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Cocktail Garnishes To Elevate Your Drinks!

cocktail garnishes

Garnishes may seem like additional decorations but they are complementary parts of cocktails and can add value to the taste palate of a drink. They can significantly alter the taste, aroma and flavour of the drink. Edible garnishes double the fun. They contribute to the texture and flavour of drinks while making it look aesthetically pleasing.
Today, we are all about the sensory experiences of cocktail drinks and how our garnishes can magically uplift our cocktails!

What Are The Edible Cocktail Garnishes?

When cocktails are served, there is one additional piece of fruit, herb or flower that makes our drink look cool. These add-ons are not only for decorative purposes. They can significantly play an important part in how your drink will taste. Many times, the sensory experience provided by these garnishes is a soul of cocktail served!

Edible garnishes are mostly served with drinks to

  • Make pairings with primary flavours of cocktail. They either go with the taste palate or complement it in a contrasting way. This enhances the flavour remarkably.
  • Sensory experience also includes how a cocktail smells. Cocktail garnishes build the overall aroma of the drink.
  • They also make the drink look incredibly good.
  • Cocktail garnishes also add texture to the drink and elevate the sensory experience.

Some Common Types of Edible Cocktail Garnishes

Citrus Slices and Zests

Usually, Lemons, Limes, Oranges, and Grapefruits are used for cocktail garnishes. They add a sense of freshness to the drink. Sometimes, citrus is used to balance out the flavours of a cocktail too. You can use citrus garnishes or thin slices or peeled zest and they can be added inside the drink or decorated on the rim of the glass.

Citrus cocktail garnishes go well with cocktails like Margaritas, Mojitos, Martinis, and Gin & Tonics.

Cocktail Garnishes Of Fresh Herbs

For Herbaceous notes Mint, Basil, Rosemary, and Thyme are used. They go well with cocktails that have herbaceous notes and earthy flavours. They complement both the taste and flavour of the drink. Sometimes they are also used with citrusy drinks to balance out the flavours and cut down the citrus.

To use herbs as garnishes, simply rub them to release the oil and put them in the drink. Cocktails like Mojitos, Juleps, and gin-based cocktails go well with herb garnishes.

Cocktail Garnishes Of Fruits and Berries

edible garnishes
edible garnishes

Fruits add freshness and sweet flavour and scent to the cocktail. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and Pineapple are used as fruit garnishes in cocktail drinks. Either hook them up on the rim of the glass or dip them in the cocktail to add a sweet note to the cocktail. Usually, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris and Sangrias go best with the fruit garnishes.


Cucumber, Celery, and Peppers are the most commonly used garnishes. They complement the spicy cocktails and add a refreshing kick to the drink. Even an Onion slice is Sometimes used to add a kick to the cocktail. Vegetable garnishes pair well with Bloody Marys, Pimm’s Cups, and some gin cocktails.

Edible Flowers

Beautiful Pansies, Violets, Lavender, and Hibiscus flowers add a very nice aesthetic appeal to the cocktail. They provide a delicate, aromatic touch and an elegant appearance. A flower floating on the top gives the drink an exquisite appeal.

For a more aesthetic look, sometimes mixologists freeze them in ice cubes. Floral garnishes go well with the Floral-infused drinks, Champagne cocktails, and gin-based cocktails.


Spices like Cinnamon Sticks, Star Anise, and Nutmeg add warmth and depth to cocktails, especially in the colder months. They have their unique taste palate and Kick. Grating them over the top brings an aroma to the drink. Hot Toddies, Mulled Wine, and Eggnog go best with spice garnishes.

different cocktail garnishes
different cocktail garnishes

Using Dehydrated Fruits As Cocktail Garnishes

Dehydrated fruit slices offer an intense flavour and a unique visual appeal. You can simply put them in a drink. Usually, Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, and Negronis use dehydrated fruit garnishes to add a sophisticated touch.

Candy and Sweets

Candy Canes, Marshmallows, and Rock Candy are unique and innovative cocktail garnishes. They bring playful and fun vibes to the cocktails. Dessert cocktails, Hot Chocolate Cocktails, and festive drinks look cool with candy and sweets. You can also use them for a particular theme.

Savoury Garnishes

Bacon, Olives, and Pickles are savoury garnishes that can provide a surprising and delightful contrast in flavour. Use them in Bloody Marys, Martinis, and some whiskey cocktails.

Tips for Using Edible Cocktail Garnishes

  • Make sure your garnish complements your drink in some way. Either it must complement or enhance the flavours of the cocktail. For example, use mint for mojitos and citrus slices for gin and tonics.
  • The cocktail garnished must also look good. Use vibrant and fresh-looking garnishes to make the drink look more attractive and feel free to post on your Instagram feed.
  • Always use fresh, high-quality ingredients for garnishes. Freshness can significantly impact both the flavour and appearance of the garnish.
  • Be creative and playful. Add a memorable experience to your drink.
  • Always prepare your garnishes ahead of time. Make sure they stay fresh. If needed freeze them in ice cubes.

Learn Pairing Edible Garnishes with Specific Cocktails

pairing cocktail garnishes with drinks


Olive or Lemon Twist are the best garnishes for Martini as they can add a savoury note that complements the gin’s botanicals and provides a citrus twist enhancing the drink’s aroma.

Old Fashioned

Orange Peel and Cherry are suitable garnishes for old-fashioned drinks. Orange peel balances the sweetness of the cocktail and cherry adds a touch of fruity sweetness.


Mojito Pairs Well with Mint Sprig and Lime Wedge. Fresh Mint brings freshness and lime wedges add a zesty touch to the cocktail.

Bloody Mary

Spices like Celery Stick, Pickle Spear, and Olive are a crispy addition to Bloody Mary. They complement the tomato base of the drink and pickles add tanginess to the cocktail.



Lime Wedge and Salt Rim enhance the freshness of the margarita. The lime wedge enhances the lime juice in the drink, while the salt rim balances the tartness and adds a contrasting savoury note.

Mezcal Mule

Lime Wheel and Mint Sprig are the best cocktail garnishes for Mezcal Mule. Lime complements the smoky mezcal and the mint provides a fresh aromatic experience.

Espresso Martini

Coffee Beans work with expresso martini flavour and add a rich, aromatic element to the drink.

Pina Colada

Use Pineapple Slice and Cherry. Cherry adds a pop of colour whereas Pineapple pairs well with the drink’s primary flavour.


Garnish Negroni with an Orange Twist to add a bright citrus aroma.


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