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How Do You Know When Your Girlfriend Is Cheating?

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Loyalty is the most beautiful and precious part of a relationship. It protects and nurtures your relationship. A good relationship brings peace of mind. Everybody has a right to choose a partner who is honest, caring and most important of all, loyal to them. But How do you know when your girlfriend is cheating? Let’s discuss that.

Cheating seems easy but if one partner is cheating in a relationship, that relationship is bound to fail. Usually, men have less temper towards their partner when it comes to cheating. But how can anyone know that their girlfriend is loyal to them? Well, it is complex to recognize anybody’s infidelity because it is subjective and may vary from person to person. But there are some cheating signs if you want to know whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not.   

How Do You Know When Your Girlfriend Is Cheating?

Today will discuss some prominent behaviors by which you can identify whether your girlfriend is loyal to you.

Frequent Complaints

One of the most common behaviours that has been noticed in cheating is that the girlfriend starts to blame the boyfriend for everything. It is an excuse to not feel guilty. They want to believe that their boyfriend is also not good and may cheat them in the future. So that what they are doing can be justified.

Some of the most common complaints they make are that “You are not like you used to be”, “You never listen to me”, “You don’t know anything about love”, “You don’t spend time with me” or “Our priorities don’t match” etc.

Is Busy Schedule A Sign That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating?

When your girlfriend is cheating on you, she will not give you much time that she used to give. That is obvious because she will have to give more time to her new partner. Some of the most common excuses that girlfriends make are that they have to work late at night from now on. They will say that they have to travel with their family or for work on weekends or they will reply late to your calls or messages.

However, this isn’t the case every time. Little changes in schedules are acceptable like they might do something for themselves. She might be learning a new thing or developing a new hobby. So, it is ample to inquire about it completely.

What About Concealed Feelings?

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Couples are normally very open to each other, in terms of sharing their feelings, emotions, problems and their daily life routine. That thing also makes the bond stronger.

If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you, you may notice a change in her behaviour too. She will be less open to you than she used to be. She will not express her feelings anymore and will be reluctant to share all the things you used to share before.

However, there is one more point in that. This thing can also happen if she has any problem or needs support from you at that time. First, you have to judge what is the case with her. If she has any problem you can ask her with affection. If you can’t find any problem, then there is a chance that she might be cheating on you.

Does Change in Physical Appearance Can Be A Sign Of Cheating?

One of the most common signs to find that your girlfriend is cheating on you is that she suddenly starts concerning her looks. Women are generally more conscious about their physical appearance when they want to look more attractive to someone. This makes them more secure and self-confident.

However, there might be a thing that your girlfriend wants to improve her looks because she values herself and is more confident. But a sudden change in this behaviour or too much concern might be a sign that she is cheating on you.

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Why She Don’t Want to Look Like a Couple?

If your girlfriend is cheating, she will want to not look like a couple with you in public or gatherings. She suddenly doesn’t want you to hold her hand in public and doesn’t allow you to kiss her cheeks or forehead in front of someone.    

She will start to pull away when you want to hug her or kiss her in front of an audience. Your girlfriend will start doing other things and will pretend that you are just a friend and not her boyfriend. But if you guys are not involved in these types of behaviors of showing affection then you don’t need to worry.  

New Friend Can Be A Sign That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

If your girlfriend starts to talk unusually about any person and how good he is, she might be getting involved with him. You should notice the way she talks about him and how much time she spends with him. If her attitude changes and she spends most of the time with him, she might be cheating on you.

Girls can have friends. There is no need to suspect every friend she makes. But too much inclination towards someone could be a sign your girlfriend is cheating.

Is Your Girl Friend Having Commitment Issues?

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The length of the relationship, the strength of the connection, the tie between the partners and their mutual trust in the relationship are all the main factors of commitment. Low commitment, relationship stress, conflicts, and discontent may become the cause that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

If you feel your girlfriend doesn’t want to commit anything, has conflicting behaviour and there is a disconnection between both of you. There is a strong possibility that your girlfriend is cheating on you and she wants to be with someone else.

Is Less Intimacy An Evident Sign Of Cheating?

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, you might notice a change in your intimate courses with her. She will be suddenly more reluctant or more desiring intimacy. If she is reluctant she might push you away from the love gestures you do more often with her. If she is more desiring you may find new love gestures that you normally receive from her. 

Well, it is no rocket science to tell how do you know when your girlfriend is cheating on you. There are always the obvious signs. Even if it is little things, you will know. Look for the crumbles and they will lead you to witch hut.

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