. We hope we have guided you well and will continue to do so in the future. Keep hooked to our page for other nice ideas and tips.

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